Wednesday, May 8, 2013

spring tops, tanks & tees on www.luvinthemommyhood.com

it's tops, tanks & tees day!  i recently went on a mini vacay to tofino, bc on the weekend and knit like a mad woman the whole car ride there. i'm happy to say i'm almost at the bottom of my levenwick.  what i'm not happy to report is i'm worried about running out of my yarn. yep. bad planner i am.  you see i had purchased my yarn in the hopes of making a tee. then decided to make levenwick instead. i was a tad short on the yardage but figured i could shorten my sleeves which i tend to need to do anyways.  but now i'm almost at the bottom of the cardi and am just about done the 3rd skein out of my 5. eek! i still have a large gorgeous button band to do (that replicates the collar) and both sleeves. not sure if i'm gonna make it......cross your fingers for me will ya?

spring tops, tanks & tees on www.luvinthemommyhood.com

take note that the dress form this cardi is hanging on is a very teeny size and def not the size large i'm making.  it looks like a freaking tent on this form but hey...that's what you do when you can't get a shot of yourself in it easily and your house is a disaster, your kids are crying for dinner and you just...well...need a pic. hopefully next week i can take a progress shot with it on me and not on my teeny dress from which i absolutely do not use for making clothes for myself (hint, hint...i bought a new one! she just arrived! i can't wait to introduce you all to her! more to come on that soon).

levenwick by gudrun johnston for wool people
i know i'm not the only one having some ttt kal project issues though.  remember if you need help or have questions please feel free to ask our ravelry kal group.  we love to help out and give support!  there are also lots of helpful posts listed here in our knit alongs home page.  you can easily peruse through the old knit alongs as well for guest posts and tips on the problem/issue you are having.  i know some of you are starting to finish your projects (you go girls!) but for those who are coming up on some special techniques like pockets, picking up stitches or getting ready to do seaming i wanted to remind you all of some of our fave helpful posts from previous knit alongs!

- seaming with guest kelly of celtic cast on (this has videos! it's awesome)
- how to knit pockets
- picking up stitches tutorial from guest jane richmond
- how to pick up stitches tips post

also i just have to say one of my absolute favorite thing about this kal (besides all the awesome conversations going on in our ravelry group) is instagram! i adore that you are all using the #tttkal hashtag! i so look forward to watching your progression shots on there! it's bee so fun!!! i'm trying to find a way to showcase some of the pics on here...or at least get a screenshot or something. we'll see if i can finagle something.  if you're not on instagram join in - it's one of my fave forms of social media. you can find me on there under "luvinthemommyhood" and you can also keep up to date with my instagram shots on the sidebar at the bottom as well if you're not on instagram.

and just a reminder if you are done your ttt kal project please feel free to post your finished pics in our FO thread for the ttt kal as well.  that way i can make sure to include you in our "starring you" post at the of the knit along!

alrighty...fill me in! how's your project coming along? did you blog about your project this week?  have you hit any roadblocks?  go on...pour a cup of coffee & let's chat!  

- sign up for the knit along by clicking "here".
- get inspired by checking out our kal pinterest board & our pattern roundup post
- take part in all the fun conversation & make new friends in our ravelry group
- find out more and find all the posts and info "here" on our kal homepage.


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  1. chantel@mudpunchMay 8, 2013 at 11:00 AM

    Although I've been lurking about on the Rav board, I haven't contributed much because my project is being a bit of a nightmare. I cannot get gauge for the life of me, unless I use sock needles, and I really wasn't planning on knitting a sweater (short sleeved or not) on sock needles at this time. I'm also desperately trying to churn out some baby knits concurently since I have 2 nephews arriving in the next six weeks. I feel like just using the smallest circular needle I have and just winging the damn sweater and hoping for the best.

    On a more positive note, I do love seeing all the beautiful projects everyone else is working on. There really has been some totally fab yarn and colour choices for this KAL. And I'm very impressed by all the friendly support the board has for each other. It's just so sweet, kind and helpful over there!

    1. Oh no Chantel - that's no good. What pattern was it again? Are the baby knits 3/4 sleeves? You are allowed to make kids/baby clothes - just not full sleeves. Would they qualify?

      Also - how sweet are you! Those words just made my day. I'm so glad you feel that way about the group. I love it too. It's a wonderful group of women.

    2. chantel@mudpunchMay 8, 2013 at 2:12 PM

      I'm knitting both nephews a Baby Sophisticate, so unfortunately, no, they don't qualify for the KAL. It's okay though, I have a 14 hour round trip in a car as a passenger over the long weekend so I'm hoping to fly through the mainly-stockinette-in-the-round body of my Buttercup while on the road.

  2. Your sweater looks lovely! I'm always afraid I'll run out of yarn so I generally overbuy which means I end up with all these extra skeins or partial skeins. I need to find a way to use them all up.
    This is my first KAL with you all and it's been so much fun. I don't really have many friends who knit, and I have none that want to meet me regularly for a knitting group. So, I get to live out my knitting group fantasies with the super friendly and talented knitters in the KAL forum. I'm already looking forward to the next KAL!

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm sure we can help you find a great destashing project. If all else fails make a blanket..lol.

      I'm so thrilled to hear you are enjoying yourself! That's awesome! We're loving having you! The next KAL is our big one - The Summer Sweater Knit Along. It's crazy fun!

      I was in the same boat you were and this is my way of creating a place for those of us who didn't have any knitter friends to have a place to go to be around "our kind" lol.

      What pattern are you making?

    2. I'm actually already done. I made the Holla Back Tank (my ravelry id is sdurank) and I love it. Once I finish a baby knit I'm working on (with full sleeves, so I don't think it qualifies) I'm hoping to make a second top.

      I have LOTS of summer sweaters I'd like to knit up so I will definitely be participating in the Summer Sweater KAL!

  3. Ugh I totally understand the whole running out of yarn. I would start in on the button band before the sleeves, then divide the remaining yarn in half (preferably by weight) then you'll know how much yarn you have for the short sleeves.

    If all else fails check Ravelry, you'll prolly be able to find someone who has the same yarn in the same dyelot as you and perhaps you can pick up a partial hank for a steal ;) I've done that before it's wonderful to be able to take a partial off a knitter and be able to finish your project.

    Your's is lovely too and I just cast on my third project today--yes third, but the first 2 were kid/baby size this one is for me :)

  4. Aaaack, running out of yarn is the worst! Even just the anticipation of running out can drive a girl crazy! But, with a top down design it's easier to deal with these sorts of things....I totally agree with the commenter above about doing the button band first, then dividing the rest in half -- great idea! Good luck...and I'll be thinking happy, yarn-extending thoughts for you!

  5. Buying yarn for a sweater is tricky! I like to keep the expense down and buy as little as possible but more often than not that means I have to go back and buy an extra skein that is almost always a different dye lot. Yet I still keep buying the smallest amount I think I can get away with! Though the lovely thing about working with something like Cascade Heathers is that someone on Ravelry will surely have some in the same dye lot available! Fingers are crossed that you'll squeak by with what you have! Your sweater is coming together beautifully! I have to admit that I am not entirely excited about my first KAL sweater (Veera's Urban... update can be found here). I'm just trying to remind myself that simple means it's wearable! However, I am very excited to get started on Helene when I'm done with Urban. Fingers crossed that I can get them both done on time!

  6. I'm using stash yarn from forever ago and have been playing yardage chicken the whole way through, but I'm casting off now and I'm going to be ok! Touch wood! I did unravel my guage swatch to get me through one sleeve's ribbing. Desperate times call for desperate measures! :)

    I hope you'll make it! That's such a beautiful sweater!

  7. Ah, Ah! I'm so afraid to be run out of yarn that I always buy too much skeins... Then, I used them for scarves/hats/amigurumis...

  8. My shawl cardigan is blocking now! I can't really believe that I finished already, but we watched a very, very long movie over the weekend and I got in a really good chunk of knitting time! I haven't posted about it at my blog, but will do soon!

  9. Fingers crossed that you don't run out of yarn! The cardi is looking really lovely so far.


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