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Weekend Wishes

Friday, November 30, 2012

yahoo!  today is a wonderful, amazing and oh so special day for our family! one we have been waiting on for almost 5 years!!!  we found out at 7am this morning that my hubby passed the big exam he has been working towards! a few more things he has to do and he will be a chartered accountant. so proud of you my love!

he has worked so very hard for our little family and i couldn't think of a better thing to happen to such a special man.  he's my best friend and i'm so proud of his huge accomplishment.  so instead of my normal weekend wishes i'm just wishing to enjoy this moment and savor every second of it.  i'll never forget waking up to seeing him say "i passed, i passed"!  it was so special and seeing as they make the poor students wait for months to find out (torture) we were so relieved to finally know the outcome of all of his hard work.  he has worked full time and studied since we had mackenzie and it hasn't always been easy, in fact it has been very hard on him and us but it has been so worth it.

so congratulations hun!!!!! i love you so much and the girls and i are so very proud of you.  we never doubted you for a second. thank you for doing all that you do for us. we can't wait to celebrate with you.

wishing you all a very happy and oh so special weekend.  see ya on monday :)

what are your weekend plans?  do you have a hubby or partner who is working/studying tons?  how do you cope with it?  what have you been crafting this week?  let's chat! i'm so excited!!!

weekend wishes

Friday, November 16, 2012

to break my pyrex dry spell...

to show you all my new quilt next week!!...

image luvinthemommyhood

to teach my kidlets this...

and that we all get over the evil cold/virus that has hit our house yet again :(

ok ladies.  my new quilt is done.  but now comes the hard part....photographing it.  taking images of quilts has proven to be trickier than i thought.  i am new to this and boy is it tough to capture a full quilt and also the small details.  anyone have any tips they can share with me or resources that they learned from?  i'm hoping to get it photographed this weekend so i can have the tutorial up next week for you all.

i'm also going to be busy sewing and finishing up my project for KIDS over on me sew crazy on monday! i can't wait to show you all mackenzie's project.  if you haven't checked out the other fab guests in this series you should. there is a lot of fun stuff!

we also just got back this past monday from a long weekend out of town visiting family and before we left our oldest got a bad virus/sinus thingie that had her knocked down for days and she's still under the weather.  now i have it and the wee one is fighting it off with just a bit of a stuffy nose. can i say i am sick of being sick? we've had a rough go of it since mack started kindergarten in the fall.  she's had 3 colds now!  that's a lot!  jeez louiz!  i already have a very low immune system due to my health problems so anything she brings home i catch for sure.  such is life.  i keep pumping them up with vitamins etc but it would help if they ate the food they get  i am stuck with 2 picky eaters and a mom who dislikes cooking...haha.  not a good combo. thankfully the hubs keeps us all alive..haha.

anyhoo this weekend is going to be busy but i'm hoping to carve out some time to take care of myself and get some extra rest.  for sure some reading and knitting is on the agenda as well.  can't have a weekend without knitting :P

what are your plans?  do you have any quilt photography tips?  what have you been working on this week?  fill me in! it's friday! wishing you all a cold free, sunshiney fall day, vintage finds, cozy blankets & snuggle filled kinda weekend. 

p.s. don't forget to enter to win a fab gift certificate to honeybegood!  you can never have enough fabric peeps!

weekend wishes

Friday, November 9, 2012

Einstein Mini-Notebook from Happy Dappy Bits
don't you just love the feel of a sharpened pencil or a brand new pen?  pair it with a new fave journal or notebook and i'm one happy lady.  this time of year always has me feeling so inspired and also has me sketching & taking lots of notes.  this week's weekend wishes is a short one because of that.  i've got some projects on the go that i really want to indulge in today :)

i thought it would be fun to hear what you all plan on indulging in this weekend? is their a project or activity that you plan on doing just for yourself this weekend?  what special thing are you making or creating that you can't stop doing?  it's like when you find that special book that you just can't put down....i get like that with the projects i'm loving too.  i just don't want to put them down.  they are always on my mind calling out to me.  you know....the ones that we stay up till late in the wee hours for....the ones that we will rip out or tink back over and over till they are as perfect as we can make them....the ones we will bore anyone who will listens with all the details because we can't contain our excitement...the ones that cause our eyes to light up and our hands to get twitchy to make....the ones that fill our souls with that moment of bliss when you stand back and go "yessssss....i made that"...ohhhh that feeling of fulfillment and joy, its so addictive and indulgent and i love every single amazing second of it. 

this weekend i'm hoping to indulge.  i'm going to hopefully get more sleep than normal, knit happily away on some new upcoming patterns (yay), and get my newest quilt bound. i'm a 1/4 of the way there and i'm so in love with it. i hope that by next week i'll have pics and a tutorial to share. so excited!

so spill the beans ladies.....whatcha up to?  what have you got on the mind that you're wishing you were doing instead of chores/work/diaper changes/school pickup etc......i'd love to hear about it!  wishing you all a wonderfully indulgent and gorgeous fall weekend! monday is remembrance day here in canada and it's a holiday so i'll most likely be back on tuesday. xoxoxo


weekend wishes

Friday, November 2, 2012

to get working on all the projects that the new taylor swift album (i'm obsessed) has inspired...

taylor swift - red
to get myself some fun tights for the winter (these ones have foxes on them! cute!)...

to hang this in my house...
Coffee Tea Print
or this

Coffee Tea print by Noodlehug
to get crafting with know i love me a good pinecone...

to make some of these for the tree, for my keychain, for gifts, list goes on...

and that santa brings me these coffee stitch markers for my needles :)
java jive handmade stitch markers from lady danio
i on the brain today right! lol! i can't help myself. i'm all jacked up due to my first eggnog latte of the season. the red cups do me in every year. it accelerates my coffee addiction from somewhat excessive to  i just get coffee on the brain all day when the holiday crafting season starts.  i'm gonna control myself this year...or attempt to. not going overboard on handmade gifts and may just spoil myself silly with making lovely goodies for  too many wip's in my knitting baskets that i need to finish.  same with my sewing table. too many washi's and tova's that need to get sewn for this momma.  it's ok right?  if i make myself some indulgences and buy lovely goodies for my loved ones instead?  right?  please tell me it's

i've also be crazily addicted to the new taylor swift album. #4 is my fave. can't stop playing it. i'm a wee bit obsessed with some riffs/beats in it and find myself strangely inspired by the whole album and in particularly that song. some good stuff is gonna come out of it...i can feel it in my besides being inspired i am a big fan of hers and love that my girlies love her music as much as i do.  we all blast it in the car and sing at the top of our lungs.  it feels good and it's one of my fave things to do with my kidlets.

what are you all up to this weekend?  anyone else changing up how and who they are making handmade gifts for this year?  the hubs is in an all day course on sat so i'm going to attempt to work/sew with the kiddos home a bit (cross your fingers for me) and we're also going to be doing some cleaning and purging. we're behind on our pre-holiday organizing and desperately  need to get moving on decluttering and cleaning out our wee condo.  fun right? not. i hate cleaning. hate. dislike. don't ever want to do. funny thing is i dont like it when it's messy or cluttered in my place and it always is. so maybe i should clean more? but then that means i can't sew or knit or chat with you all as urns.  i think i need to work more so i can hire a maid. that would work right? lol. dear santa....please bring me a maid for christmas...purdy please?

wishing you all a maid, tons of coffee, laughs, fave song singing, crafty filled, self indulgent kinda weekend. you deserve it! luvs!  

ps. don't forget to enter to win the "simply color v and co. fabric giveaway from fat quarter shop"! you don't want to miss this line! those ombre solids kill me! love! enter here.

weekend wishes

Friday, October 26, 2012

to happily wear my glerups for the fall and winter again...
best slippers ever - glerups (image via luvinthemommyhood)
to go swimming...

to make mack some kind of faux bow and arrow for xmas (she loves brave)...

to remember how true this is...

to curl up and read...

and to someday knit a skirt or dress for myself.

it's friday! yessssss!  i'm totally looking forward to following along on twitter and instagram to check out all the fun going on during fall quilt market.  i love seeing all the booths, fabrics and goodies on display! i've also got 3 dresses on display at the birch fabrics booth again and i'm excited to see them on display.  say hi to them for me if you are there and spot them! i can't wait till spring market cause i'm hoping that i will be there in person!  i cannot resist the closeness nor the lure of portland. i loooove portland.  but in the meantime i'm going to happily follow along and cheer on all my peeps and hope they have an awesome weekend!

it's looking to be some of the same here...rain, gloom, and more rain.  the leaves have changed and when the sun does peek it's head out boy is it gorgeous but it's fleeting.  i keep waiting for that spectacular fall day when the air is crisp, the leaves are so bright you gotta wear shades and i'm holding the hubs hand with a coffee in the other while listening to my girlies run and play. yes....fall.....c'mon.....i'm ready for you.  take your rain and come back another day.

we're hoping to hit the pool up this weekend for some family swim time and i've got quilting on the agenda as well as finally (and i mean finally) finishing up my washi dress.  poppy the pfaff has been naughty with my elastic thread and while i should be done already i decided to go back and add one more row of shirring in.  yep, i couldn't just leave well enough alone and now i've got a dress that just needed to be hemmed to one that now has ripped open seams and a much needed row of shirring. oops.  i'm dying to wear it so hopefully i'll get that finished and some pics up soon.  i'm also almost done my summer sweater kal project.  that one darn sleeve has been taking me forever people...i hate sleeves so i'm not surprised but i really just need to focus on it and just get the friggin thing done so i can wear it already. i love it.  i'm gonna need help with my button choices though so i'll prolly be posting soon to get your awesome advice.

what are you all up to this weekend?  any fall plans?  getting ready for halloween?  whatcha busy making? all know i love hearing your weekend wishes :)  wishing you all a cozy, fall, loved ones and cuddles, books, naps, and laughs kinda weekend.

ps. my new knitting pattern will be out on monday!!!! woot woot! can't wait to show you all!!!! head over to my fb page for a sneaky peeky!

weekend wishes

Friday, October 19, 2012

to make these AWESOME wristwarmers from tiny owl knits asap...(the tails kill me!)..

to bite into these right now...

to try making these this xmas...

that i can continue my love of pine cone decor with crochet...

to frame this to look at when i'm

and to have this exact outfit.

oh ladies...the weather here is atrocious right now.  the rain is killing me and it's only just begun.  yes, fall is amazing and i LOVE it but when you throw the monsoon like rains (i'm not exaggerating) in i can easily forget about the gorgeous leaves, knitwear and hot coffee.  it makes me want to hole up inside and snuggle up under my quilt.  it's yucky.  hopefully the rains will die down a bit after a few weeks of this madness.  we're crossing our fingers.  believe me i can deal with rain, after having grown up in one of the rainiest towns and living for years in the rainiest city i can handle it, but i just can't like it.

the rains have also been interrupting the release of a new knitting pattern of mine.  i need to do the photo shoot and the weather is just not cooperating.  it's torturing!  i'm so excited to show it to you guys so hopefully soon i'll get a nice weather day and can get the pics done. i think it's a super fun project that would make a great xmas gift!

 i was also super excited yesterday when my first order from joanns (woot woot) arrived and i got a nice big box of batting for 50% off!!! thank you joanns for finally shipping to canada (the shipping rates are not bad at all!) - it's about time!  so this weekend i will be busy quilting a new fave quilt that i will be sharing a free tutorial with you all for!  yay!  the sandwich is done and now it's quilting time!!! yay! my fave part!  i can't wait to show you all!

my folks and omi have been here visiting for the last few weeks and it's been amazing to have them around.  they leave after this weekend and i have to admit i will be a mess.  it's going to be so strange not having them here anymore and we will all miss them and my omi horribly.  i will prolly need some virtual hugs and some online consoling....wahhh!!!  makes me teary eyed just thinking about it already. 

so this weekend i will be spending as much time as possible with them, working on my quilt, knitting up a storm (2 new designs in the works) and cuddling up nice & warm with my little fam.  wishing you all chocolate goodies, steaming coffee, sunshine filled fall days, warm mittens and lots of hugs kind of weekend. 

what are you up to?  what kind of fall weather are you dealing with?  do you fall apart when your family leaves after visiting?  what crafty projects are you up to this weekend?  come...pull up a chair....the coffees brewing and i've got a cute mug with your name on it!

weekend wishes

Friday, October 5, 2012

that my order gets here really fast so i can don my unicorn farts...

to drink lots of tea to fight my cold...

to remember this daily...

that all you fellow canadians have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend...

give thanks by anna tovar

that i might actually get to sew along with kcwc next week on elsie marley...

it's thanksgiving weekend here in canada.  i always find it so weird that we have a different thanksgiving date than the us.  i sometimes forget that they aren't on the same day.  so this weekend i'm lucky to have thanksgiving dinner with my parents and omi for the first time in oh......about 12 years maybe???  i'm excited!  i've got a new nephew to spoil and lots of food to eat.  we're not doing turkey though, we're keeping it easy and going delish with my hubs famous slow cooker ham recipe.  so juicy and yummy!!! 

i'll also be finishing up some fun sewing for quilt market that will be in the birch fabrics booth again this year! super excited about that.  i'm also crossing my fingers i can get my last sleeve done for my kal project (i'm past deadline...oops) and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully join in with kcwc this year!  i miss out on it every time!  for some reason life just always gets in the way.  i've got an insane week next week but i'm hoping to get at least one or two things made for harper next week.  if you haven't signed up yet it's not too late!  you can find more info on kids clothes week challenge on elsie marley here.

i hope to finally be over this cold, sipping tea, knitting and sewing up a storm and relishing in the company of my family.  happy gobble gobble!!!  what are your plans this weekend?  any fellow canadians out there celebrating thanksgiving? are you planning on joining in for kcwc?

wishing you all a wonderful, yummy, gobbly, tea filled, cozy fall day kinda weekend.  see you next week! xoxo

Weekend Wishes

Friday, September 14, 2012

we're going to be chilling out in the mommyhood today.  the hubs finished his last exam yesterday and we are all riding off the high of major stress this week.  we're dropping mack off at school and spending the day together.  our first day with no looming school stress.  it feels great but also weird at the same time.  i hope it's the first day of many days now where our little family can

can you feel me breathing again...phew.  holding my breath for 3 days was hard.  it's hard watching someone you love deal with all that stress/pressure and feeling helpless in the fact that you can't take the burden off of them.  we survived though and i have to admit....i may have had a stiff drink in there  thank you for all your kind words and emails during the last few weeks - you guys rock!

our weekend is going to be filled with more breathing...haha.  i'm also working on some upcoming patterns, a secret project with one of my besties and some knitting.  my knitting has been sadly neglected.  i'm also going to keep hugging the heck out of my hubs and kids and just being thankful that we made it this far.  

wishing you all a relaxing, stress free, breathing filled, knitting/sewing & coffee goodness kind of weekend.

what are your plans this weekend?  are any of you dealing with a big family deadline that you've now made it through?  are you working on any fun projects?  let's chat m'dears.  fill me in on your week!  i've missed you guys.

p.s. the winner of the petite kids pattern giveaway will be announced next week.
p.p.s. watch on monday for my new fat quarter gang project for art gallery fabrics!

weekend wishes

Friday, September 7, 2012

to drink a lot of lattes...

to hang out and knit here with my besties...

to make an origamied wall...

Source: via Jan on Pinterest

to give this fun diy a try...

that everyone believed this...

and to finally make some leg warmers this year.

i'm pooped.  i have to admit that i will be a way happier momma after next week is over.   with all we have going on in our little place i'm just not sleeping well.  i keep  having nightmares and am having such a hard time getting a good nights sleep lately.    i'm also excited because my baby sister is due to have her first baby any day now and i can't wait to meet the little one and get some new baby snuggles.  my folks and omi are also coming for a month long visit!!!! it will be our first thanksgiving with them for eons and eons.  we're very excited!

we'll also be adjusting to a new routine around our place with mackenzie starting kindergarten full time on monday.  she had her first day yesterday and did amazingly well.  she loved it so much and cannot wait to go back.  haper on the other hand did not take it so good.  i've never seen my baby girl cry like she did on thursday.  she must have wailed and sobbed her big sisters name for at least an hour.  she cried so hard she fell asleep when we got home all curled up in my lap holding on for dear life with her little fingers.  i think she thought we left mackenzie there.  no matter what we said she just seemed to think that we forgot her sister and was doing everything she could to get us to go back and get her.  it was heartbreaking and we both had a good cry together.  

the best part of the day was picking mackenzie up.  we were both so excited to see that twinkle in her eye and to hear her tell us all of her tales of her first day of kindergarten.  when we saw her little head pop into view i swear i thought my heart would burst.  harper starting screaming out her name and ran as fast as she could to grab her big sister and jump into the biggest set of hugs i have ever seen them give each other. i had to even wait a few minutes to get a hug....they just wouldn't let go of each other.  it was a moment i don't think i'll ever forget and i'm so happy to have seen that love between them.  it's such a special bond.  don't get me wrong though...they are fighting as i type  back to their old  my - my barbie...give me my barbie...MOMMMM!!! oh gotta luv'em.

wishing you a hugs and luvs filled weekend topped with pumpkin spice lattes, creative time, sunshine, smiles & lots of sleep.

what are your weekend wishes?  how did your wee one's first days of kindergarten go?  what are you up to this weekend?  pull up a chair and let's chat...i love hearing your weekend wishes <3

weekend wishes

Friday, August 24, 2012

that i remember to do this in order to survive september...

that my house wouldn't shock mrs. hughes with it's disorderliness...

image via b-side blog
to finish getting the kid fall wardrobes ready for school...

to get my new quilt and pillows done for our sofa...

to try making these...

to pick up some mason jars so i can actually use my new awesome "cuppow"!

heck ya it's the weekend!  i've got lots of crafty goodies going on this weekend.  sewing and knitting...yah, yah! i love those kind of weekends.  we're also going to be busy getting the kids ready for fall and for mack to start kindergarten!  she's so excited!  i'm still having mixed emotions about my first kiddo going to kindergarten but i'm also super happy for her and know she will love it!

i've been busy working on a few new tutorials and upcoming sewing and knitting patterns! can't wait to reveal them all too.  i'm also hoping to get the leftover goodies from fibrations up in the etsy shop next week.  i shipped out a few orders already but there are some rockin' commuter cowls, reversible sock bags, zippered pouches and needlebooks left in case anyone is interested.  they are cute, cute, cute!  i'm half tempted to just keep em'for

we're hoping to have some family time tomorrow and maybe hit up a pool or beach before the summer has passed us by :)  wishing you all a cuppow sipping kind of weekend filled with sunshine (but not sunburns..wink wink), cuddles, laughs, nice seams and good stitches :)  see ya on monday m'dears <3

what are you up to?  any big crafting or back to school plans going on?  what are you doing to soak up the last rays of summer fun?  chat....i swear i have enough coffee and tea for all of us...

weekend wishes

Friday, August 17, 2012

this weekend i'm wishing that i get to see some of your lovely faces at fibrations fibre festival on sunday!  i've been busy working away on my little half table.  that's right! eeeee!  i'm going to be selling goodies & patterns at fibrations.  i thought it would be fun to be a vendor there and besides my sewing & knitting patterns i really wanted to have some fun accessories for knitters & sewers for sale.  i've got totes & reversible totes, sock knitting project bags (and jumbo ones too), plus commuter cowls & my fave - needlebooks! 

so if you are in victoria or in the mood for a day trip on vancouver island come swing by fibrations.  it's held in the gorgeous orchard of st.anne's academy on sunday, august 19th from 10am - 4pm.  hope to see you there!!!

you can find more info about fibrations below:

blog  |  facebook

wishing you all a yummy, sunny, fun, fibre filled kinda weekend!  have you ever sold at a market before?  any tips you'd love to share to help us newbies out?  i'd love to hear them!

p.s. don't forget to get your entry in for the amazing lunden designs & birch organic fabrics giveaway!!!  this is a prize you don't want to miss!!!

weekend wishes

Friday, July 27, 2012

to finish decorating my new sewing wall so i can finally reveal it all to you guys...

to one day make the kids an awesome doll house...

to make dana's drool worthy ice cream cookie sandwiches for the kidlets...

image src: ice cream cookie sandwiches tutorial from made
that this chair finds a way into my home...

that i could steal the pillows and quilt from this room...

that you all smile after you see this adorable hipster bunny...
Source: via PiscesOlya on Pinterest

and to get to enjoy the opening ceremonies with my hubs & knitting tonight.

img src: olympic ring candy jars from nobiggie

ahhhhhh's the weekend!  i cannot wait.  i'm so excited to watch the opening ceremonies tonight!!!!  i love the summer olympics!  so exciting!!  i can't wait to sit down with a cold bevvie, my knitting and the hubs after a very long week.  i also have a soft spot for london.  i was lucky enough to go to london & paris on a school trip when i was a teenager and since then have always wanted to go back.  i loved it there.

we had a sick wee one here all week.  poor little harper had a really bad bout of diarrhea this week (not too be gross).  it was a rough one on her and on me and our house.  needless to say i spent a fair amount of our day this week cleaning. yuck.  she's doing a bit better now today and no longer has a fever.  we've stayed pretty close to home all week and have been in survival mode as it was also the hubs first week of very intensive studying for his exam.  he has to study full time all summer for a giant 3 day exam in september.  to say he is tired is an understatement.  he's exhausted.  so i'm just trying to keep the house afloat and the kids happy.

i'm also busy trying to madly whip up some lovelies to sell at fibrations next month.  there will be some handmade goodies and also my knitting & sewing patterns.  i'll be there sharing a table with my pal arika as well as jane and rebecca (nook) will be there with tables as well.  so if you live in town or on the island pop on over - it's a gorgeous location!  what better place to have a fibre festival than in a beautiful orchard?!  here's some pics from last years event.

we're hoping this weekend to have a tiny bit of family time amongst the studying/working and grocery shopping :)  we may...just may get a chance to hit up the beach.  it's been wayyyyyy too long.  i'm looking forward to it and hope it's a relaxing weekend - i could use it :)

wishing you all a ice cream, beach, sunshine, laughs, crafty, family & good friends, olympic excitement kinda weekend!

what's your fave sport of the summer olympics?  have you always wanted to go to london?  what are your weekend plans?  anything fun going on?  fill me in on your week.....what have you been crafting?  i've got a nice iced coffee here with your name on it <3

p.s. make sure to get your name in for the simpatico (cloud 9 fabrics) fat quarter bundle giveaway from fat quarter shop!!!!!  seriously!!! awesome giveaway for this lovely organic fabric line!!!! love!

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