the ruffled needlecase tutorial!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hi everyone!  you can find me over on the fabulous blog - "see kate sew" today joining in for her super fun "ruffles 2012" with a new tutorial for my ruffled needlecase tutorial!  there's a whole lotta ruffles going on over there!  a whole month of ruffles in fact!  new FREE patterns/tutorials from 20 guest bloggers and kate herself, sew alongs, giveaways and link ups galore! fun! fun! fun! you can find all the info, links and deets to join in here.

so why did i make a needlecase?  well you guys all know that i  love little handmade treasures that are fun to make, interesting in construction, easy to personalize and add a big pop of pizazz to your sewing notion repertoire!  anytime i can pretty up my notions and supplies i'm in!  add a ruffle to it and i'm sold.  i've got a thing for needlecases and i thought i would show you all how to ruffle up the style of needlecase that i use.  i've noticed lately that the booklet style has become very popular but there is something about the size, shape and construction of this one that i just adore.  it's one of my fave go to gifts for special little pressies and also a good project for beginners to work on there topstitching and hand sewing.

so pop on over to see kate sew today to find out how to make one too!   i hope to see ya over there :) make sure to check out all the rest of the goodies on kate's blog too.  i first noticed her mad sewing skills during the last round of project run and play and have been hooked on her blog ever since.  this super stylish, crafty momma is adorable and so inspiring. i <3 her and think you all will too.  thanks again for having me kate!

now go....

and join in the fun!!!!  i can't wait to see your needlecases!!!

are you planning on ruffling it up this month?  what's your favorite thing to sew with ruffles? any tips/patterns you want to share?


  1. this definitely beats the nasty old scrap of fake felt I have my needles jammed into.

  2. weee! one with a ruffle to boot! i still loove my needle case. xo

    1. Glad you still like your little pressie :)

  3. What a fun project. This is the simplest and cutest needle case design I've ever seen.

  4. Thanks guys! I love mine. I can't resist vintage sheet goodness :)

    I hope you all have fun making one too!

  5. Maybe I should be making a few of them too, I have needles in all my crafting bags but stuck to the side, and am constantly pricking myself on


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