weekend wishes

Friday, October 26, 2012

to happily wear my glerups for the fall and winter again...
best slippers ever - glerups (image via luvinthemommyhood)
to go swimming...

to make mack some kind of faux bow and arrow for xmas (she loves brave)...

to remember how true this is...

to curl up and read...

and to someday knit a skirt or dress for myself.

it's friday! yessssss!  i'm totally looking forward to following along on twitter and instagram to check out all the fun going on during fall quilt market.  i love seeing all the booths, fabrics and goodies on display! i've also got 3 dresses on display at the birch fabrics booth again and i'm excited to see them on display.  say hi to them for me if you are there and spot them! i can't wait till spring market cause i'm hoping that i will be there in person!  i cannot resist the closeness nor the lure of portland. i loooove portland.  but in the meantime i'm going to happily follow along and cheer on all my peeps and hope they have an awesome weekend!

it's looking to be some of the same here...rain, gloom, and more rain.  the leaves have changed and when the sun does peek it's head out boy is it gorgeous but it's fleeting.  i keep waiting for that spectacular fall day when the air is crisp, the leaves are so bright you gotta wear shades and i'm holding the hubs hand with a coffee in the other while listening to my girlies run and play. yes....fall.....c'mon.....i'm ready for you.  take your rain and come back another day.

we're hoping to hit the pool up this weekend for some family swim time and i've got quilting on the agenda as well as finally (and i mean finally) finishing up my washi dress.  poppy the pfaff has been naughty with my elastic thread and while i should be done already i decided to go back and add one more row of shirring in.  yep, i couldn't just leave well enough alone and now i've got a dress that just needed to be hemmed to one that now has ripped open seams and a much needed row of shirring. oops.  i'm dying to wear it so hopefully i'll get that finished and some pics up soon.  i'm also almost done my summer sweater kal project.  that one darn sleeve has been taking me forever people...i hate sleeves so i'm not surprised but i really just need to focus on it and just get the friggin thing done so i can wear it already. i love it.  i'm gonna need help with my button choices though so i'll prolly be posting soon to get your awesome advice.

what are you all up to this weekend?  any fall plans?  getting ready for halloween?  whatcha busy making?  share...chat....you all know i love hearing your weekend wishes :)  wishing you all a cozy, fall, loved ones and cuddles, books, naps, and laughs kinda weekend.

ps. my new knitting pattern will be out on monday!!!! woot woot! can't wait to show you all!!!! head over to my fb page for a sneaky peeky!


  1. check lier's tutes for bow & arrows on ikatbag!

  2. I'm hoping to make a bow and arrow(s) for my daughter's Merida Halloween costume... For our costume party tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hubby has to work on Saturday, so I'm thinking about heading to the pumpkin patch with the kiddo. It should be sunny, but chilly here. I don't know what I'm doing for halloween now since he refuses to wear the indiana jones coat I made and he refuses to wear the chicago bears jersey and helmet that he has. I'm at a loss. I guess he won't be trick o' treating with his cousins if he won't dress up. Other than that, I have nothing planned this weekend. It was the week that can just suck it (work news on a promotion, mom diagnosed with breast cancer, etc). I want the weekend to regroup.

  4. Woohoo, spring can't come fast enough! It's raining here too, though, so...wouldn't be much of a vacation for you at the moment ;) Enjoy your weekend!!!

  5. It's all about celebrating a lack of nose blowing and carving pumpkins for me this weekend. Oh, and creating a firefighter costume, that needs to happen too. The cool weather makes me so excited to take up knitting again, a new to me craft that totally rules! Happy Weekend!

  6. ooh, if you're in Portland in the Spring then I'm just going to wait to take our trip there then. haha. We have been trying to figure out whether we can afford the Christmas trip, and whether we can deal with the crazy relatives that will be there too. Yesterday Tim suggested we just go in the Spring when the weather is nicer. It's all so complicated.....

    This weekend I guess we are sitting around waiting for a hurricane here!

  7. Love the sneak peek... can't wait for the big reveal! Have a lovely weekend, stay warm :)

  8. hey I saw these fabulous stitch markers and thought of you instantly; http://www.etsy.com/listing/113251416/the-java-jive-handmade-stitch-markers. I hope you are having a great weekend - Ashley


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