Friday, December 13, 2013

The Keaton Hat Pattern (Available in size Baby - Adult L) ||
Yesterday I released my new hat pattern KEATON and couldn't resist showing some pics of my little one wearing her KEATON hat! 

My heart just melts. There is something so adorable about a kid in a chunky slouch hat! Adorable!!!! KEATON is available in 6 sizes - baby, toddler, child/teen, adult s, adult m & adult l! Wahoo! You can make one for every one in your family & all your friends too! Tons of colors, stripe 'em, color block 'em, add a pom pom or make one without - doesn't matter - they are all fun! Plus this is an awesome beginner pattern and so quick to make it's ideal for gift knitting!

This is the first hat my husband and both kids have ever asked me for. It's a Christmas miracle! Now if you are a knitter you will understand how much this means. I was so excited that I have at least 2-3 more KEATON's ready to go over holiday break! I think I may need to get a family portrait with us all wearing them...that would be so dorky but also hilariously cool...lmao.

The KEATON pattern features the following:

:: clear and easy to understand instructions

:: bright & colorful photography

:: 6 sizes - Baby, Toddler, Child/Teen, Adult S, Adult M & Adult L

:: 2 page color PDF pattern

:: a great knitting experience
  KEATON is available to purchase at the following:


The Keaton Hat Pattern (Available in size Baby - Adult L) ||
I'm dying to see some of your kidlet KEATON's pop up! Make sure you share pics when you are done making yours!!!!

What yarn would you make your KEATON in? Color? For who? Let's chat knitting! It's Friday!!! Wishing you all a wonderful, fun, hug, snuggles, laughs - filled kind of weekend topped off with coffee, tea and lots of making :)


  1. I saw a Keaton Hat at the mall today. It took me a while to realise that the person wearing it was YOU. (Apparently I am more interested in knits than people?) Great hat!

    1. hahahaha...oh lord. I was not having a good day in the midst of crazy xmas shopping at the mall yesterday. I'm sure I looked just like I felt - stressed...haha.
      Thanks for the compliment on the hat :)

  2. OMG, a little one in a slouch hat = cutest thing EVER. This is such a great design, Shannon! Perfectly simple with a big impact!

    1. Thanks HIlary! That means so much coming from you :)

  3. That is insanely cute. I might actually have to learn to knit something more than a scarf now.


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