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Friday, April 27, 2012

to add some color to my wardrobe to brighten up my day...

image source: style me pretty
to drink a lot of coffee...all. weekend. long...yesssss...

image source: bird and bloke
to seriously sew like a mad woman at sewing group...

to soak up the sunshine...

and to get my hands on this line of fabric...sooner than later (damn you vanessa..wink..wink).

simply color by v and co. for moda
finally, finally it's the weekend. i feel like i can breathe a little bit better.  i've got knit night tomorrow and sewing group all day sunday...yee haw!!!! i hope to be one happy momma come next week :)  i cannot wait to have multiple hours in a row of uninterrupted child free sewing time.  yessssss.....it's gonna be good. i picked up some batting on monday and i have a new friend for my sewing machine that i will reveal to you all soon and that i cannot wait to try it out.  hopefully i can get more than a big chunk done on mackenzie's zig zag quilt and finish up a few custom orders for the sweetheart dress.

i've also been having to do the dreaded deed of bathing suit shopping...oh my....lord help me.  it's scary...frightening..and needless to say i haven't found one yet and am terrified of trying on any more of them.  the one i currently own i really like but i now have the horrible see through butt happening...so not flattering.  must fix.  anybody recommend a fave place to shop for suits that is budget friendly, in style but has a bit more coverage for my lady bits so i can play at the pool without flashing the whole lot of em?  i really just wish bikini bottoms fit like my fave pair of undies too.  no tiny elastic going around my muffin top.  i really wanted a tankini this year to mix it up from always wearing a one piece. now don't get me wrong, i don't want one where my tummy is showing, just two pieces ya know.  i found one i like online but the price is hefty when you ship it with customs/duties etc. and i don't even know if it will fit. eeeekkk!  their size chart is saying i am 4-5 sizes bigger than i would normally wear.  hellooooo??????  what is wrong here people????

anyhoo...this is our home stretch for tax season. the last weekend before the deadline.  i cannot wait for it to be over.  i cannot wait to see my hubby again...ok...who am i fooling...he's not done school, but i may see him a tiny bit more than before so any amount is better than less right? 

wishing you all a crafty filled, sunshine basking, coffee sipping, deep belly laughter, non bathing suit shopping, family cuddle filled weekend <3 what are you guys up to this weekend?  what are you working on?  any fun projects planned?  weekend wishes?  comment my friends...it makes my day!  

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  1. I understand the frustrations of bathing suit shopping! Be careful of which tanktini you get. I loved the idea more than how its turned out. The suit may shrink a little if you wash and dry the suit via machine. It also may swim faster than you do and show off most of your torso. I almost feel like I have to hold the bottom of my top down so it doesn't slide up when I am under water. They also have the history of being a bit heavier/thicker than a one-piece suit so you might get more wear out of it. That being said it would be easier to replace just the bottoms. I would check out old navy. They have not very expensive suits in many styles and you can purchase more than one set of bottoms (i like that they have many styles of bottoms for those who like perhaps a little more coverage for their landscape). Sorry for the chattering!

    1. hahaha, coverage for their landscape. That is EXACTLY what I would be looking for.

  2. girl, you are braver than I. this year I'm considering skipping the bathing suit altogether because the thought of trying them on, paying for one, and then having to wear it horrifies me. There is a remote possibility of me checking out Target sometime soon...

    My weekend wish is to get our hardwood floor really started in the kitchen, have some good coffee and beer, and maybe get a little sewing in.

    that circle dress is amazing!!!!!

  3. I need you to be calm next week, and inspire me to go sew, so I can calm down...my hubby's about to be away for work for two straight weeks! And on the opposite coast, which makes evening calls tougher :( Even worse, he's going to Vegas and Seattle. Why do they send him such fun places?
    My brother works at Spanx, so I may take the plunge and get a suit from there. He can get them for not a million dollars, yay! I can't wear regular one-pieces, because I have a long torso, so I need to find a good tankini! I don't think mamagut is ever going away. I'm suprised you aren't going to attempt to make your own suit, or bottom!
    I need to go order yards and yards of that lovely Amy Butler Lotus fabric you used in Harper's sweetheart dress, so I can get lovely packages when stuck home alone next week! You think that will make good curtains, not too busy? It's a good-size, vaulted ceiling, 3-window master bedroom. I'm going to start girling it up it there! Teach that boy to go to Vegas without me!

  4. i'm so happy the weekend is here too! i'm just so sad i won't see you this weekend... and there are so many fun things going on! :( oxoxoxo have a fab weekend, and drink a ton of coffee for me too! xoxoxox

  5. Swimsuit shopping is the worst. BUT...I had a friend swear by this new suit she got, so I decided to order it and just see. And OMG!!! It is amazing! Don't laugh...it's from Walmart. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Suddenly-Slim-by-Catalina-Women-s-Shirred-Halter-Swimsuit/17804485 I got the black and white polka dot and it looks awesome on. Holds you in in all the right places and it has a retro vibe that I really like. It has tons of good reviews and the price is right! Anyway, just thought I'd share because I haven't been this excited about how I look/feel in a swimsuit in a while. :) Good luck!

  6. So these suits aren't exactly the cheapest but all my mom-friends of all ages are just raving about the Diviine Modestee bathing suits for being cute, figure-friendly, LONG ENOUGH TANKINIS (how hard is that to figure out, every other company out there?!) and good enough for The Girls. What's funniest to me is how many of my friends have the suits but somehow nobody has the same ones! We had a DIY spa night / hot tub party the other week and there were at least five ladies sporting these things. I saw them on mamabargains or babysteals or something like that a while back but I was preggo so I didn't... some people say since they're so long they work but one of my friends advised me that they are two layers and the under layer is pretty snug (part of why it's so flattering) so it wouldn't likely actually work great for me this year.

  7. Try Old Navy! I've had them for years and they are awesome! Target also has some, but I think they don't hold up as well :) Good luck

  8. You know where else can be really good for bathing suits and surprisingly not all that pricey? La Vie En Rose. Do you guys have those out West? If so, check it out - they usually have a decent bathing suit collection and I've had surprisingly good luck there. (And - not expensive, so even better).

    Good luck to you - and enjoy your weekend! Jealous of sewing and knitting groups!!


  9. I am so glad you are going to have a fab, interesting and fun-filled weekend!
    I am trying to get into sewing some pants and a blouse for my new job on Thursday....

    Hope you have a blast.

  10. I am hoping to knit this weekend - I am still working on my Gemini! Happy knitting/sewing.

    P.S. I LOVE the sunshine pic. It has been raining here every day for the last 4 weeks (yep, that would be EVERY day!). Here's to some sunshine!!

  11. Ooh, what a fun weekend you have planned! The weather man said sunshine for the Lower Mainland over the weekend and so my plan is to take advantage of every minute and sit with my knitting outside in the sun:)

  12. http://www.target.com/p/Mossimo-Womens-Mix-Match-Tankini-Swim-Top-Assorted-Colors/-/A-13848739#?lnk=sc_qi_detaillink
    I got this last year at target... Love it, i moved the halter top straps in a bit more so it was more supportive but It perfectly hides the extra curves of mommyhood while providing support : ) I did not even try it on at the store because i got it with my daughter with me, ya know with a 6 month old that does not go so well. BUT I love it and it looser then most!

    Thought id help.. enjoy the sunshine, we have chilly sunshine here in cleveland.

  13. Have you tried Paradise Boutique?? Locally designed and made, figure flattering, retro suits. i even think the can make them to your specifications. It might cost more than Old Navy, but at least it will last, and you're supporting an awesome local business..

  14. I'm an Athleta.com and Modcloth girl for my swim suits. Athleta suits are designed for those of us who like to do things wild in swim attire :-) Modcloth has some just wonderful designs (very retro) but are a little on the pricey side.

  15. (wild=while... Silly autocorrect!)

  16. Well my goal this year is to MAKE my swimming suit. Several reasons for this, 1) I have the fabric and I love it. 2) I don't have to try it on at the store while my children are running around. 3) I can get the perfect fit for me. 4) Katy from No Big Dill makes it look easy!

    I did run across this article that has some great ideas for helping with our bodies 'trouble spots' and what to look for in a suit that will detract from that :)

    Good Luck and have a fun Momma weekend, knitting and sewing it up!

  17. Costco has some cute suits right now. I think some tankinis and one piece suits that were cute. Only for another week though, I think. Old Navy had some adorable one piece suits not long ago. And Joe (Superstore) had really cute suits last year. I'd check them out too.

  18. And this site has really cute suits too! http://www.limericki.com/WOMEN

  19. Honey, you have got to try Modcloth.com for a bathing suit. They have amazing one piece "pin up" styles that offer amazing coverage that still have fashion in mind!

    Love that fabric. Yum. I have booked 2 hrs next weekend to go fabric shopping. I can't wait!

  20. i got a bathing suit last summer online from www.limerikki.com ... I LOOOOOVE IT!..the top is long enough to not bunch up like crazy and the bottoms fits pretty decent (who likes showing off their bum in public anyway?)...shipping was within a week or two (i think from utah to ontario, canada) and the price wasn't that bad...seriously..most favourite bathing suit i have ever owned...and i'm not worried about my tatas hanging out in front of a bunch of kids..haha!...i know this post sounds like an infomercial but i totally love this bathing suit...(follow the sizes exactly on the website though..i thought it was a little off but when i got it it fit great...and i'm no skinny mini..haha :) ) anyways...love your site...love that it's canadian :) ..we have family living out in bc so it's fun reading your crafty blog :)


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