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Friday, May 4, 2012

to have the time to make this rockin' granny square blanket...

to swing inside...

image from ma poupette via pinterest
that the rain will stop...

image by voilet d'art
to go see "chimpanzee"...

Source: flickr.com via Susannah on Pinterest

and to just let the stress melt away.

blaithin by kate davies
isn't that first image of that blanket awesome!!! I WANT!  ohhhhh, it's so hard to not let myself get swayed by new projects to make all the time.  i've got way too many on my plate as it is...such is the nature of the beast though :P  better to have too many than none at all.  that would really suck.

this was our first week with the hubs home on a somewhat normal schedule and boy has it felt good.  we have a lot to do and i mean a lot but we've started so i'm happy. slowly but surely we are chipping away at chores, spring cleaning, work, studies and reorganization.  it feels good.  i can't wait to make a dent in it.  we've been revamping our deck this spring and i'm working away on little things for it here and there and i can't wait to show you all when it's done.  it's been raining buckets here or i would have taken a pic to show some of my new fave things to you guys.  in fact i haven't really taken any pics this week at all due to our dark grey skies and torrential downpours. i'm not bothered by the rain the first day, in fact i enjoy snuggling up inside with my knitting, coffee & the kidlets but when it keeps going.....well....it can just end already.  i need my vitamin d sky...lol. 

this weekend i will be working...working...working.  i've got some projects to finish up and a new knitting pattern i'm working on for you all plus a whole bunch of new fabric to get some commuter cowls & sweetheart dresses made to list in the shop.  i'm super excited.  i also have a new item that i will be selling in their that is my own design that i am freaking excited about. i cannot wait to reveal it but i seriously don't know when i am going to have time to do this all.  i better go take my supermommy vitamin and don my wondermomma cape, squeeze my big ol'jungas into a leotard and take on the day...lmao....anyone want to join me? i could use a sidekick...lol.

thankfully i have knit night tomorrow to calm my soul. what are your weekend plans and wishes? i hope you all have lots of sunshine, time to create, set your mind free & cuddle those nearest & dearest but most importantly laugh. i need a good laugh.  remember....as the movie annie says "you're never fully dressed without a smile". <3


  1. wow! such busy weekend. I will be working on my new cute baby dress pattern, and hoping clean up my sewing studio a little. Currently gotta swim through piles of scrap fabric to get to my machine and god knows what else I can find underneath. Have a nice weekend!

  2. i love that movie too! good memories :) i have a craft sale to attend tomorrow, and lots of cleaning up to do after we've all had this yucky spring bug. (hope this is it for a while)... my fingers are super crossed to come to knit night! i miss you! xoxo

  3. You are a wild woman! Last night I made a comment to my husband about having moments where I should get to flip my apron to the back to wear as a cape. Lol.

    My weekend wish is that my kids would stop being so crazy for a few days. No trying to kill each other. No breaking things. Etc. ain't gon happen, but that's why we call them wishes!

    I also want to finish up some shorts that I randomly started making this morning for clover. This xxl shirt from old navy was calling to me, and clover has no shorts! Scary stuff. I came up with my own design and have been blundering my way through it while keeping my kids alive. Now one leg is longer than the other because I forgot to trim the end before putting the cuff on. Ayaya.

  4. You need THIS: http://practicalpolly.blogspot.ca/2007/08/wonder-woman-jumper.html

  5. That blanket is the best! Definitely my next crochet project. Have a great weekend!

  6. I have been slowly cleaning up and clearing out my sewing area. My goal was to have it done today, but it'll probably take until tomorrow. Still, so far it is looking really nice and clear and the creative fairy is starting to come back with more ideas. Still, I have to clean up the patterns and sort out the fabrics.

    This week I've started to slowly wake up earlier each day, my goal is to be getting up and out of bed 2 hours earlier by the end of the month, I need some momma time daily to keep from going nuts and the only way that's gonna happen is if I get up earlier.

    Hope you get it all done this weekend :)

  7. LOVE the blanket... at what point were weekends decided to be only 2 days? four days would have been far more sensible!!

  8. Oooh, that blanket is lovely! Making my oldest a blanket from the yarn that was going to be her next sweater (not my KAL project, that one's for my youngest :D), it is a big granny square; I'm just going to keep going until I run out of yarn, heheh....

    I hope we all get some sunshine here on the West coast pretty dang soon! Don't work too hard and enjoy the weekend (if necessary drink lots of Starbucks, heheh!) XOXO!

  9. Lovely photos this week, Shannon! That blanket is amazing. I've got tons to do this weekend too. And our rain is supposed to stop and the sun is supposed to come out, so yay! Hope your sun comes out too. :)

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