Stasia Cowl Knitting Pattern - New Pattern Release!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

 a while back i started daydreaming about a knit version of my commuter cowl.  i kept pondering it and pondering it but nothing ever really felt "right".  the thought never really left my mind though.  i knew i wanted to play on something fun that had to do with assembly and that also included texture that would showcase your fave handspun yarn in a warm cozy cowl. so once i got my hands on the yarn used for this project the stasia cowl was finally born.

the stasia cowl features a modern twist on your favorite everyday cowl.  textured with a unique assembly this cowl is a fun, quick knit that showcases your special hand spun/dyed yarn beautifully.  i used spincycle yarns 100% BFL worsted in colorway gluttony.  this cowl is super warm, stylish and one of my fave cowls to wear daily.  the color is to die for and the yarn texture is just scrumptious!  i really just couldn't get enough of it and used almost every single piece of my (2) fabulous skeins. 

the stasia cowl is also a great beginner project perfect for those of you wanting to dip your toes into the  knitting pool and it's also definitely still interesting enough for an advanced knitter.  there's some new techniques to learn (for the newbies) and of course, a really fun assembly.  i love that it feels retro and yet modern at the same time. a perfect combo in my book!

the stasia cowl pattern features:

:: clear and easy to understand step by step instructions

:: bright & colorful photography with a tutorial outlining the assembly of the cowl

:: 7 page color PDF pattern

:: digitally drafted diagram

::  a great knitting experience

the stasia cowl pattern is available for purchase at the following:


a while back i was lucky enough to get my hands on some of this gorgeous kettle-dyed and handspun yarn from spincycle yarns in bellingham, washington.  it's their 100% BFL worsted (in colorway gluttony). they source their raw fiber locally and everything is done as natural as possible (they use natural and/or non-toxic dyes). they even travel to farmer's markets etc with bicycle pulled trailers! i love that.  kate and rachel from spincycle are so awesome that they are offering you all a 10% discount off of all your orders.  just use  the code "STASIA10" at checkout.  so pop on by spincycle and say hi! thanks spincycle yarns!

it's been so fun working on this project and i hope you all enjoy making this cowl as much as i did.  i can't wait to see all the different yarn choices you guys all use to whip one up!  just imagine all the different color variations you can find in gorgeous worsted yarns?  it's like letting loose a kid in a candy store!!! i know i'll be making another one for myself soon, but for now i'm smitten with this one!

don't forget to add your wip and fo shots in our ravelry group and/or our flickr group so i can see all of your lovely projects!  it's no fun to knit all those awesome goodies and then keep em' to yourself! you gotta show them off!!!! 

i hope you enjoy stasia and happy knitting from my home to yours <3

ps. a big thank you to my hubby for photographing the shots with me in it (i luv you hun). i hate pics being taken of me and it was needless to say a "not so fun"  even the kids were mad at  due to the horrid weather we've been having here though i just couldn't get a chance to shoot my model in it so you're all stuck looking at me :P


  1. Looking at you is lovely, you beautiful mama! And the cowl is gorgeous! I may have to do some stash digging on this one...xoxo

  2. That handspun is gorgeous! Definitely worthy of inspiring a design. Very cool cowl, I love the added element of the unique construction.

  3. It's gorgeous, girl! And you look fabulous.

  4. You look gorgeous Shannon! And the cowl is awesome!!!

  5. Yeah baby! What a perfect fall cowl...can't wait to knit mine.

  6. You look gorgeous in that fab cowl!

  7. You're a beautiful lady, Shannon! Always love photos with you in them...but I know how you feel; I hate having photos taken of me for the blog, too. So awkward. Congrats on the pattern release! Perfect for fall/winter. :)

  8. Congratulations! Looks amazing! I adore the color, and the yarn seems scrumptious! The construction intruigues me! The pictures of you are lovely, the hubby did a great job!

  9. You look so cute! I love the cowl. You got me hooked on cowls last fall. :) I'm going to have to try this one.

  10. Congrats Shannon on the new pattern! What a cool idea! ♥

  11. Looks fab Shannon. The colour of that yarn is just lovley. I was in my (not so) LYS at the weekend and so nearly bought some orange yarn...even though I was on the look out for dark brown. I am so easily led!

  12. You look beautiful. And what a beautiful cowl! congratulations on another lovely pattern!

  13. I don't know how I missed this last week -- what a gorgeous design!! I love the special twist, and it's such a perfect pattern for handspun yarn! Also -- YOU look gorgeous, too!


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