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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

guess what????!! it's time for our next knit along announcement!!! woot woot!  i know, i know, it's xmas and who's thinking about knit along? :P  i always need a fun project to focus on right after the holidays are over and i thought what better way to ring in 2013 than to have a knit along inspired by one of our favorite shows - downton abbey!!!!  now i can't take credit for this whole idea, it started as a fun convo in our ravelry group and grew from there.   so to my lovely knitty pals - let's do this thing!!! yay!!!

the american premier of downton abbey is the first week of january!!  if you're naughty like me (streamed it online) or live in the UK you may have already seen most of season 3 but it doesn't matter, it's still gonna be fun! we thought it would be great fun to time it with the release in the states and for us all to be able to chat about the show and new season as we knit on our lovely projects throughout january.

what can you knit?  well you can KNIT OR CROCHET anything that has that downton abbey inspired vibe.  shawls, wraps, lace, gloves, hats, cardigans, home decor, anything that you feel fits in with the whole ambiance and aesthetic of downton abbey.  don't worry if you're stumped for a pattern, i'll be doing a roundup right after xmas so you can get inspired and get your yarn and needles ready!

believe me when i tell you there are a lot of yummy lovelies to make but if you can't wait for the roundup you could plan to whip up my very own downton cowl that was inspired by the peaks of the roof of downton abbey in the black and white logo they show during the commercial breaks.  it's a very fast knit and suitable for a beginner-intermediate looking to jump into an easy lace pattern.  you can find the pattern here on ravelry and also in my etsy shop here.

the downton cowl pattern - BUY NOW
here's the deets my dear friends! i hope you'll join me!

||  WHEN  ||

- january 9th to february 6th 2013 (prizes will be announced the following week)

||  HOW TO SIGN UP  ||

- simply enter your name in this doc by clicking on the link below to be eligible for prizes.

*you must be entered & have started a project to be eligible for the giveaway at the end of the knit along.
||  DETAILS  ||

- you can KNIT OR CROCHET ANY PATTERN OF YOUR LIKING that has a "downton abbey-esque" vibe to it.  for example:  shawls, wraps, hats, gloves, mitts, feminine cardigans etc.

- you don't need to finish your project (though we love it if you do) to be eligible for the giveaway but you do need to start.  we really want to encourage people to knit together and form a sense of community and online friendships.

- the KAL will start in line with the american premiere dates of downton abbey which is january 6th 2013.  in canada check your local listings for PBS airing these as well.  if you are in the UK or are naughty like me you will have already seen most of season 3 :)

- there will be a topic thread on ravelry here that you can chat away about your projects, discuss downton abbey, share patterns and more.  have fun with it!  i can't wait to start!

- you will also find all the posts and info about the downton abbey knit along on it's blog page here.  you can find all of our previous kal's listed here as well.

- if you're not on ravelry feel free to share your pics and chat in the comments.  i love when you guys comment on the blog and it's also a fun place to have convos and share your blog posts as well.

want a button? yay!

luvinthemommyhood downton abbey knit along

you can follow along with all things downton abbey knit along here:

you ready to curl up near the fire with a nice cuppa tea and your downton abbey kal knitting/crochet project and knit along with me?  i'm so hoping you'll join me!  and don't worry if you are a new knitter! our ravelry group is filled with friendly ladies who love to help out. we strongly encourage new knitters to jump in and join the fun! so what do you say? are you going to join in?


  1. I was waiting for this to pop up! Now just to choose a pattern...or two!

  2. Love this! And can't wait for the season to begin!!

  3. i'm so excited for this!! and of course i'm in! i need a downton cowl for myself! hurrah shan! also. i totally haven't seen any of season 3 yet. i need to stream it! xo

  4. I cannot wait! This is going to be great!!!!

  5. I'm looking at patterns, at the moment I'm leaning towards Regina or Escargo (both hats). I've already seen season 3, it finished the week before last here in NZ; even bought the DVD, unfortunately it arrived in the mail still locked so I can't watch it again!
    In the meantime I'll go stash diving...

    1. Ohhhh...both patterns look great! So glad you're joining in!

  6. Yay! This sounds like so much fun! A) because I love Downton Abbey B) because I really want to learn how to knit! Can one teach themself how to knit? Books, you tube, any amazing beginner type blogs?

    1. Yes, you most definitely can teach yourself how :) There are tons of great websites, videos, youtube videos etc and books that you can follow along with to learn. I really like I go there all the time and find it very handy for all kinds of knitting related patterns. I usually always recommend starting with an easy project that allows you to get used to just knitting and purling. It will get you comfortable and get you used to your tension etc. Once you feel comfortable the world is your oyster. We are always willing to help new knitters in our ravelry group and here on the blog so ask away. Happy knitting and i hope you join in!

  7. will you share the link(s) where you were able to stream Downton Abbey ssn 3?

  8. I'm very excited, this will be first KAL but I've been on ravelry for awhile! now I am off to decide what to knit!

  9. I decided to join along. Now to find a pattern! I haven't seen the show, but I gather it is patterns with a Victoria type feel?

  10. That's a lovely idea! I can't believe that folks in America haven't been able to watch Downton abbey yet lol..
    I never did any knit (or anything else) along, but would like to join.. Sounds like fun! :)

  11. Yay! I just came here from Pinterest...I was actually thinking of starting a Downton knit along, so I was excited to see one already set up! I am going to try to make a sweater Sybil wears in the first series. I've already found the pattern so it should be really fun!

  12. Was sent to you via IG....sounds fun! Count me in!


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