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Friday, February 24, 2012

to look this fabulous while out in a rain storm...

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that my gold card gets here sooner than later...weeee...so excited...

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to get a good chunk of my quilt done at sewing group...

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to have a good laugh...

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to say thanks to you all for being such awesome pals...

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and to not mess up my knitting at pub knit night tomorrow...

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tgif! yipeee!  it's been a long week.  a fun one but a long one.  we've got a busy weekend coming our way.  it's my fave time of the month!  i've got knit night on saturday and it's our pub knit night. that's right...we go to a pub and knit.  cool - i know :P  i just hope i don't get so tipsy i wreck my knitting..muahaha..i'm a little scared.  i'm not a big drinker and since i've just finished weaning a few days ago i really haven't had anything to drink in like 2 years.  the one time i did i had half a glass of wine and was drunk...lol..yes, drunk.  it was humiliating and embarrassing to say the least.  thankfully i was just at home with the hubs so nobody else witnessed it.  so knit night i have a 1 drink limit :)

i also don't want to be hungover for sunday.  it's our modern sewing group meetup on sunday and i've got some serious plans to make a good sized dent in my zig zag quilt.  i'm hoping to square up my hst's before going so that all i have to do when i am there is sew up the quilt front.  fun, fun, fun! i cannot wait! it's been so busy around here my poor quilt is still pinned to the wall waiting for me to show it some luv.  it tortures me that i haven't had a chance to get to it yet.  my ironing board monster is also growling my way a lot lately.  it seems like no matter how much i clean it up and get my projects in order it crawls back out and snarls at me with it's ugly teeth laughing. damn you ironing board monster..go bug someone else..lol.  oh, and yes, i talk to inanimate objects..lmao.  especially ones who take over my sewing wall and make it impossible for me to sew anything.

in between all the crafty goodness this weekend i'll be coloring with my girls, playing some video games with the hubs and working on my newest pattern.  i also hope to squeeze a movie or two in there with the hubs.  i need some cuddle time :)

what are you ladies up to?  any crafty plans this weekend?  are you being bombarded by a rain storm today too?  share, share...i love hearing what you are all up to!  wishing you a stylish, laughter filled, coffee indulging, cozy, kinda weekend!

P.s. - i was super excited to find out i was nominated for the circle of moms "top 25 creative mom blogs" contest! so awesome! if you could be so kind as to go and vote for lil'ol me that would be so sweet!  you can see all the nominees here and vote for me here :) thanks everyone!


  1. Yay! I'm happy to hear that your modern sewing group is meeting again. Hope you enjoy lots of laughs while quilting!

    We're having a grey and rainy day here and it looks like there may be some wet snow falling as I type. Our house smells like chocolate chip banana bread - I love it when my daughter helps me bake!

  2. i'm so looking forward to this weekend! i've missed all you ladies so much! time to seriously catch up. but first, i have to figure out what i'll be sewing at the meet-up. ha. xo

  3. yay - the weekend can now start - the weekend wishes are out - I really wait for them every Friday :) I'm making my outfit for the Project Run and Play link up audition - I love competitions, I'm really competitive and they make me really do my best! Happy weekend

    1. You're sweet! I'd love to see you get in PR&P! I'll be crossing my fingers for ya! Happy weekend too!

  4. haha.. you just reminded me of when i had my first drink after a stopped breast feeding my now 6yr old after 15/16monts...i could not feel my legs and could not could not get up off the sofa till a couple of hours later, and that was after a loooong nap too. hubby still wishes he had taken a video of me!!! enjoy your knitting and sewing...am so deep in study work that i can only wish i had time for it...it will come though xx

  5. My friend hosts a free craft night to sew in the lounge of her shop once a month & it's tonight! I am definitely getting crafty tonight. :)

  6. Pub knit; what an awesome idea! Wish we had a local one here.

  7. hahaha... i want to look that fab on any day! we have a little knitting group where i am and we meet up at a bar each time (we live in the city and the bars are what we can walk to so hey!). the bartenders crack up whenever we meet.

    can't wait to see the quilt! i need to start planning a couple of those...

  8. Lovely pics. And the drink limit is always a good idea...

  9. 1. Of course I'd vote for you! DONE!
    2. I love playing LEGO Harry Potter with my fiance.
    3. My weekend plans include getting our house back into working order after a nasty bug hit our family of 4 including the 10 month old baby girl. :(
    4. Slow Cooker Sunday tomorrow and visit with the inlaws/cousins.
    5. Have fun at your pub knit night! Enjoy your drink. (that was singular!) *wink*

  10. I voted for you!
    I have finally done some more cutting on my topsy turvy squares quilt for Olivia and I also cut out a sleep sack for her. I designed it for the zipper to go in the back (as opposed to just turning one around, the front dips down and the back is higher cut) and it will be fleece lined and will fit her until she's two. heck, three. lol. My hubby was like 'holy shit that's long' lol. Olivia is a 'stripper' and after two too many times that she not only stripped to naked but also SHIT THE BED in the most literal sense... she gets a custom made sleep sack.
    So, I just need to sit down with my sewing machine for a while!


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