Winner of the Knitbot/Hannah Fettig Pattern Giveaway!!! (and some thoughts)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

we've got a winner of the knitbot/hannah fettig pattern giveaway but first i have to say that i had other things planned to post about as well today but if any of you have been watching the news or are hockey fans you would know what i was up late glued to the tv watching.  i'm embarrassed, ashamed and mortified by the behaviour of some idiotic people destroying and rioting vancouver last night after the vancouver canucks lost the stanley cup.  it was bad enough we lost (insert my tears...i'm devastated) but to top it off by humiliating vancouver, the province and the country?  what the heck people?  you could tell the main group of people doing most of the damage had planned this, i mean who goes to the hockey game equipped with bombs???  it was sad to sit and watch one of the most beautiful cities that is very dear to my heart get trashed by some drunk animals.

the scariest part was people just seemed to get more and more excited as it went on!  they had no fear, honestly.  cars were exploding, fires set, serious looting and the tear gas...oh the tear gas.  all of this was going on right near where we used to live and i could only imagine the smell especially with a baby!  so instead of wishing i was in vancouver watching the canucks i was finally happy i was in quiet victoria watching the tv safe at home.

so sorry folks, no special posts today.  but you won't mind....cause i've got the winner of the knitbot giveaway to announce.  want to know who won???

our first winner was:

Monica said... [Reply to comment] 177
I'm already an avid reader of luvinthemommyhood, and signed up as a follower a while back

and our second winner was....

house full of jays said... [Reply to comment] 40
Ooo, exciting! So many exciting patterns! I would choose the Effortless, Wispy and Calligraphy cardigan patterns.

congratulations you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  you both get to choose 3 patterns of your choice!  woot woot!  lucky ladies!  thanks to all of you who entered and a big thank you to hannah for the wonderful giveaway in support of our summer sweater knit along!

knitbot is our premier sponsor for the summer sweater knit along and because hannah is so sweet she's offering all you lovely luvinthemommyhood readers 25% off all her "knitbot" patterns (only) for the month of june!  simply use the ravelry coupon code: luvinthemommyhood to get your discount!  so go pop over to ravelry and get your knit on ladies!

you can find more hannah fettig and knitbot here on ravelry and also on her website here

were any of you glued to the tv last night due to the riots?  are you in vancouver or on vancouver island?  do you think there could have been a bit more police involvement?  did the looting really have to happen?  i'd love to chat about it.


  1. I really REALLY wish I was a better knitter.

  2. I live in Vancouver and am completely embarrassed and disgusted at the behaviour last night after the game. I'm also horrified that I live with people like this in my city! (seriously, what do these people do in their 'regular' lives?) The sad thing is that I feel like these people would have probably rioted even if the Canucks had won. They just wanted to riot. They looked obsessed! Scary! Aside from the destruction of our beautiful city, I feel for the people who were downtown just to watch the game and got caught up in this mess. Ugh! Btw, I didn't know you were in Victoria. Love it there!

  3. I'm a Canadian {living in Texas} and I was so disappointed by what went on last night. But every Canadian I know was equally disappointed. It's sad to see such a great city destroyed by nonsense.

    I had no idea you live in Victoria ... another favorite city of mine!

  4. I wish I could say something positive. Something fantastically perfect that would make up for the destruction but words just can repair things like that.

    I believe wholeheartedly that it didn't HAVE to happen but now that it did I hope that not just the Canadian Government but all Countries involved in sporting events of this magnitude take a look at their plans for responding to this type of destructive reaction.

    I imagine Melissa is right in that the rioting would have happened either way. I pray that the people responsible for instigating the riot will be found and held to restitution for the damage done.

    Hope the week goes better for you Shannon.


  5. My husband was at the game and he said everyone attending was supportive, respectful and proud. A little disappointed too. Okay a lot disappointed. But still proud. Go Canucks go! That Boston goalie is a wall!
    I am so upset by the destruction and mayhem outside in the streets. So deplorable.
    On a positive note hundreds of people showed up to clean up downtown today. Go Vancouver go! I hope the people who caused this destruction are turned in, humiliated and made to pay for their senseless destruction. I hope the rest of the world knows this was a small group of people and not the real Vancouver.

  6. First of all let me say YAY, I WON!!! i never, seriously, never win.
    As to what happened in Vancouver it is really disappointing that a group of thugs manages to have such an effect and create such a situation. These are obviosuly not real hockey-fans. It is sad that we now have such a negative reputation.

  7. I came home to Vancouver to visit my parents with my little ones and was so excited to be here for the Stanley Cup Final. Was. I am so sad for what happened to our city. I feel embarrassed and even complicit as a fan of the Canucks. I hate that I feel this way.
    I had blogged about my excitement for game 7 pre-riot and am overwhelmed by how kind and concerned everyone has been in their responses.
    I am still a huge fan of both the Canucks and Vancouver and look forward to feeling proud of both again.

  8. Woo hoo! Look what I missed while we were on the road yesterday. So happy I won - even with my rather lame comment (could you tell I was excited?). Thanks!
    We were so looking forward to driving through Vancouver (quite possibly my fave place in the world) on our way to your beautiful island. Boy was I mad not to mention ashamed to read about what happened. So disappointing.


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