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Friday, November 16, 2012

to break my pyrex dry spell...

to show you all my new quilt next week!!...

image luvinthemommyhood

to teach my kidlets this...

and that we all get over the evil cold/virus that has hit our house yet again :(

ok ladies.  my new quilt is done.  but now comes the hard part....photographing it.  taking images of quilts has proven to be trickier than i thought.  i am new to this and boy is it tough to capture a full quilt and also the small details.  anyone have any tips they can share with me or resources that they learned from?  i'm hoping to get it photographed this weekend so i can have the tutorial up next week for you all.

i'm also going to be busy sewing and finishing up my project for KIDS over on me sew crazy on monday! i can't wait to show you all mackenzie's project.  if you haven't checked out the other fab guests in this series you should. there is a lot of fun stuff!

we also just got back this past monday from a long weekend out of town visiting family and before we left our oldest got a bad virus/sinus thingie that had her knocked down for days and she's still under the weather.  now i have it and the wee one is fighting it off with just a bit of a stuffy nose. can i say i am sick of being sick? we've had a rough go of it since mack started kindergarten in the fall.  she's had 3 colds now!  that's a lot!  jeez louiz!  i already have a very low immune system due to my health problems so anything she brings home i catch for sure.  such is life.  i keep pumping them up with vitamins etc but it would help if they ate the food they get made...lol.  i am stuck with 2 picky eaters and a mom who dislikes cooking...haha.  not a good combo. thankfully the hubs keeps us all alive..haha.

anyhoo this weekend is going to be busy but i'm hoping to carve out some time to take care of myself and get some extra rest.  for sure some reading and knitting is on the agenda as well.  can't have a weekend without knitting :P

what are your plans?  do you have any quilt photography tips?  what have you been working on this week?  fill me in! it's friday! wishing you all a cold free, sunshiney fall day, vintage finds, cozy blankets & snuggle filled kinda weekend. 

p.s. don't forget to enter to win a fab gift certificate to honeybegood!  you can never have enough fabric peeps!


  1. my kids' constant refusal to eat even the most basic of things that I cook never ceases to piss me off! I used to like cooking before I had them.....now it's painful enduring the whining and screaming while I try to prepare healthy and delicious things, just so I can listen to more whining and screaming at the dinner table. and my husband eats the food, but he barely even chews it before swallowing it and finishing in a few minutes (not that I blame him for wanting to be done eating dinner with our kids).....unless we're at a restaurant where every bite is savored and he's the last one done.

    I'm pretty sure this is the eternal mom gripe.

    I've started knitting up the hat for my friend in England. After my first disaster and restart, it's going well!

  2. Quilts are difficult to photograph, and I've only done the smallest of them! Let us know if you find any trips!

  3. Can't wait to see the quilt. A fellow Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild member did a very helpful post about photographing quilts on our blog. If you are interested, here is the link: http://minneapolismodernquiltguild.blogspot.com/2012/09/say-cheese.html

    Hope everyone in the luvinthemommyhood home is on the mend soon!

  4. I clip mine to our fence with either clothespins or binder clips. Oooooorr have the husband hold it up. ;)

  5. I definitely want to hear more about quilt photography tips. I've been photographing hats I've started making to sell this week, & I find that really hard & they're small!!! I want to blog about my quilts in progress & one is soon to be quilted & complete even & I don't know where to start with the photos. Will check out the link above too if anyone can get on. Hope you're all feeling better soon x

  6. I found your blog today while googling 'create your own knitted cowl pattern' So glad I happened upon you. I feel instantly addicted, or drawn to your creativity. The Mallory Cowl is the page I landed on....I'm thinking Christmas gifts! I followed you on Pinterest as well...looking forward to reading more about your life. Hope everyone is feel better soon!


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