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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

i'm trying to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel this week :)  and of course eating the cookies from yesterday doesn't hurt.  my hubs loves to take sunset and sunrise pics and i couldn't resist sharing this gorgeous shot he got the other week.  this is taken off our balcony and one of the views that he sees more than i do since i'm not a morning person.  since i sleep later than he does (i stay up later and he goes to bed earlier so it works out) i get to bask in those gorgeous moments through the lens he captures them in.  they always fill me with a sense of peace and i thought you may all love this one as much as i do.

i realized this past month that i have never gotten around to showing pics of my sewing wall.  the area i took on last year and revamped for my own office/sewing space in our condo.  i still plan on doing that but you have to wait just a little bit longer because i'm revamping again! yay!  the hubs and i are hunkering down to brace for tax season. that means lots of  cleaning, reorganizing and purging of our wee home.  but this time we are doing some redecorating as well.  we've got some lovelies that we are hoping to switch up and freshen up in our home as well as something that i cannot wait to show you all in the next few weeks!  i promise this time that i will take shots of all of it and show you where i keep my

even though i have a good system i'm still trying to keep a lot of it under control.  i have an issue with getting lazy and then not rebolting my fabrics and then i run out of my mini bolts and just fold - and not always nicely i may add (tip: i use comic book inserts for my mini bolts. works fabulous and is really inexpensive! i picked this up from maggie of smashed peas and carrots). plus those pieces that are bigger than scraps and not nice fat quarters always end up in this one spot staring at me saying "shannonnnnnn...clean us are you going to get inspired by us if we are all a big ol'mess....shannnooonnnn" and it drives me a tad bonkers.  so even though my current system is working well it has a few kinks that only living with it can work out and i'm hoping to solve those very soon and show you all what i've done. so excited!

in the meantime though i'm hoping to get better sooner than later so i can get back sewing :( i haven't sewn in 2 weeks and it's killing me. i just haven't been feeling up to it and it's one of those times when i'm thankful for at least my knitting.  the hubs snapped the pic of me and harper napping the other night and i thought it was a priceless moment of us both not realizing the other was asleep and both of us laying and curled up in 3 separate handmade quilts.  nothing better to nap with than quilty goodness right?

i'll see you all tomorrow with another giveaway!!  wahoo!  i'm so in the mood for giving away some more goodies! also stay tuned to find out who won the contemporary cloth fabric giveaway!  

how do you organize your fabric? do you fold or bolt?  do you keep them hidden or out for you to see?  does the disorganization get to you like it does me? let's share our tips so we can all have a fab creative space! plus if you have pics of yours pls share! i loooooove seeing shots of other spaces that they sew or craft in!


  1. I love the comic book insert idea!

    We just bought our first house and I am actually getting my very own sewing room!!! No more kitchen table for this girl!

    I'd love to hear some easy ideas for organizing.

  2. I use the comic books backing. Love it! I definitely have more fabric than space I have for it, but when I get my "sewing room" I'll have plenty of room! I use jars for all my buttons and glue sticks and other odds and ends. :D

  3. I really you do feem better soon. I love those sweet photos! I know that feeling: it has been a month since I have been really feeling healthy!
    as for my stash it is not really big enough to be a worry! but I try to organize scraps by colors, in small baskets. I am going to borrow the idea of the cardscock to wrap fabric around! sorry for my english, I write from France.

  4. I cut cardboard boxes (diaper and wipe boxes!) into bolts for wrapping fabric; it works well, when I don't get lazy!! I sewed two bibs today... Hope to do more later; it's tough with full-time teaching, part-time grad student, and being a wife and mother!! Feel better soon, Shannon; and have fun revamping!

  5. I'm mourning my craft husband got on a huge spring cleaning kick in Jan/Feb and we spent those months clearing out our closets and storage space and my craft area to make more room (baby coming in April!). It was exhausting but awesome. And then mid-February, his buddy dropped off all his earthly possessions and queen size mattress while he's gone with the Navy for six months. Guess where they're all stored?! Our bedroom and the craft area, of course! There goes sewing for the baby!

  6. That photo is amazing! Wow, such strong colors. I hope you'll feel better soon.

  7. Love the sunrise and snuggle photos, and NEED TO DO THAT TO MY FABRIC STASH! Almost through the week, gal, almost through the week.

  8. Wowee! That sunrise picture is stunning! hope you get well soon. Sorry you're not well.

  9. Beautiful picture. I wish I was a morning person.... nope.
    Oh gee, I go get busy for a week and you announce all sorts of goodness!!!! New site, name, fabrics.... can't keep up!!
    I just can't wait to go check out Very Shannon - right after I write this. New patterns sounds soooooo exciting and pleeeeeease show me your fabric wall soon - my tubs under the bed are coming out soon and I want to sort them all out too.
    Look after yourself X


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