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Friday, November 9, 2012

Einstein Mini-Notebook from Happy Dappy Bits
don't you just love the feel of a sharpened pencil or a brand new pen?  pair it with a new fave journal or notebook and i'm one happy lady.  this time of year always has me feeling so inspired and also has me sketching & taking lots of notes.  this week's weekend wishes is a short one because of that.  i've got some projects on the go that i really want to indulge in today :)

i thought it would be fun to hear what you all plan on indulging in this weekend? is their a project or activity that you plan on doing just for yourself this weekend?  what special thing are you making or creating that you can't stop doing?  it's like when you find that special book that you just can't put down....i get like that with the projects i'm loving too.  i just don't want to put them down.  they are always on my mind calling out to me.  you know....the ones that we stay up till late in the wee hours for....the ones that we will rip out or tink back over and over till they are as perfect as we can make them....the ones we will bore anyone who will listens with all the details because we can't contain our excitement...the ones that cause our eyes to light up and our hands to get twitchy to make....the ones that fill our souls with that moment of bliss when you stand back and go "yessssss....i made that"...ohhhh that feeling of fulfillment and joy, its so addictive and indulgent and i love every single amazing second of it. 

this weekend i'm hoping to indulge.  i'm going to hopefully get more sleep than normal, knit happily away on some new upcoming patterns (yay), and get my newest quilt bound. i'm a 1/4 of the way there and i'm so in love with it. i hope that by next week i'll have pics and a tutorial to share. so excited!

so spill the beans ladies.....whatcha up to?  what have you got on the mind that you're wishing you were doing instead of chores/work/diaper changes/school pickup etc......i'd love to hear about it!  wishing you all a wonderfully indulgent and gorgeous fall weekend! monday is remembrance day here in canada and it's a holiday so i'll most likely be back on tuesday. xoxoxo



  1. we were hoping to go to the pool, and take the girls to "Wreck-it Ralph" but I have a puker home from school today....hopefully I can get some quilting done though ;)

  2. My husband just got Saturdays off! So tomorrow I'm going to indulge in some sleeping in (which will work because a couple of our kiddos will be spending the night with Gramma). Then I plan on indulging in afternoon naps and hopefully a bit of sewing. On what I haven't yet decided but I have a couple projects I'd love to finish soon :)

    Happy Weekend and Happy Knitting/Sewing/Quilting

  3. I think I strained my back with overzealous knitting this week. Since we are not spending Christmas together this year with my sister and her hubby I need/want to get their presents knitted by Thanksgiving (i know I could mail them but I want to give them in person).
    I found the perfect hat pattern last year for my BIL and am now having trouble finding another good pattern to use for this year's hat.
    I am trying to be good and only use stash yarn for gifts, but it's not easy!
    By the way, I noticed the Sparrow yarn mentioned in Jane's Island post...kind of had a little gleeful moment there seeing that pretty yarn knit up...

  4. oh I love those notebooks, damn I'm a sucker for anything notecard/notebook related. :)

  5. Have a great weekend! I'm really hoping I can get some Aida cloth painted so I can start stitching up my Star Trek cross stitch in the ferry lineup. I also have five hours with Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild friends tonight and I have about a bazillion projects to work on. I'm gonna get that colour wheel quilt basted once and for all!

  6. I hope you have a great weekend! I will be working on a couple commissions. I hope to get them DONE this weekend! I don't have kids (yet) to worry about, but I do have a husband. I hope to spend time with him too. Also, if I haven't said it before, thank you for doing these "Weekend Wishes" posts. They inspire me to do my own on my blog. Thank you. Megan of www.penguinsayshi.blogspot.com; equest2005 at woh dot rr dot com


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