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Monday, February 27, 2012

phew..this weekend was a busy one.  a super fun one, but a busy one. i'm  i couldn't resist coming on and showing you all some pics today of what i got up to & a few sneak peeks.  i got a lovely package on friday from an awesome pal that i can't wait to show all this week and those zippers above were in there and let me tell you their prettiness is sure helping me get over my fear of zippers.  aren't they lovely on a rainy day?  so cheerful.  especially when we got hit with some snow yesterday! yuck!! :(

my weekend had coffee drinking, a bit of magazine/book reading - i am months behind on some of my fave mags, along with some knitting....oh yeah....bring on the knitting.  i had a scare on the weekend because i'm such a clumsy fool that i hurt my hand on friday night and even though it's getting better i nearly freaked out as it was my right hand and i couldn't move it! how the heck was i gonna knit, sew and type to all of you? that's all i could think about. such a dork i am. the hubs is still razzing me about how clumsy i am but in all honestly i think it was his elbows fault and not my hands :P you see i tripped and fell in the hallway to our condo door and he made fun of me so i got up and went to playfully whack him in the arm but instead of hitting his arm i hit his elbow bone full on with the top of my hand. can we say ouch!  and can we say clumsy?  but it was his elbow's fault right? not my hands...c'mon ladies...side with girl's gotta stick together.

audrey cardigan in knitpicks stroll tonal - colorway gypsy
saturday is my sewing day so i got to sew like a mad woman and then hit the pub for knit night.  yes, drinking and knitting do  and boy oh boy was it fun! definitely a good time.  but what happens at knit night - stays at knit night!  i picked up some bright pink yummy yarn from a lys (boutique de laine) on friday to make myself a mallory cowl of my own (shown below).  i don't have one and have been dying to find the time to whip one up so i thought mallory would be the perfect project to work on while sipping martinis and sure enough...i'm almost done. i think i was the last one knitting and no errors - i was sure i would mess something up.  i did overcompensate on my long tail cast on and ended up with a giant pool of yarn on the floor but i was sober when i did that so it doesn't count :P  i also have been sneaking in my audrey cardigan (shown above) here and there - isn't she a pretty garter stitch? love the color & can't wait to get my rocky coast cardigan done so i can finish my audrey up.

mallory cowl - cascade 220, colorway

speaking of my rocky coast cardigan here's a shot of the never ending sleeve. i definitely have a full blown case of sleevitis.  darn sleeves.  takes me forever.  i just want to wear the darn thing and i'm only on sleeve more to go and then i have to pick up the whole front and neckline and rib my brains  soon though, soon i will be wearing it.  in between all the knitting i got to do some sewing.  i was excited to do some pattern testing for a bloggy pal that hopefully i will be able to show you this week and it just happened to be a little project for me that matches perfectly with another wee project i've been working on :)  so many's killing me lately.  secret kal's, secret patterns, secret projects...i'm gonna burst with it  i promise to fill you all in soon.

i've also been doing some sewing with the new line of birch fabrics - commute.  love it!!!! this line is 100% organic and so soft with such a great drape.  the new pattern i'm working on (due to come out next week) will feature one print and this lovely item below will be showcasing another 2 prints.  i can't wait to show you all.  so purdy!!!!

birch fabrics - commute, dandi flight
i also had my modern sewing group meetup yesterday and worked hard on my zig zag quilt.  i'm hoping to show pics of that this week as well but in the meantime before i forget to ask - if any of you have made a mallory cowl and don't have pics up on ravelry yet could you email them to me ( or add them to our flickr group?  i'm putting together a little post and would love to see your finished cowls.  also, the mallory cowl (both youth and adult) are both available for purchase now on craftsy (this site is awesome - go check it out) as well as on ravelry for 2 for 1 - only $1.99!

 what did you all get up to on the weekend?  were you knitting, sewing, crochet, baking?  fill me in...i love hearing about what crafty goodness you are all up to! let's sip coffee and chit chat :)  happy monday m'dears!


  1. Wow, you sure do have productive weekends.

  2. I whipped up an essentials bag for my niece and finished some wall art for our sadly barren walls. You can check out the bag and wall art on my blog: Now that you don't have a fear of zippers anymore, the bag might be a fast project to zip through for yourself or to make as little gifts for others!

    My long-term, never-ending project is a rag rug that I'm crocheting to go in my girls' bedroom. I'm not sure it will ever get finished just because tearing the fabric and winding it into balls takes forever on top of crocheting a gigantic floor rug.

    1. So cute! Love how it turned out! I'll def have to give Dana's tute a try now that zippers are not so scary anymore :)

      Ohhhh, I bet that rug is gonna be fabulous when it's done!

    2. Thanks! Glad you like the bag. Dana's tute is so easy to follow. I'd love to see what originality you bring to it, too.

      I think the rug is looking fabulous so far, just too small. Maybe some day I'll take pics and post them. Some encouragement might make me feel more motivated to just get it done. I feel like it's easy to fizzle out with projects that take forevers. Guess that means I should never be a quilter. BTW, your zig zag quilt is really great!

  3. you've been so productive! super excited about all of your surprises! i had soo much fun at knit night! and at sew-modern. xoxo

  4. yay for getting things done! I bet you can guess the one thing I didn't do this weekend, but have planned for tonight!

  5. Well not a super productive weekend as far as crafting goes...that's for today. Husband has Sunday's and Monday's off so Monday's usually turn into my days for sewing. I did manage to stop into a couple fabric shops this weekend and found some yummy fabric for to make them.

    I also was able to rock my new dress I made Saturday night on a date with the hubs...

    Well I better get moving if I'm gonna get any crafting done :) Can't wait for all your big reveals :)

  6. Wow you are making some super beautiful things. Can't wait to see the finished products.

  7. i love it all, so pretty! i love zippers too! i think i may be a hoarder of them:) cant wait to see whatcha creating. im working on finishing up some pillows and a few projects that need to be finished for the house. then i cannot wait to start making clothes.

    1. Zippers are slowly becoming my friends. I just have to keep doing them regularly so I don't forget that they aren't

      Can't wait to see all your new projects too hun <3

  8. oo oo oo i can't wait to see it all! lovely sneak peeks. :)

  9. Love your cowl! Just purchased it on Ravelry!

    Can't wait to knit it up.

  10. Wow! I wish I could get that much accomplished in a weekend! I am really enjoying all of your knitting posts. The mallory cowl is sitting in my queue, starting to feel a little overwhelmed by my queue...
    Can't wait to see what all your secrets are!

  11. My goodness I can't wait to see that cardi finished! The cabling is out of this world. Good for you for such a productive weekend.
    I ended up having Sunday all to myself to be crafty!
    Upcycled t-shirt scarves, patching holes, egg balloons...


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