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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

my poor christmas tree has been ahem....naked shall we say for the last 5 christmases.  i've been shamefully using an old white receiving blanket draped around the bottom of the tree.  it's a sad boring excuse of a tree skirt and i admit i hate putting it there every year.  so this year i've decided to "try" to get one made.  no pressure...just adding it to my would love to have done this holiday season list.

after reading a comment on last week's holiday crafting support group post requesting a christmas tree skirt roundup i thought " that's exactly what i need to roundup".  so here you go!  i got out my lasso and rounded up what i think are some spiffy and purdy christmas tree skirts.  you've got quilted, pieced, felt, no sewing, knitted and crocheted tree skirts.  have fun & most of all i hope you get inspired!  also, if you  know of an awesome tutorial of your own or one you love please leave a link to it in the comments below and i'll add it to the "your faves" section of this post! alrighty...go pour yourself a nice big glass of (spiked) egg nog and let's get crafty!


1. vintage embroidered tree skirt 2. sewing 101 tree skirt on design sponge

1. rockin' retro christmas tree skirt 2. spiderweb christmas tree skirt 3. christmas tree skirt in july
no sew ruffled christmas tree skirt
1. striped tree skirt 2. ruffled tree skirt 3. ruffled tree skirt 4. scalloped felt tree skirt
simply quilted patchwork tree skirt from sew 4 home
1. cloud9 christmas tree skirt 2. festive christmas tree skirt 3. buddy the elf tree skirt 4. fur trimmed tree skirt 5. diy ruched tree skirt
diy felt flower tree skirt
1. quilted tree skirt 2. christmas tree skirt
christmas tree skirt tutorial from simple simon & co
1. poinsetta tree skirt tutorial 2. heirloom wool tree skirt

granny tree skirt
1. silent night tree skirt 2. snowball tree skirt
retro ripples skirt
hemlock ring blanket


- stars all around the tree skirt pattern from simplicity
- hexagon tree skirt tutorial by jaceycraft
- esch house quilts north pole tree skirt tutorial
- bird in hand quilts christmas tree skirt
- fruitcake under my tree tutorial 
- christmas tree skirt from pauls block party
- silent night tree skirt
- round ripple tree skirt
- star tree skirt
- granny tree skirt
- diy no sew rufffle christmas tree skirt tutorial
- christmas tree skirt

link up, join in, comment below, add pics to our flickr group and take part in our conversations on ravelry too! we want to see what you're making, planning on making and what you've got planned for the holiday season.  if you've posted about holiday crafting add your link in the comments below as well.  it's way more fun if you all join in (if enough people comment i may just start a wee linky party for us to use). i loved seeing all of your holiday gift lists last week! i added about another gazillion projects to my faves :)

what's your favorite christmas tree skirt?  knit, crocheted, sewn or crafted?  do you have a fave pattern?  have you made your own christmas tree skirt before?  fill us in!  show off your handiwork!  let us know how your gift making & decorating has been going :)


  1. So I once made a tree skirt in high school. It was part of my sewing home ec class and I'm sure my mother still has it. The thing is as much as I love looking at tree skirts the appeal of actually having one is lost on me. Perhaps it's because we use a fake tree (family allergies) or because I have so many kids that if I were to put a pretty thing under that which they are forbidden to touch would be like telling me not to buy anything in a fabric store.

    Still the round up is delightful and if I ever decide that I really must have one I think I'd make that no-sew ruffle one. It is super pretty :)

  2. I would LOVE to make a tree skirt - all the ones we currently have always seem so short to me. It's like it's barely enough to cover the tree stand, and hardly any of the tree skirt is on the floor surrounding the tree. And forget about putting presents on it! I'd like it big enough to actually put my train on. Hmmm...maybe a new tree skirt pattern coming up? :)

  3. Thank you for including my tree skirt in your roundup! I'm really enjoying preparing my home for Christmas with handmade items. Its the marriage of my favorite hobby and holiday! :D

  4. dang it! Just another thing I want to make now! I love the retro ripples one. Perfect use for those giant one pound yarn they have at Michael's...

  5. Tree skirts are awesome! I'm pretty sure out tree will be swaddled with a sheet again this year : /

  6. you read my mind! I just bought a Cherry Christmas jelly roll and I'm gonna wing a very simple skirt, similar to this, but circular... but love seeing all the options, its almost Christmas!!

  7. I don't have a tutorial or anything, but I paid a gal who had a lot of experience sewing with fancy fabrics to make the skirt of my wedding gown into a Christmas tree skirt so I can enjoy it every year. My favorite!

  8. I have been meaning to make a Christmas tree skirt for years . maybe this will be the year!

  9. Thanks for the roundup! I just made a scalloped felt tree skirt like the one in the roundup, but mine's much smaller (table-top tree) and it's multi-colored!


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