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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

 so we've had a post on choosing your yarns but what about buying them?  if any of you are like me yarn shopping is super fun but it can also be intimidating.  depending on the environment, the staff, the ambiance and of course the price all these things can affect what and how you choose your yarn.

in our ravelry group thread for the summer sweater knit along we've been discussing what our fave online shops are for picking up lovely & yummy yarns for great prices so we decided a fun post would be in order so we can all weigh in on our faves!

so my questions to all you folks are......

1)  what is your favorite online yarn shop to buy from?

2) do you buy from large online retailers or small etsy shops?

3) do you prefer to buy online or in a brick/mortar shop?

4) what is your favorite brick/mortar shop to splurge in?

5) where is your go to place for super deals on scrumptious yarns?

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i was going to do a poll up but it didn't work right for the questions so i thought you guys could leave me a comment answering the questions you would like to and i'll lovingly compile them all into a great post next week with resources for all our fave places to feed our habit :P

on a separate note i couldn't resist showing you all one of the first completed sweaters from our summer sweater knit along.  this one comes from the talented knitter & sewer - sandra from the blog three pumkins little.  you can see her post on her KAL project here and find her ravelry page here.  the sweater pattern she did was the gorgeous "narrangasett" by designer thea colman.  don't you think she did a fabulous job! so stunning!  i'm so in love with all the warm and cozy tones in her pics as well.  fabulous job sandra!  she's already on her 2nd sweater for the KAL! you go girl!

i don't know about you ladies but i'm always up for finding a new yarn let's get hopping and let's get shopping!!  

*all conversations about the KAL can be found in our luvinthemommyhood ravelry group thread here.  you can find all the previous KAL posts here.  it's never too late to join in!  you can also friend me on under luvinthemommyhooddon't forget to email me if you blog about your KAL project, i love seeing how yours is going.

and don't forget to show our lovely summer sweater knit along sponsors some love!!

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  1. 1) what is your favorite online yarn shop to buy from? well there is a large list! Lets see here are a few: Knit Picks, Webs, Spinning Loft, Into the Whirled,

    2) do you buy from large online retailers or small etsy shops? depends on the project! I really like to support small shops when I can!

    3) do you prefer to buy online or in a brick/mortar shop?
    Its about half/half. I both buy online and in person. I love good deals and many times those are only one place or the other!

    4) what is your favorite brick/mortar shop to splurge in?

    I always spurge in Muse Yarns and Arts in St. Helena California. I love her collection, and she will special order yarn and supplies for me!

    5) where is your go to place for super deals on scrumptious yarns? ETSY! Muse and sometimes Dizzy Sheep has good daily deals!

  2. Seeing that sweater just makes me more and more determined to learn to knit, but crocheting is just sooo much easier to me *hmph*

    Looking forward to the yarn shops post. I found a local store I want to check out but haven't been yet - I haven't ventured into the world of online buying because I don't really know where to start :) My skill level had not yet been where I was willing to spend extra bucks so I was a Michael's yarn shopper.

  3. 1. I've never bought yarn online but I buy all of my needles and accessories form Knit Picks, I love their products and their affordability!!!

    3. I much prefer to buy from brick & mortar shops, I'm really visual and hands on, I don't think I could chose a yarn without seeing it in person (choosing colour and content would be impossible for me).

    4. I have a soft spot for The Button & Needlework Boutique, they carry the best of the best, wandering around in there is such a treat. And Anna and Mike are so passionate and excited about yarn, it's the reason I keep going back!

    5. This is going to sound sad but I think I'm too picky for deals, rarely is my absolute first choice on sale and I'm not willing to compromise... I do however stick to a budget, it has to be reasonable.

  4. Just checked the mailbox and guess what, my yarn for the KAL finally arrived!!!! yippee!!

    I've ordered from Knitpicks before and i like thier yarn and accessories good quality and very affordable.

    The Malabrigio I'm using for my KAL sweater i ordered from Eat Sleep Knit
    - free shipping to US/Canada for orders over $75 and you can earn free yarn depending on the amount of yards you buy - they call it Yarn Marathon. you must check it out!

    I would really prefer to buy my yarn in person but there isn't a shop near me. The closest is 45min away in the city - Romni Wools. Honestly, this place is yarn heaven on earth they have 6000 square feet of yarn! It would definitely require a mummy day off to attend.

  5. 1. I've never bought yarn online - I'm kind of a wimp about it.
    2. I'd prefer to support smaller shops but because of the above reasoning...
    3. Brick and mortar
    4. I like The Knitting Room here in Calgary but I wouldn't say I have a favourite shop.
    5. Well maybe it's not the most scrumptious wool but I like using Michael's coupons for Paton's Classic Wool and Lion's Brand Fisherman's Wool.
    Wow, this list has made me feel a little sad - I have pretty dull wool buying habit - I'm hoping your compiled lists will inspire a little wool buying adventure!

  6. 1. I've bought from Purl Soho, Loop Yarn, and the Loopy Ewe. I was impressed by all of them, and would and still do order from them.
    2. I love the uniqueness and variety of the small shops, so I try to do all my shopping through them.
    3. I love b&m, but there's only one true yarn store here where I live. I really rely on revelry reviews for yarns that I buy online.
    4. Twisted Yarns is near my mom's house in Houston, TX and I luurrv going there! I can also do some damage at the Fiber Gallery in Seattle.
    5. I don't have a place for deals. : / Maybe I should so I wouldn't spend so much money!!

  7. 1. The Loopy Ewe. Hands down! Sherri and the Elves seem to send out yarn before you can even enter your credit card number it seems!

    2. I try to do a mix, but prefer smaller, indie dyers when it fits my budget. I definitely avoid big box brick and mortar stores though

    3. We only recently got an LYS with a good selection of coveted yarns like everything Malabrigo as well as local yarns, which is GREAT. As the selection grows, I think I will be spending far more at A Grand Skein than online

    4. I would LOVE to splurge in Habu Textiles or Purl Soho the next time I am in NYC

    5) I must confess, I have no good secrets for deals!

  8. I'm not an avid yarn-er, but so far I've bought from Yarn Country quite happily. I just wish online stores would roll your yarn into balls before shipping on request.

  9. I wish I had more local options, but being an hour from the city and having 3 young kids - I rarely take time to go and suffer that experience. Recently I've used a fair bit. Looking forward to your post on this much needed info!

  10. 1) I have purchased online from Knit Picks, Patternworks and Ravelry...all good experiences

    2) I have yet to buy yarn from an etsy shop and honestly I haven't bought a lot of yarn online

    3) I don't prefer b&m over online because both have benefits. Things I love about b&m's you get to talk to people, touch the yarn and the instant gratification of taking it home immediately. Drawbacks, price usually plus for me with 5 kids there is the shopping part that is involved. What I love about online shopping is price variables, more options in colors for different weights...let's be honest a b&m has space issues so they won't buy every color under the sun in every yarn, they pick the most popular colors...but I tend to like to try odd color combinations so online that is great. Drawbacks, shipping costs and waiting for you yarn to come.

    4) Favorite Yarn shops: In Stitches, Deer Park, Washington; A Grand Yarn, Spokane, Washington; Sew EZ Too, Spokane, Washington

    5) where is your go to place for super deals on scrumptious yarns? Ravelry! Oh my goodness I couldn't believe that no one had posted this yet. This makes me think you might not know how to do this. So here is the big scoop. Search for the yarn you're looking for, say Cascade 220 then when the yarn pops up you click the tab 'stashes' (there is a number in front of it telling you how many people have stashed the yarn). Then there is a drop-down menu for Status change it to 'Will Trade or Sell' then it will show you all the people willing to trade or sell that yarn that they have stashed. We've all bought yarn that didn't work out, or we bought too much yarn and this is the place to get rid of it. Sometimes the shipping is included in the cost, sometimes is like a giant garage sale of yarn from different people. I think you can even search by dye lots so if you ran out of yarn and need a specific dye lot...check here.

    My next favorite place to score yarn is the thrift store! Now, you can't count on it and no I'm not talking about recycling a sweater already knit (though that is fun to do too). Oddly enough there are people who don't realize what good yarn is and give it to the local thrift make sure you always check it out. Just a couple months ago I snagged a child's sweaters worth of 100% wool for $2.50!

  11. that finished sweater is just gorgeous.

  12. @Passionate Design

    Great tip on buying from Ravelry stashes!

    I just started knitting last year, and while I don't have a grand yarn budget, I was shocked when we moved and I had a large garbage bag full of yarn already! We've got one LYS in Redding, CA - Sew What! - but I'd love to visit The Wooly Ewe in Plano when I visit my parents next. I haven't bought yarn online, I really like to touch and feel. Knit Picks seems to have a great selection though. I've gotten most of my yarn at JoAnn's or a LYS that recently went OOB :(.

  13. What an unexpected treat to come back from vacation to see my sweater on your gorgeous blog (I'm beyond flattered!)--I highly recommend the pattern and the yarn (The Plucky Knitter Merino Lite).

    I have only been knitting a year and had to fit my yarn purchases into an already stretched craft budget, so I'm thrilled to see this topic!

    1) what is your favorite online yarn shop to buy from? I third the Ravelry stash comment...have been able to pick up several project's worth of yarn for great prices. Also, I love and

    2) do you buy from large online retailers or small etsy shops? Both. Have bought from Webs for larger projects (like their volume discount), (sometimes their closeouts cannot be beat--but if dye lots matter, I usually check w/ customer service to see if they have enough). My fave Etsy shops are Madelinetosh & The Plucky Knitter (Etsy shop is sjdimond4437) but her updates are lightning fast so I usually just shop Rav stashes. Another tip is if there is an Indy shop you like, join the Ravelry group. There will usually be a destash thread within each group where members go first to announce a destash.

    3) do you prefer to buy online or in a brick/mortar shop? I prefer B&M but it's just not as practical for me w/ the three kidlets running around so I buy most online.

    4) what is your favorite brick/mortar shop to splurge in? Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA = Love.

    5) where is your go to place for super deals on scrumptious yarns? I have found it helpful to join the Rav groups for the shops I like to find about sales. & are hard to beat if they have the yarn you want. Also, Also, I consider Gayla at my "online LYS"...fab service and great deals during sales. Last, watch out for Groupons for LYS--you can make your own sale that way!

  14. my favourite yarn store is both online and brick & mortar (though it is a 2 hour drive from home so not frequented often!) called Bendigo Woollen Mills in Victoria, Australia. The wool is amazing quality, fabulous prices - $12 for 200g (AUS) and locally made. I can be careful or splurge and they have a very dangerous bargain room which is only available to bricks and mortar shoppers.

  15. 1) what is your favorite online yarn shop to buy from? hmm. i've bought from purlsoho, thesanguinegryphon (sock yarn), and jimmybeanswool. i loved buying from each of them and have done so multiple times.

    2) do you buy from large online retailers or small etsy shops? i don't know if any of those three count as large online retailers. haven't bought from an etsy shop yet.

    3) do you prefer to buy online or in a brick/mortar shop? i prefer b&m because i like to be able to touch and see. but it's not entirely practical when the LYS have a very limited selection of manufacturers. and some of my favorite brands, e.g. the sanguine gryphon, do no sell through b&m stores.

    4) what is your favorite brick/mortar shop to splurge in? i like to give all my LYS love! so shout outs to a good yarn, lovelyarn, and cloverhill yarn shops all in baltimore!

    5) where is your go to place for super deals on scrumptious yarns?
    jimmybeanswool and purlsoho for their sales - fantastic!


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