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Friday, December 21, 2012

i've been lucky enough to receive some lovely knitting books over the last few weeks and i thought it would be fun to compile some of them into a post for some gifts for the knitters in your life.  i know as a knitter we are always longing for the people in our lives to feed into our obsession and buy us more knitty goodness of anything.  yarn, books, notions, bags...whatever it may be we love it!

one of my biggest passions in life are books.  i have worked in book stores for many years (in and behind the scenes), run bookclub matching services (fun idea i had!) & hosting, author events & signings, ordering, and more.  it was a lot of fun and some days i miss being surrounded by the smell of books a lot. i miss pouring over advance copies and reading through catalogues to order stock and all the fun that goes along with being in that environment with people who love to read as much as you do.  the librarians still think i'm a bit bonkers to this day i takes so many books out at one time.  thankfully now with having an ipad i can hide my addiction a little bit by taking e-books out from the library instead :)  i'm also proud to say my kids are just like me if not worse.  we can never have enough books in our house.  so i'm slowly building up my collection of sewing/knitting/crafting books to go alongside my jane austens :)

so why not indulge someone in your life this xmas with a little knitty book love?  i'm sure they'd love it!


tiny treads is a book filled with yummy sock patterns for kids! i love this idea!  filled with fun and colorful projects just perfect to keep those little toes you love warm and cozy!


boys' knits is a great book filled with knits just for boys! just like in the sewing community this is much needed for knitters as well.  there always seems to never be enough lovelies to knit up for the little boys in our lives.  from accessories to sweater this book has tons of classic and wearable patterns you and the little men in your life will love.


knitting hats and mittens from around the world was such an interesting read for me.  while i love modern and fun knits i am also very interested in the technical and historical side of knitting.  the patterns, colors and techniques in this book make it a great addition to my collection.  there are so many techniques and colorwork in this book you're sure to learn something interesting and knit something fun and out of the ordinary.


fairy tale knits: 20 enchanting characters to make is adorable.  there's lots of little goodies to make to surprise your wee ones with!  includes whimsical scenes and all your fave fairy tale characters!

who could resist knitting up the whole song of the twelve days before christmas?  a creative collection of adorable little patterns "the twelve knits of christmas" is sure to be a great fun to set up and play with each christmas.

happy reading and knitting my friends!

have you knit from any of these books?  do you have a knitter in your life who would love these?  what book are you hoping santa brings you this xmas?  have a wonderful weekend and i'll see you on monday!


  1. Me too - I'm a book nerd. Just love them and I seem to have A LOT...
    That wee boys book looks lovely doesn't it? I came across it somewhere else recently and wished I had more boys!

  2. gasp! that tiny tread book looks just darling. Alas, I've never knit a pair of socks-- do you think any of the patterns are easy enough for a sock novice?

    1. There is a wide range of skill level patterns in the book Palak. Unfortunately having never made socks before myself I feel like I cannot guarantee there Hopefully in the new year I can change that and you and I can whip up some fun socks :)

    2. you're on! I'm hoping to make that my next project-- I wonder what kind of socks they wear in downton abbey?

  3. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for Boys' Knits. It's so difficult for me to find knitting or sewing patterns for boys that I like.

    1. It's a cute book Katie with some great classic patterns for boys.

  4. Dear Shannon,
    As a Librarian I must assure you that we never look cross-eyed at anyone who checks out a gigantic stack of books at any given time. We have just as many items (if not more) checked out ourselves. We fully understand the addiction/attraction of each story. I am guilty myself of reading three or four different books at a time.
    As for the books above, I've been looking forward to going through Boys' Knits. I have two stinky (*meant with love) little boys that require knitty gifts.
    Merry Christmas!
    Rav ID Circleinthesea


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