Quilting 911 - How to Sew Quilt Binding Roundup

Thursday, November 3, 2011

i finally finished quilting harper's quilt and am all set to cut out the binding and bind it.  but wait....how do i do that again?  the last quilt i made i machine stitched bias tape on and hated every moment of it.  i'm determined to have a more enjoyable experience this time round.

i've heard on more than one occasion now how much some of you quilters enjoy throwing in a mix of hand and a mix of machine.  you ladies have been machine stitching one side and hand stitching the other.  i think this may be the perfect solution for this gemini.  a bit of speedy sewing (machine binding) and a bit of loving hand sewing.  i don't mind the idea of hand sewing some of the binding down it's the idea of doing all of it that freaks me right out..lol.  i don't have enough time in my day...lol or enough trust in my hand sewing skills.

so in all curiousness i set out to find what i think are some very helpful tutorials (& videos) for how to figure out how much binding to cut, how to cut it & how to sew it either by hand or machine (even zig zag it) or how to bind your quilt without even binding it at all.  wanna check them out?  here ya go!

zig zag binding tutorial from stitched in color

- zig zag binding tutorial from stitched in color

- perfect binding tutorial: quilting basics series (an awesome series of tutorials on everything binding by one of my fave quilting designers) from jaybirdquilts

- continuous quilt binding tutorial from heather bailey

- great post on how to attach quilt binding from obsessively stitching 

- fab binding tutorial from red pepper quilts

how to easily hand sew a quilt binding from splityarn
- how to easily sew a quilt binding from splityarn

- all machine quilt binding tutorial and round quilt corners binding tutorial from that girl can quilt.

- binding tutorial from crazy mom quilts

making and sewing binding from oh fransson
- making and sewing binding tutorial from oh fransson

- binding tutorial that is great for calculating the amount of bias you need for your quilt from chasing cottons

fast machine quilt binding 101 from diary of a quilter
- finishing quilt tutorial and fast machine quilt binding tutorial from diary of a quilter

video it up:

- binding your quilt: tips and tricks from the missouri quilt co.

- pat sloan machine binding tutorial

- diy dish how to bind a quilt video

- binding blind stitch tutorial from quilting in the rain

- how to make bias binding for a quilt from connecting threads

- how to bind a quilt from wendi gratz

 quilt without binding tutorial from red pepper quilts
bind without binding:

- great tutorial on how to use your quilt top as binding from made by rae

- one of my recent faves....quilt without binding tutorial from red pepper quilts

readers faves:

tell me your favorite binding tutorials and i'll post them here!

what method of binding a quilt do you prefer?  do you have some tried and tested tips to share?  any secrets of binding to let us in on?  please link up any tutorials you've found online that are helpful as well and i'll add them to the roundup!  what quilts are you working on?  let's chat quilty goodness ladies!


  1. I am so glad that you posted this! I am getting ready to do my first quilt and I was going to have to go hunting for tutorials!

  2. I have two comforters patiently waiting on me to bind them. I also have fabric purchased for a quilt for my daughter... Binding scares the crap out of me. Thanks for all the links! I pinned this post for easy reference!

  3. Hey - thanks for mentioning my video! And no - that's not from a Google alert. I'm a regular reader! I think you're going to love the combination of machine and hand binding. It's the only way I'll do it. You get gorgeous results and that last step of meditative hand-sewing gives you a chance to really enjoy the quilt you just made. Have fun!

  4. I can sew a quilt like nobody's business. But always feel like I ruin it when binding. Thanks for sharing another great round up Shannon!

  5. I love binding! The quilt's almost done -- I can see the finish line -- and that means I'm about to give it to someone (because I am an afghan girl, myself). And it's so cozy in my lap while I do the hand-stitching (though not as cozy as an afghan :). I also machine stitch the binding to the top, then hand sew the back. Up until my last quilt, I have used a ladder stitch on the back. Last quilt I broke down and used a whipstitch, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going back. I feel like a ladder stitch is more durable, and certainly it is more invisible, but man, what a chore.

    P.S. Heather Bailey's binding tutorial was a life-changer for me. If anyone has trouble closing the binding, it is a MUST-READ.

  6. I learned how to bind my first quilt with that connecting threads vid! I did my second one the same way and I'll probably end up binding the quilt I'm doing now that way. Well, maybe not after I watch all the other vids here! Step-by-step instructions are KEY for me.

    I'm excited for you that you got all your quilting done! The straight lines close together like that look smashing!!! You did an amazing job, m'dear.

  7. I machine stitch the binding onto the front of the quilt and then hand stitch the binding to the back. I haven't even tried machine binding yet because I love the look of hand binding and it really doesn't take that long. I thank Care from Obsessively Stitching for her first quilt tutorial.


  8. I do the half machine / half hand binding method too. (But, I've never made a quilt, just did this for pot holders and other such projects.) I like that I can do some sewing in the same room with my family (and tv) as my sewing area does not have room for both of those items!

  9. *bookmarks*

    Thanks so much for this! My one attempt at 'properly' binding a quilt didn't go brilliantly, so I'm definitely in need of some tips. I'm working on a HUGE quilt for my mum for Christmas, so need all the help I can get!

  10. Just what I was looking for, all the info I need in 1 post. Thank You

  11. This is a really interesting and unique method of binding I've been meaning to try: http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2012/09/tutorial-super-duper-easy-way-to-face.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheSillyBoodilly+%28The+Silly+BooDilly%29

  12. I don't have the patience for hand-binding, as I'm an instant gratification kind of gal!


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