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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

this is a bit of a fun post for me today!  i did something i've never done before.  i wrote out a little knitting pattern.  now...first off, i am by no means a knitting designer.  i simply just couldn't find what i was looking for on ravelry after hours of hunting.  i had a skein of the yarn i used for the gap-tastic cowl left over and was dying to whip up another cowl with it.  i wanted something warm, not too long (take flight off the girls..wink wink), but not too short (needed to cover my v-neck top openings) and i wanted texture but a quick knit.  i was also looking for something that had a bit of drape but was also sturdy enough to stand up on it's own.  i sketched out the illustration beside the pattern below and voila, the carefree cowl was born!  i love it and it's rolly polly goodness. my newest cowl was made for our carefree cowl knitalong.

now, none of you may want to make this and that's ok :)  i simply thought hey, i wrote it out while i was knitting it so i could make it again if i liked it and i like it so what's the fun in keeping it to myself...we like to share around the mommyhood here.  so here's the little pattern if you would like to make one for yourself.  i also named it the carefree cowl because i was feeling very carefree when i wrote up the pattern.  it's something i've never done before and i just winged it and boy was it fun!  i hope you guys have fun with it!

Carefree Cowl Pattern

***Copyright 2011
All rights reserved. For personal use only. Please do not sell items made from this tutorial unless permission has been given.

* Download pdf now.  Pattern notes and more can be found on the ravelry pattern page here.

Yarn: 1 Skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, 108yds/170grams
Needle: 6.00mm 24"Circular
Gauge:  8sts=4inches
This cowl could be made at more than one gauge.  Switch up the yarn and the needle size, add on more stitches to make a longer cowl that could be worn wrapped as well just take care to make sure you cast on an even number.  I think the stitch pattern could look lovely on all sorts of weights of yarn and needle size.  So get carefree and whip one up to suit your stash and drape preferences.
Finished Measurement: 8.5"H x 27"W (full loop unstretched)
Abbreviations:  YO=Yarn Over K2TOG=Knit 2 stitches together knitwise.

 Cast on  loosely 64sts using the long tail cast on method. Join in the round being careful not to twist stitches.  Place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of your round.
Rounds1-4: Knit.
Round 5: Purl.
Rounds 6-8: Knit
Round 9: Purl
Rounds 10-12: Knit
Round 13: Purl
Rounds 14 & 15: Knit
Round 16: YO, K2TOG* repeat to end of round ending with a K2TOG.
Rounds 17 & 18: Knit
Round 19: Purl
Rounds 20-22: Knit
Round 23: Purl
Rounds 24-26: Knit
Round 27: Purl
Rounds 28-30: Knit
Round 31: Purl
Bind off very loosely. Weave in ends and sport your cowl!

so exciting and fun!  i'm having such a wonderful time with this kal and you guys are AHHHHMAZING!  i cannot believe how gorgeous all of your cowls are and how supportive and helpful you have all been to each other.  so much so that a lot of you are on your 3rd and 4th cowls too!  you guys rock!!!!  i'm definitely going to be doing a post showing off all your handiwork on the blog very soon.

for those of you who are wanting to join in our carefree cowl knit along and haven't yet there is still time!  you can join in anytime before the deadline which is november the 9th.  sign up here:

and you can follow along with all things "carefree cowl knit along" here:

feel free to add any pics you like to the flickr group and the ravelry thread.  we love seeing your progress, yarn pics and finished items! it's been so exciting watching all your lovely cowls being made! happy knitting my dears :)  make sure you head over to my partner in crime - rebecca's blog "nook" to check out her fabulous bandana cowl! so pretty!

and don't forget to pop over and show some love to our carefree cowl knit along sponsor:
jen geigley is the stylish designer behind the "gap-tastic cowl" pattern so many of us love!

and yep, i'm sporting another bun in the pics above...this mama's got bad hair happening daily right now and that's why she's headed to the hairdressers tonight to get fixed up.  i mean, dirty, grown out, filled with baby food hair is just not matter how you try to style it.  how have your cowls been coming along?  are any of you non knitters out there thinking about joining in?  a cowl is a great beginner project to start with! show off your cowls and link up below!


  1. i love it!!! i so want to make it! thanks for sharing the pattern too. xoxo also, i really, really love your coat. xo

  2. Oh my goodness! I love it! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I have to go join the KAL since I am on my 4th cowl since reading about your KAL. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. I've moved on to creating knitted items for the shop and waiting for my "Audrey" yarn. The KAL reinstilled confidence in my knitting skills and the push I needed to expand the variety of my shop items.

    Sometimes lacking a resource can spark creativity in the best way, right! Cute cowl, great job!

  4. dude, i swear this is creepy, cause i had picked, in an aran colourway the thermis to knit for the 'red duffel' that i have been searching for, for years and, finally found.

    love the cowl :)

  5. I really wish I could knit! Such a cute cowl.

  6. you are awesome! I wish I had time to knit anymore.

  7. Wow, this is beautiful Shannon! You look gorgeous and the cowl is so so lovely. I was going to leave a comment and ask your opinion about an easy knit for a beginner like me. I think I will try this one. Thank you so much for sharing. Gorgeous!

  8. yay! how cute it turned out! I'm making great progress on my gaptastic cowl and *should* have it done by next week :) Thanks again for organizing the KAL and inspiring me to join in!

  9. Adorable! Looks SO perfect with the wonderful red coat.

  10. guys are the best! thanks for making me feel good on this rainy drizzly day! Perfect weather for rocking cowls! I'm glad you all like it! I can't wait to see if someone makes one :)

  11. Omg Shannon, so cute!!! I want to go out and buy some thick n' quick just to make this! And BTW, I am freaking. out. over your red coat, srsly! Dang, I wish I had seen this earlier, I was AT Michaels and the yarn is on sale...will have to go there tomorrow, LOL.

  12. Awesome job Shannon, and I always love your drawings too. You may think you're not a designer, but I think otherwise!

  13. You are sooo cute You did such a beautiful job Love and God Bless Gina from cape cod

  14. You are too cute Shannon! Great job on designing this cowl, which does indeed make you a knitwear designer! I'm definitely going to knit this. 1. because it's adorable, and 2. because it came from you and that makes it special. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I knitted my first cowl following your tutorial last night, and started another. Thanks for this tutorial - I know what I'm making for several people for Christmas now! I'm even making one for my daughter who will not wear a scarf. HA!
    Thanks for sharing, Barb

  16. Look at you, designing a knitting pattern!! Well done, girl! It's a gorgeous cowl and your pattern writing skills are great. Now I just wish I had time to make one!!


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