weekend wishes

Friday, July 8, 2011

to swim in a warm turquoise lake...

to definitely do this...

find & wear scarves more...

Source: ffffound.com via Joy on Pinterest

to lay on a hammock...

Source: tumblr.com via Cassie on Pinterest

to find time to do some yoga...

to sit on the beach and daydream...

to make sure to remember to relax...

Source: etsy.com via Kat on Pinterest

to have a picnic...

and to work on my embroidery skills.

my weekend wishes have a bit of theme this week don't they...lol.  looks like i need to seriously unwind, relax, destress, and take it easy.  all hard things for a mother to do right ladies?  i'm going to do my best though.  after the last few months of stress i'm ready for some easy days.  i'm wishing you all the same.

here's to long summer nights, sleeping children, time with our loved ones, warm lakes, breezy ocean beaches, lemonade, knitting in the sunshine, laughter, snuggles and the warmth of the sun.  see you all on monday!

what are your weekend wishes?  you doing anything relaxing?  if you could relax sans kids what would you choose to do?  share...share...i'm in the mood to gab :)


  1. just reading your post is giving me a moment of relaxation. thank you! with battling this bad cold this week, and trying to keep up with regular demands of our little family, i'm beat. i've promised to take owen out to the park this morning, and i need a serious kick in the butt to actually do it. haha i'd really rather sleep ;)

  2. I will take that weekend please!

  3. Perfection. Thanks for lifting my spirits. I'm going to pretend I'm sitting on that picnic blanket right now.

  4. hello!
    i just "found" you yesterday. I love this post! :)

    for this weekend I plan on: sleep!
    nurse my girls back to health.
    snuggle my hubby.
    go out w/ another couple on a double date :)

    and WORSHIP the FATHER on Sunday!

    be blessed!

  5. These sound like wonderful weekend wishes. Hope you achieve all of you goals.

  6. I just made my first batch of jam of the summer with cherries we picked up on our drive through the Okanagan and tomorrow we're off to the farmer's market (hopefully for more cherries)...mmm mmm, drunken cherries.
    Hope you are getting that peace and relaxation!

  7. That picnic picture looks so delightful! I'd love to curl up on that picnic blanket ... maybe all by myself. :) Hope you have a chance to unwind this weekend.

  8. Yay!! I can comment again! I've been having issues with Blogger, but I think it's fixed :)
    (nothing relevant to say, unfortunately)

  9. Erin - Yipee! Nice to have you back!

    glad everyone liked the pics...they helped me feel relaxed too :) Wish could have all gone on that picnic...so lovely!

    Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


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