christmas knitting 911 - the Mallory Cowl Pattern

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pattern: The Mallory Cowl (Child Version and Adult Version)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in colorway 9322

what's this another cowl? yep, it's a  what can i say?  how could i deny the loving request of my 4 1/2 year old daughter?  she saw me enjoying my many new cowls and begged to have one just for her.  so i thought i would use a skein of cascade 220 heathers that i had in my stash and whip her up a super cozy turquoise cowl!

with yarn  held double you get a squishy, yummy warm cowl.  something fun for them to put on that's big enough to keep them warm but not too big that it won't fit under their coats.  the nice thing about cowls is that my daughter will always rip her scarf off and she leaves her cowls alone.  no knots or ends to strangle on and it's tucked under her coat and out of her way when she plays.

i think she likes!  the other fun thing about this cowl is it's a simple knit/purl combo rib that is super easy for a beginner to practice knitting on but also a great project for an advanced knitter to use that special yarn they want to showcase.  i also think the pattern would be perfect for both boys and girls to wear.  cowls are versatile and stylish.  wanna make one??

The Mallory Cowl Pattern - Child Version: Only $1.99!

*2 patterns for 1!!! This pattern also comes with the adult version of the Mallory Cowl! Now you and your wee one can rock your cowls together!

Pattern notes and more for the Mallory Cowl (Child Version) can be found on the ravelry pattern page here and pattern notes and more for the Mallory Cowl (Adult Version) can be found on the ravelry pattern page here.  The Mallory Cowl is available for only $1.99 and you get 2 patterns for the price of 1! Woot woot!

A fun, stretchy, and cozy cowl just perfect for that special little one in your life!  Wear it as a long cowl for style or wrapped twice for a stylish way to keep your kidlet warm.  Every little girl loves to feel just like mommy in fact I think a little boy would look equally as adorable! So mix it up and have some fun!  This easy basic pattern is a great way to experiment with yarns, needle sizes, working in the round and new techniques.

Yarn: 1 Skein Cascade 220 Heathers in colorway 9322, 220yds/100grams
Needle: US 15 (10mm) 24"Circular
Gauge: 8sts = 4 inches (unstretched in pattern)

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what would you make your kiddos if you had months left before xmas?  do you have your xmas crafting list ready?  need some tips?  head on over to my partner in crime rebecca's blog "nook" to get some tips on holiday list organizing and also to see what she would make for her little boy!  and for more boy goodies check out my "comfy sews vs. cozy knits - the boy edition"!

you will always be able to find all things going on for this series here in our ravelry group and here on the blog

so do you have your holiday crafting to do list ready? come share your list here in the comments below or in our ravelry group.  the conversation has started & it's lots of fun so join in and let's inspire and support each other!  i can't wait to see what you're all making!


  1. what a darling cowl! and what's funny is i made one very similar, in a similar color, last year - for my sister MALLORY. :) i'd love to make one for my daughter though. she requested one last year! thanks!

  2. Shannon you are my hero! I am totally knitting this for my 5 year old. Bought a skein of Patons wool (what knitter can resist 220 yarns of lovely worsted wool for $5? I ask you!) in light pink to make something for her and she asked for "a scarf like that", pointing to my cowl. This is it! Yay!

  3. Oooh LOVE this cowl darlin! Must make ASAP. Will have to find chubby circulars tho. And OMG Deer Dress, cutest thing evar.

  4. I "had" to make a cowl for Noelle after she saw my Gaptastic cowl. This pattern is so cute and the color is so perfect for your girl.

    I just bought loads of Wool-ease thick-and-quick because I'm adding some chunky items to my store, but I'm sure I can spare a little to make a "Mallory"

  5. So precious! And I'm so jealous of how you can whip these out! Posted my first vlog today... Casting On. :)
    Too bad I don't know much more than that. Ha ha!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! If you were to make it for an adult, how much bigger would you go?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. SO cute! I love the cowl for your little girl!

  9. I love it! I'm printing the pattern and think I'll make it for my youngest sister for Christmas, using some navy yarn I've been saving.

    By the way, I really enjoy your blog, though I don't think I've posted before. I'm about to start mommy-hood (DD Feb. 7) and look forward to the inspiration to DIY!


  10. She is such a beauty! I am making good progress on my holiday knits. Currently working on some quick knits that need mailing.

  11. I love it! And it matches her gorgeous eyes!

  12. Beautiful, she looks so adorable in it, and it matches her incredibly blue eyes!
    Oh, if I had the time??? I think most of the patterns above are actually on my list as well as some boy knits...but, unfortunately I do not have an unlimited supply of time or money, so I am sticking to the original plan. Which is also starting to worry me a bit, because I might not finish...

  13. Lovely! I'm going to try to crank out three of these this weekend. ^_^

  14. I love the yarn color!!! Do you get your Cascade yarn online?

  15. OMGosh...your daughter is so beautiful! Her brilliant blue eyes are striking. Heartbreaker right there.

  16. OMgosh, Shannon, she's glowing! She's sooooo happy. I have never made myself a cowl, or worn a cowl, so I'm afraid if I made this for Aria she'd be mostly confused. But, I do see how this makes a lot more sense than a scarf for a child! Hmm....

  17. thanks you guys!! I'm glad you all are liking it! Please, pretty please make sure to add your projects to Ravelry and your pics to our flickr group. I love, love, love seeing them!

    @Rachel - try casting on 44sts for a shorter single cowl she can just slip on. @ummashin made one for her daughter like that and it's adorable!

    @mommafo - I got it at a local yarn shop but I'm sure you can buy Cascade 22o heathers online. Try Jimmy Beans wool.

    @emily - Thanks hun! And thx for the comment too! so exciting on the new baby! Congrats on your pregnancy. Hope you are feeling good :)

  18. WOW, Shannon!!! I don't knit, but I am super-impressed. I want one :) So, so cute and Mack is A-dorable (with a capital A). Wonderful job!!

  19. Wow. crazy timing, Shannon. I just blogged yesterday that I needed a cowl pattern for my girlie and then I see you posted this! So wonderful, thank you!

  20. I'm a bit confused about the pattern. From the picture, it looks like a K2, P2 ribbing. If knitting in the round, the instructions seem to create a basketweave or box-like stitch. What am I missing? Thanks.

  21. @Anonymous - Thank you so much for pointing that out. you are right, it should be knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches each round. I fixed the pattern above and will be uploading a new pdf with the correction.
    Thank you so much for pointing that out...much appreciated :)

  22. Lovely for sure! Is there a video somewhere of this yard held double? ♥

  23. Beautiful Children!!!!!! I love the patterns, they're getting better and better! Wish I had them when my girls were young. Thank you for sending them.


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