Tanks, Tops & Tees Knit Along - Starring you!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

capricious from celtic cast on
can i just say wow! honestly! wow! you guys blow my mind! this top, tanks & tee's knit along has been awesome!!!!! so much fun! and how talented are you ladies? you all know how i love doing the starring you post right?  can't end our kal without a post showcasing all of your hard work!  so many beautiful projects! my queue definitely grew during this kal!  it's been so much fun that i'm sad to see it end.
1) spring garden tee from three pumpkins little 2) spring garden tee from rambling roses 
there was so many fun convos going on in our ravelry group. the banter was so busy i could hardly keep up!  it was a dream come true seeing you all chat amongst yourselves and having so much fun!  we all learned some new techniques, averted some knitting crises, used some new yarns and now have some fun tops to sport this summer!  so check it out everyone...here's some of the ladies of our tops, tanks & tees knit along!
1) sophia from qtiepieknitter  2) gemini from austen 3) gemini from yoTX
1) gemini from rollymags 2) gemini from wordsandstitches 3)  spring garden tee from mootastic1 4) gemini from schnettatstl 5) spring garden tee from tmr714 6) gemini from hotcheese 7) make up your mind tank from culabrat
hine from aliloknits
1) francis from urbanizer 2) spring garden tee from lou1981 3) spring garden tee for baby from rnmama 4) cowl shell from knerdy 5) roxborough dolman from little black duck
1) plain tunic from lilpixie124 2) castle pullover from justrunknit 3) petrie from anowlis 4) coachella from morelikejune
summertime tunic by gardenknittr
1) cherry from nursenikkiknits 2) julia's jacket from fionafae 3)buttercup from truly myrtle
1) gemini from kpbailey 2) gemini from yarnella 3) groove park tank from yarnella 4) leisl from janabella
1) indigo by knitinmountains
2) kira by sneezerville 3) folded from justrunknit 4) vodka lemonade from nittyneedlednana 5) quinn from bmg140 6) summer waves cardi from qtpieknitter 7) jewel from neoknitter77 8) make up your mind tank from marigold's loft 9) lillian from marigold's loft 10) gemini from nendy 11) summertime tunic from tnavis
amazing right!!! i wish we could all get together and have one big ol' knit night!!! but since we can't we had a rockin' giveaway for you all to enter!  who were the lucky winners?  was it you?  here ya go.........

Winner #1
 louise adkin! aka - lou1981 you won:
 - a copy of rose becks new e-collection "archi-textural collection"! Gorgeous!
- you will get to choose 3 knitting patterns of your choice from magpie patterns!!!
*please note: if you choose a printed pattern you have to pay shipping.
- a $15 gift certificate to janerichmond.com! yay!
- you get to choose (2) skeins of your choice from "by annie claire" yarns from her spring 2012 collection! wowsa! these are organic naturally dyed yarns!
- a set of stitch markers from "a stitch in lime" of your choice.
Winner #2
megan williams! aka - justrunknit you won:
- a copy of  bud "by annnie claire". her adorable new hat pattern!
- a set of stitch markers from "a stitch in lime" of your choice.
Winner #3
natalie buchmann!! aka nataliebknits you won: 
- a set of stitch markers from "a stitch in lime" of your choice.

congrats ladies! you'll be contacted in the next few days with your prizes!!!! so excited for you all! and a giant, huge, enormous thank you to our awesome sponsors for the great prizes and their support! thanks ladies!!!!!  be sure to show them some luv k <3

you can find all of our past knit alongs and posts here and be sure to stay tuned...our now ANNUAL SUMMER SWEATER KNIT ALONG will be starting very soon! yippee! this kal is huge peeps so don't miss out! the sponsors this time round are going to be ahhhmmazing!!! get browsing those patterns ladies!! oh and i'll show you all my gemini top next week :) i ran out of room!

thank you for knitting with me!  i heart you guys!!!!  happy knitting!


  1. Wow! Great knitting!!! I'm loving those spring garden tees.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful KAL Shannon! Congrats to the winners and I'm looking forward to the summer sweater KAL!

  3. Well done to the winners, thanks again for the fun! Loved it can't wait for the next KAL!


  4. Look at them all! Aren't we clever ;)
    Well done to the winners!!!! Enjoy! Can't wait for the next one!

  5. Wow, what an amazing gallery! Some really fabulous tops in some really lovely colours. Thank you again for the KAL. I've had a really great time and am so pleased that I have finally knitted a proper garment for myself. I have been bitten by the bug and I currently don't want to knit anything for anyone else! Roll on the summer sweater KAL......

  6. Wow! So many amazing FO's! Congrats on hosting such a successful KAL. Looking forward to the next one!

  7. I love your KALs, even though I haven't had time to join in yet. YET! The gallery is amazing as always -- I'm inspired by all the beautiful FOs.

  8. Congrats to the winners and EVERYONE who completed their gorgeous tops! What great knits!

  9. Wow!!! So gorgeous! I NEED to learn to knit but well... I think that I should tackle only one yarn craft a year! LOL
    p.s heading to the island this summer!! SO excited ;)

  10. congrats ladies!!! such beautiful knits

  11. Thanks for the KAL and support! Not sure I could have finished my first ever sweater without it!

  12. Yay to all the winners! Look at all those projects. Wow. Its great to see in a gallery like this then you can really see the participation! Hurrah!

  13. Gorgeous work everyone! This was such a fun KAL, thanks so much for hosting Shannon. Congrats to the lucky winners and Happy Knitting/Crocheting to all :)!!

  14. So many, many beautiful finished projects, wow! Congratulations to the winners:) This KAL was such a lot of fun, thank you so much for hosting this Shannon! xx

  15. Congrats to all of you! You guys did so awesome! You should be proud...even if you aren't done...you're knitting so it's all good :) yay!!!

  16. ohmygoodness, I can't believe I won something! I literally audibly gasped when I read my name... utterly shocked and excited. yay!!

  17. OMG Im Lou1981 in Ravelry does that mean I'v won, I seriously won't believe it until I get the email.
    WOW great knits and I have loved the KAL and can't wait for the next one/ Thank you Shannon. xxx

  18. I have much nicer pics now at: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/morelikejune/coachella

    I look like the saggy baggy elephant above! LOL

  19. Oh man, these are gorgeous! Feeling very inspired...

  20. They're all so pretty, but they make me hot just looking at all that knit. I wouldn't even dream of putting on any of those right now no matter how strappy the sleeves (96 degrees yesterday...yuck). They are beautiful, though.


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