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Friday, February 17, 2012

to finally allow myself to watch the season 2 finale...

illustration by: kelsey garrity-riley
to look this glamorous when i knit...

to sip some tea alongside a good book...

diy hand painted mug from wit & whistle
 to rock this outfit...

kendie everyday

to get some shots of an upcoming pattern..weee...

Source: etsy.com via Sara on Pinterest

and to go for a lovely walk with my wee ones & hubs.

img src:liivias via susan b. anderson (pinterest)

if you have become a fan of downton abbey like me you must check out this post on sfgirlbybay - super fun and oh so stylish! and this one..oh my...so funny!!!!  i'm clearly obsessed and hooked with this soap operaesque drama...just can't get enough :P

i'm planning on hopefully getting some pics of a new pattern i will have out for sale soon..so excited about this one ladies and it's sewn! yipee!  thanks to all of you who responded for being a pattern tester - i will be in touch soon if all goes well this weekend.

i'm also hoping to get outside for some fresh air and exercise.  now that my back is getting better (slowly but surely) i'm trying to get back being active again.  life is busy though and it's been a juggling act to fit it in that's for sure..lol.  i'm also going to enjoy my knit night on saturday.  i'm on the sleeve of my rocky coast cardigan and refuse to work on anything else until i get this cardi done and can wear it.  i'm possessed.  lol.  of course in the middle of all that i'm gonna steal my hubby for some good ol' cuddles and some play time with my wee ones.

what are you guys up to?  what crafty goodness did you get into this week?  any plans this weekend?  you sipping your coffee yet?  wanna chat?  wishing you all a fresh, fun, crafty, humerous, and restful weekend :)


  1. I am going to be up to my eyeballs in knitting and crochet this weekend. We have a three day weekend (President's Day is Monday) so it's going to be nothing but relaxing in our house. Hobbit is off Sat/Sun/Mon and Pokey is off Mon/Tue/Wed so I get two days with my girlie girl and two days with my husband... with a shared family day in the middle - it's a rare treat that we get everyone home at once any more.

  2. I LOVE that mug. I love it. Once upon a time I bought several colors of ceramic pens and odd pieces of china to embellish, but I'm not creative and can't ever imagine something to draw. I think I could do this!

    For the weekend I am going to try to make some headway into cleaning my new sewing space that I can't sew in until it all gets cleaned up and organized. Argh. I do always love these Friday posts. Have a good one.

  3. My plans are to get my room (specifically my crafting corner) all cleaned up so that I can actually enjoy that space again. Hopefully I'll get it organized enough that I can make a cushion to make the chair more comfortable to sit in.

    Maybe I can figure out if there is somewhere I can view Downton Abbey from the beginning since I've never seen it and keep hearing about it's amazing-ness, knit, sip cocoa and kick the hubs and kids out for a few hours to get some much needed me time.

  4. I'm sipping coffee as I comment! I'm mad about Downton so will definitely hop over to the links you mention. As for this weekend, like you, I'm determined to finish (famous last words) my Autumnal Cardigan. Wish me luck.

  5. I'm excited to watch the finale this weekend as well (we're watching on PBS so we've had to wait). Oooooh, exciting! I don't want it to end, though....
    Glad to hear your back is getting better. Enjoy a beautiful weekend! :)

  6. Well this weekend I hope to finish my Twisted Slouch Hat, the Keaton Coat for Elsa and start in on a dress for me (our church has a sweetheart's dinner next Saturday and I always try to dress up).

    In addition to the sewing I'm hoping to make a big dent in the front of Husband's sweater...it is patterned just enough that I can't knit it and do a whole lot else, not complicated but I just might need some stitch markers.

    Though the really big thing that's happening this weekend is...I buying a new camera! Oh, I am so excited, Husband and I are in agreement for the budget and hope to get a good deal this weekend (it's a holiday). That's about it.

  7. Love DA> I am eager for this season's finale on Sunday. Squee!!! And those tights in the knitting photo - WOW. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I can't remember what happened in the last episode of Downton, but the Christmas special is where it all kicks off. Don't know if they'll be showing it over there, or if in fact they have that billed as the finale... I expected it to be a Christmassy thing with no advancements to the plot, but it is in fact two hours of breakneck plot advancement! enjoy!

  9. This week a few moms from my daughter's preschool got together for a craft circle while the kids were in school. It was so lovely! I worked on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer cross stitch. This weekend I'm taking the kiddos on a nature walk in Pacific Spirit Park and on Sunday I get to go to a VMQG sew-in. Can't wait!

  10. I love Downton Abbey. Thanks for sending me to other blogs to check out some more Downton Abbey. Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. I love Downton Abbey, and I heard they are scheduled to shoot for season three. Thanks so much for the links. I shared them with one of my quilting groups that are handpiecing blocks for a doll quilt and most of us are watching Downton Abbey while making them.


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