Monday, March 2, 2015

Loslassen Shawl Knitting Pattern by #loslassenshawl
LOSLASSEN \\\ BUY NOW or purchase from our SHOP / RAVELRY / ETSY
I'm so excited to be able to release our newest knitting pattern - Loslassen! Loslassen is a uniquely shaped shawl that flatters the figure! 

Garter ridges paired with feminine lace openwork within a uniquely shaped shawl create a lovely juxtaposition that is both flattering & easy to wear. Loslassen drapes with ease & style mimicking the look of raglan shaping slimming the frame & showcase hand-dyed yarn beautifully.
 Loslassen Shawl Knitting Pattern by #loslassenshawl
Loslassen Shawl Knitting Pattern by #loslassenshawl

Loslassen is made from 2 skeins of the lovely Neighborhood Fiber Co.  yarn Studio Sock (fingering) shown in colorway Columbus Circle. It's such a lovely and soft light blue. I immediately was smitten with it. I designed Loslassen for the shop A Grand Yarn. They have a fun monthly yarn club called The Indie Club and my pattern was the February selection. It was so neat to do a club pattern! I really enjoyed it and now I get to release the pattern to all of you too! Loslassen will work great with your current fave fingering weight yarn crush! Pick your fave color of the season and get knitting!

Loslassen Shawl Knitting Pattern by #loslassenshawl
Loslassen Shawl Knitting Pattern by #loslassenshawl
BUY NOW or you can get your copy of LOSLASSEN here:


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fashionary, Doane Paper - Making Ourselves on VeryShannon #makingourselves

It's time for this month's Making Ourselves! Our new monthly series focused on finding and creating more time to nurture and prioritize ourselves, our passions, hobbies & health. Be sure to follow along on social media & tag your own pics with #makingourselves!

When starting to write + plan the new series "Making Ourselves" for the blog I quickly realized how long it has really and truly been since I had prioritized some of my other hobbies and passions in life. I decided that it was time to carve out some special moments each week to allow myself a few indulgences.

Fashionary, Doane Paper, Blackwing Palomino Pencils - Making Ourselves on VeryShannon #makingourselves

Now the hobbies that may make you excited and happy could be totally different from mine and that's ok. This isn't about us having the same hobbies. It's about us all making the effort and taking the time to enjoy what hobbies make us truly happy. I'm lucky enough to get to have some of my hobbies that I love be my career. But aside from the obvious ones like knitting and sewing (photography, writing etc) I also love to draw. My background my whole life has always been art.

I was the kid in school who spent 80% of my school days in the art class and the dark room or knitting/sketching in the hallways. I would hole up in my bedroom and draw for hours. I love it. My favorite things have always been to draw the human form and portraits. I get captivated by gestures, movement and the nuances of a person. And now that my girls are both showing a huge interest in learning to sketch and draw realistically, I realized that my art supplies and I had been separated for way too long.

Palomino Blackwing Pencels - Making Ourselves on VeryShannon #makingourselvesPalomino Blackwing Pencels - Making Ourselves on VeryShannon #makingourselves
Uni Kurutoga Pencil - making ourselves on #makingourselves
Uni Kurutoga Pencil - making ourselves on #makingourselves


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bucket Basket Tote FREE Sewing Pattern by! #BBTOTE #sewing #tote #free #pattern

The FREE Bucket Basket Tote Sewing Pattern is here!!! 

I'm addicted to totes, baskets, project bags & more! Pretty much if I can put my latest knitting project in it and bring it around with me I'm addicted to it. I can never have enough. One of my favorite things to store my wip's in and misc yarn is my African Basket.

Bucket Basket Tote FREE Sewing Pattern by! #BBTOTE #sewing #tote #free #pattern

I was lucky enough to pick up my basket from Tolt Yarn & Wool Shop last spring and I adore it. I've been on the hunt since then for the same style but in a shopping tote size. Well I finally got tired of looking around to buy with no success that I decided to design a tote that's inspired by the shape of the African Shopper Tote.

I just knew when I spotted the new fabric line Wanderer by the oh so amazing April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics, that it was the PERFECT fabric for my new Bucket Basket Tote! I loved the tribal vibe and the color palette! So I'm more than thrilled to be a part of April's fabric tour for Wanderer today! All the prints I used were from the Air palette. I used Serape-Dream, Sacred Seeds Brittle, Temple of Asiaq, Crochetting Clouds, Gust of Leaves Silver and Sacred Seeds Mojave.

So pick out your fave Wanderer prints to feature and get sewing your very own Bucket Basket Tote! It's easy, fun to make and such a cute tote! It fits infinite amounts of goodies and features a pocket inside. There's not too many bells on whistles on this tote as I wanted to keep the shape of the Bucket Basket the star of the bag. I also wanted to let you have some fun with customizing it as you go!

I'm dreaming of versions of this quilted, with piecing in the mid portion, embroidery etc. I was dying to make my straps out of leather but I just couldn't get my hands on leather straps in time for the pattern release. I hope to do one in the future though. I'd like to do the bag in some faux leather mixed in with a fun print! many options! You know how I love that and I hope you all do too!

Bucket Basket Tote FREE Sewing Pattern by! #BBTOTE #sewing #tote #free #pattern
Bucket Basket Tote FREE Sewing Pattern by! #BBTOTE #sewing #tote #free #pattern
Bucket Basket Tote FREE Sewing Pattern by! #BBTOTE #sewing #tote #free #pattern
Bucket Basket Tote FREE Sewing Pattern by! #BBTOTE #sewing #tote #free #pattern
Would you like to make your own Bucket Basket Tote? Get the FREE pattern below! 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

luggage for Stitches West 2015

I'm so happy to announce that Jane Richmond and I will be at Stitches West this year in Santa Clara, CA! We can't wait!

You can find all the information for this exciting event on their website HERE. We'll be doing some book signings there as well as enjoying this awesome event! I can't wait to do some yarn shopping and get to meet up with both new and old friends! I'll be sure to share pics with you when I'm back and I'll be posting on instagram during our trip as well (you can find me HERE).
Stitches West 2015!

Usually this time of year Jane and I are heading to Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle but the location has been moved to another city (insert me So we decided to go on an adventure and fly out to Santa Clara (outside of San Fransisco). Wahoo! I'm beyond excited! We're not sure we will have time to get into San Fran but we're sure going to try. It's one of my favorite places!

Want to visit with Jane and I? We'd love to see you! Pop by the following events to meet with us! We can't wait to say hi!

NEVER NOT KNITTING /// Booths #1039 & 1041
February 20th at 11:00am - 11:30am

YOTH YARNS /// Booths #1040, 1042, 1139 & 1141
February 20th at 1:00pm - 3:00pm
February 21st at 10:00am - 12:00pm

Will you be at Stitches West? Have you been before? Any tips and not to be missed booths? Let's chat!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweetheart Dress Sewing Pattern ///

Valentine's day is coming up and it's time for our annual Valentine's Sweetheart Dress Sale! 

I've spent time over the last few months to update my Sweetheart Dress Pattern to match our current branding and aesthetic. Since it came out a few years ago it definitely didn't match any of our current pattern styling etc. so it's gotten a much needed face lift.

The pattern itself and instructions have remained the same. All that's been updated is the styling, layout and the inclusion of both inches and centimeters for measurements in the pattern. So don't worry if you have the old version. All is still fine. There is no errata. If you would prefer to have the newer version please email me at with proof of purchase (sometimes I can find your sale based on email address and where you purchased from) and I will happily email you the latest version.

Sweetheart Dress Sewing Pattern /// VeryShannon.comSweetheart Dress Sewing Pattern ///

It's also Kids Clothes Week from Feb. 2nd - 8th! So I figured what better to dress to be sewing for this time of year than one with an adorable heart back cut out! So in honor of our update and KCW we're having a sale!

Use the coupon code "bemine15" to save 15% off the purchase of your Sweetheart Dress PDF sewing pattern! Yay! 

Coupon code valid until February 15th, midnight, PST. You can purchase the Sweetheart Dress in my shop HERE or on Etsy HERE.

Thank you to all of you for all your support of this pattern. It means so much. I love seeing all of your Sweetheart Dresses so make sure to tag them with hashtag #sweetheartdress on social media so I can see your handmade lovelies!

I hope you enjoy the new updates!

Happy sewing!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Who's in the mood to win some new fabric? 

Birch Fabrics has a colorful fun new line out called Serengeti in poplin and knit! Designed by Jay-Cyn Designs this collection of prints featuring animals, geometrics & more is so lively! I adore the color palette and can easily see this line of poplin and knits working into so many projects! Can't you just see those elephant or giraffe prints in a cute pair of pj's or leggings for the wee ones? Heck I'd want a pair too!
All Birch Fabrics are 100% Organic Cotton too! I've been a long time fan of Birch Fabrics and can vouch for the excellent quality of their fabrics. They never disappoint with their designs and fabric quality! Ranging from poplin, knits, voile's, double gauzes, & more there is something for every project you're dreaming up at Birch Fabrics. For inspiration don't miss their blog HERE. There are lots of free projects, patterns, giveaways and more to be found.

Would you like to win some Serengeti? Birch Fabrics is giving away the following to 2 lucky winners:


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Creativity || Making Me & Making Ourselves on #makingourselves

This year is all about changes and the search for BALANCE.

I find that sitting down at the start of each year and writing out some of my thoughts, goals, dreams etc for the upcoming year helps me to solidify my plans, keep me motivated in achieving them and also connecting with all of you.

"Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it."

Those of you who are longtime readers know that I have always struggled with the elusive "balance". Balancing full time work hours and being a stay at home mom with a busy husband has always been hard. I've managed it (just barely) for almost 7 years now. I've gone through years of very little sleep (and I mean very little), too much caffeine & stress, frustration, hard work, and so on to continue to grow my dreams. In between all of that has also been very special moments for both my business and my family and a lot of happiness as well. I adore my job and am so thankful for every day I get to keep doing my dream but boy do I need to make a few changes.

This year I want to focus on the word BALANCE as much as possible. I keep promising myself I will work on it, practice it and live it but it just hasn't been successful. So this year I'm taking a different approach and holding myself accountable and putting it onto the blog. I'm going for it. I'm all in my friends. It's time to take back a bit of control over my life and to start to put some more effort/time back into "making" me a better version of myself. I'll be using the hashtag #makingourselves (I explain this later on in the post) on instagram & twitter if you want to join in and also follow along with my journey.

BALANCE /// GOAL #1 - My Health
I've had health issues since I was in my twenties. Long story short I've suffered from severe endometriosis (several surgeries and complications) and back issues. I'm tired of feeling not well and continually getting sick. My immune system is just shot. So I'm taking control of my body back this year. I'm putting my health and my overall well being ahead of all my other goals this year and so far it's been amazing! I'm hoping to get stronger and healthier and also lose some weight.

My hubby surprised me with a Fitbit for xmas (I got the Charge in case you're interested) and I've been really loving it. It's amazing how such a small gadget can wake you up to your unhealthy habits and motivate you to be so much better. Between seeing how HORRIBLE my sleep habits are (more on this later) and how much better my days are when I reach over my goal of 10,000 steps it sure is motivating.

I paired my Fitbit up with the awesome app My Fitness Pal. These 2 are my best friends. I've been logging my food daily now for over a month and I am really enjoying holding myself accountable. I'm also enjoying the community of friends/family on both the Fitbit and My Fitness Pal to cheer, encourage and have fun with the journey of getting healthy. Do any of you use these? Are you on Fitbit and MyFitnessPal?

I also took a VERY hard and long look at my exercise habits. Walking the kids to school and back (when it's not monsooning out) just isn't cutting it. I realized over the last few years I've tried a few different types of workouts (classes, etc) and nothing stuck. I'm social and love the gym but it doesn't work for our nutso schedule around here. So we bit the bullet and brought the gym to us. We're the proud owners of an Elliptical machine. I sounds so cliche to go buy an elliptical in January but dudes....I so need this. That bad boy is right beside my bed.....I can jump on and do my workout wearing whatever I want and watching Gilmore Girls (or whatever tv show I'm addicted to at the moment). Being able to easily fit it in when I get the chance that day is so easy. I even started rewarding myself. I can't do my night time knitting until I do my workout. And trust me, I love to knit so I will darn sure get my booty on the elliptical.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Doe by Carolyn Friedlander for @robertkaufman @cfriedlander ///

I've been doe dreaming....

I'm completely and utterly in love with the insanely talented Carolyn Friedlander's newest fabric collection "Doe" (read more on her blog here) for Robert Kaufman. As soon as I saw sneak peeks of this line I knew I had to have it! Very rarely do I ever splurge and order FQ's of an entire line of fabric. But this was a special treat for me. It wasn't easy to get either. This line sold out fast!

I've been spending the last few days sitting here just staring at all of it. I'm so inspired by the organic simplicity of the patterns and how they just speak to my I tend to lean towards graphic, geometric and architectural based designs. They are always my faves. And Doe is right in my happy place. A gorgeous palette featuring creams, whites, blacks, blue tones, a hit of orange and golds. Can we say perfection? Like I said....I love it. I need it all over my house.

Doe by Carolyn Friedlander for @robertkaufman @cfriedlander ///

First up is going to be a new quilt. It's been wayyyy too long since I made a quilt. I've got a free quilt pattern in the works (for the girls beds) that's been on the go since last year that I hope to get done this year (yes, they take me but the quilt from Doe twill be for the hubs and I. I cannot wait!

Doe by Carolyn Friedlander for @robertkaufman @cfriedlander ///

What pattern am I going to use? I'm still pondering this. I know the vibe I'm going for but at the same time I haven't found "the one" online yet. I may end up making one up for this one too. But we'll see. I love supporting other designers and using their patterns too so I'll be on the hunt for "the" one. I also need to get backing still. I wanted to see the whole line in person before I chose a print from the line for the backing. Plus I wanted to snag some of the wide width yardage for that. You can follow my "MAKE // QUILTING & PATCHWORK" pinterest board below to see what I'm crushing on.

Follow Shannon Cook ||'s board MAKE | quilting & patchwork on Pinterest.

If I wasn't dying to make a quilt I would be whipping up Carolyn's Nest Egg Tote Pattern. I still might do it when I'm done. I love the shape of this!
Nest Egg Tote Pattern by Carolyn Friedlander @cfriedlander
I can't wait to dive into this line and get making. Anyone else "doe" dreaming? What print is your fave? Any quilt patterns you're loving right now that Doe would work great for?


Monday, January 19, 2015

Giveaway for new book HOME by Pam Allen of Quince & Co. on

I've been drooling over my copy of Pam Allen of Quince & Co.'s latest book HOME since I first got my hands on a copy.

I knew when I first saw the lookbook that HOME had to be mine. I am a huge fan of Pam Allen's design aesthetic and work. Throw that in with Quince & Co. yarns and you've got me head over heels in love. It's pretty much a given that I love everything Quince & Co., but this latest collection really had me smitten. HOME features 18 knittable projects to keep you comfy! And boy do they do! I can't even pick my fave! I seriously would love to make each project.

Giveaway for new book HOME by Pam Allen of Quince & Co. on
Ranging from gorgeous cardigans with interesting shapes and details, to socks, slippers, vests, blankets & pillows and more there is a project in HOME for everyone! And since I'm so in love with HOME I knew you all would be do! I mean how could you not love this book?! So I had to giveaway a copy of the book and the ebook of HOME.

Giveaway for new book HOME by Pam Allen of Quince & Co. on VeryShannon.comGiveaway for new book HOME by Pam Allen of Quince & Co. on
You can check out all the projects below and above and drool over them by checking out the HOME lookbook HERE. And also find them on Ravelry HERE.

Which patterns are your fave? Aren't they all so pretty? Pam did an amazing job! I just want to jump in and hang out there. I love how all of Pam's patterns in HOME feature gorgeous texture and special & interesting technical details that every knitter loves! My mind just gets giddy with these kinds of patterns. And the color palette (signature Quince & Co.) just screams relaxation and calm. I want to snuggle up in all of them......and knit ;)

Here's some more pics from HOME. Drool away my friends.....and then when you are done getting inspired enter to win a copy of HOME at the bottom of this post.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Modern Quilted Coasters Tutorial ||| #coaster #quilted #sewing #tutorial
Quilted Coasters Tutorial ||| #coaster #quilted #sewing #tutorial

One of my favorite go-to handmade gifts are coasters. Everyone loves a pretty coaster. 

I think they can brighten up a table or a room and bring a smile to your face when reaching for your drink. And when you think how many times a day we use a coaster and pick up and put down a drink that equates to a lot of smiles. The more people smile, the more the world is a happier place. Smiling is healthy and feels good. Just like sewing.

Quilted Coasters Tutorial ||| #coaster #quilted #sewing #tutorial
Quilted Coasters Tutorial ||| #coaster #quilted #sewing #tutorial

The best thing about making handmade coasters is the freedom. It’s a no pressure, no stress kind of project that is great for using scraps and bits of your favorite leftovers from your stash! You can’t go wrong with that! You can practice new techniques or perfect old ones, try out a new stitch on your machine, or go bold/simple playing with solids!

Quilted Coasters Tutorial ||| #coaster #quilted #sewing #tutorial

Been scared to start quilting but dying to try? This is a great way to jump in and get your toes wet! Whichever way you choose to make them it’s up to you! So whip up the coaster tutorials below as is or use them as a jumping off point to add your own flair and personality! Just remember to smile and have fun with them!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nice and Knit DK Yarn ||
Nice and Knit DK Yarn ||
Nice and Knit DK Yarn ||
Nice and Knit DK in colorways (left to right) Harpoon, Oyster, Lobster Pot, Dockside. Blue shown in middle pic is Canal.
It's a new year and it's time to update & organize our online stashes ladies!

Every start of a new year I try to go through my stash, clean it up and properly record everything on Ravelry. I try really hard each year to be pretty minimal with my stash. I usually only purchase new yarn and fabric when I have certain projects & new designs already allotted for them. I don't have a lot of space to store my yarn and fabric so being minimal is key. I also tend to get overwhelmed if it gets too large and sometimes finding myself forgetting about skeins I previously adored. It also helps keep my budget for yarn/fabric buying down too.

I was photographing some of my newest babies to add to my Ravelry stash and thought it would be fun to document them on the blog too. The yarns are so pretty that I couldn't just keep the pics in my boring ol'stash on ravelry. Plus I figured it would be a fun way to get you all to update yours as well and do some serious stash maintenance. That and I love seeing what yarn you guys have added to your stashes lately too! It's a great way to get inspired and also find new yarns to try.

The latest lovelies I've added to my stash are the gorgeous skeins from Nice and Knit (all DK) shown above, Hazel Knits new Worsted weight Cadence shown in colorway Laguna which is also scrumptious. Then my newest obsession is Woolfolk. Words cannot describe this gorgeous squishy yarn! I've been obsessing over it for a while and finally treated myself to some. I have not regretted it. It's amazing. I picked up some FAR in colorways 2, 5 & 9 and some Tynd in colorway 9. Can we say DROOL! I also have been preciously hoarding some of the fab Julie Asselin Leizu DK (she's Canadian!) in colorways Cove and Coraline.

It feels good to get organized and start fresh for the new year! I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing my office and it's getting there. I hope to share some pics in the next few weeks...finally :) I think I've been promising to show my workspace for 4+ Now that I have a "room" for my work I hope to be able to show progress shots as I slowly make it my own. I also plan on going through my WIP's and either finishing or frogging them. Some projects I've had sitting for 3 years! EEEK! It's time to cleanse the palette. Anyone else need to take care of their WIP's? This is a great time to do it! Sit down, photograph and document your stash on Ravelry and then clean up your projects too! You won't regret it!

Here's some pics of my latest yarn crushes. Make sure to comment below what yarns you're crushing on and have recently added to your stash! I love hearing about it!

Woolfolk Yarn  ||


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Schwimmen Hat Pattern from Shannon Cook of #schwimmen #seasonlessknits
SCHWIMMEN - SEASONLESS || Mini Collection Volume One
I love the start of a new year. I always feel inspired to set new goals and take a look at the past year.

Life gets busy and sometimes we miss things on the blogs we read. So here's a quick run down of all the goodies we released in 2014 both FREE & paid and both for sewing & knitting! I hope you enjoy them and feel inspired to make one (or a few)! I couldn't continue to live my dream if it wasn't for all of your endless support so thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart! xoxox


FREE Reversible Box Tote Pattern from #RBTote #free #sewing #pattern
FREE Brigitte Needles & Notions Zippered Pouch Tutorial from  #free #sewing #pattern
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