Wednesday, April 10, 2013

have you been looking for the perfect pattern to make for our upcoming tops, tanks & tees knit along?  why not check out our new pinterest board just for the knit along!  we tried this out last kal and it was so fun!!!

i've gone through our ravelry chat so far and also went through some of my faves and started pinning like a madwoman (sorry to my pinterest followers for the massive pinfest).  as we go along and projects get added in the ravelry thread i will keep adding them.  if you'd like a pattern to be added that you don't see just leave a comment here in this post or in our chat thread on ravelry and i'll do my best to add it in.

enjoy and happy yarn & pattern picking!

remember you can find all things TTT KAL below (dates, info & more):

and sign up here:

P.S. next week is our ttt kal roundup of my fave patterns!

do you have a pattern you'd like to see added to our pinterest board? what top are you making? share!!! we love adding new patterns to our group!


  1. Just been taking in all the loveliness on the pinterest board and getting so excited...can't wait to cast on! :) How about Wray by Lily France? (Haven't read all the posts on the ravelry thread so sorry if someone's already suggested it)

  2. I just signed up. A bit nervous because I've only made one sweater before, but I've been eying this pattern in Knit Scene (I think) for a year, so this is good motivation to actually make it - or at least start it... Thanks for the push!

  3. Hi Shannon, last year you had started the Gemini top (I think in an orange) but I don't recall seeing the finished top. Did I miss a post on that way back when, I was curious to see how your turned out. Also would you recommend that one for someone who hasn't knitted a top yet?

  4. Several of the patterns on the Pinterest board were already in my Ravelry favorites and are so lovely!
    I think of another patterns. Here are some other ones that would perhaps give ideas to some knitters: "Insouciant" by Julie Hoover; "Francis" by Olga Buraya-Kefelian; "Kage" by Kirsten Johnstone.
    Thanks again for organizing this KAL!


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