moments in the daddyhood - foggy fall

Thursday, November 8, 2012

the hubs was at it again.  my fave moments in our home are sometimes the ones i'm not a part of that i find later on the camera and now our ipad.  cracks me up every time to see how their little adventures play out.  here's some shots of the latest installment of them on a foggy fall day....

victoria is always filled with the most gorgeous and inspiring leaves at this time of year and i could probably easily fill this blog up with just leaf pictures  it's heavenly.  as long as it's not monsoon raining i'm a very happy lady during this lovely vancouver island weather.

do you find unexpected pics on your camera? what happens when your partner takes your kiddos out with you?  are you relishing in the fall weather where you are?  it's a blustery one here today and it's  filled with blue sky, leaves crisp and blowing and warm fresh coffee - want some?


  1. gorgeous. you live in such a beautiful place! nice work, mr. luvinthemommyhood!

  2. My hubby never takes pictures, but will video record the life out of the kiddos! He hardly ever does it on normal days, only on holidays. I'm the one who takes pictures randomly - I'd love it though if hubby would take random pics! I love the leaves - we have some of that, but not as much as you do! I love fall too! I wish I could have a long fall and spring, with a short summer and a medium winter. I just don't know where that exists! :)

  3. He got some really amazing shots. My hubby rarely takes pictures when i'm not around, but my eldest knows how to work our point and shoot, so sometimes I find pictures he's snapped. :o)

  4. Too bad you live in an ugly place and your kids aren't cute ;)! Simply gorgeous!

  5. The surprise photos I find are similar, but of bunnies! They sleep in silly positions. :)

  6. These photos are precious and I'm indeed jealous of those leaves. But keep the photos coming - Vancoiver Islas here we come (eventually at least).


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