Sunburst Pillow Tutorial from Guest Anna of Noodlehead!

Friday, April 8, 2011

ohhhhhh, i love me a good pillow! i especially love me a pillow when it's anna's of the addictive & oh, so inspiring blog noodlehead. anna is a pillow addict, a kick ass sewer, a busy mom, and another one of my fave bloggy pals.

here's an example of what is usually a regular email from me to anna:

Hi anna,
You are ahhhmmmmaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!
blah blah blah blah...blubbery blah.....ahhhhhmazing!!!!!!! blah blah blah amazing!!!

i seriously think i need just a standard anna email/comment that i can just repost over and over again to her. she blows me away with her fabric choices - this girl's got an eye! i couldn't resist filling this post up with anna pillows and all her other amazing goodies and tutorials.

what i wouldn't give for her stash! she quilts, she sews, she designs patterns ....ahhhhhmmmmazing (sorry, couldn't resist) she's a sweetheart to boot.

so let's all get ready to add some sunburst style to our comfy homes! here's anna...

Hey there luvinthemommyhooders! It's me Anna, from noodlehead. So glad Shannon asked me to join in today in the Comfy Sews vs. Cozy Knits battle. Even though I've been lured into the Cozy Knits side, I haven't taken time to learn how to knit or crochet yet, so for me I'm with the Comfy Sews!

How about a Comfy Sew for your home? Maybe something for on a chair, your couch, or your bed? Well, today I want to show you a really fun pillow to make. It's made of really soft and pretty linen with a sunburst of pin tucks! Simple and elegant and modern.

OMG! i am dying over these! so gorgeous! click here if you want the full tute!


  1. seriously shannon, you're so sweet! thanks for having me over today. :)

  2. yummmmmmmmm
    or should i say
    aaaaahhhhhmaaaaazing!!! ;D

  3. I also think Anna is amazing. I especially like the hosta leaf quilt blocks you showed above.

    This tutorial is a 'must-do' I think. I love the clean lines of the sunburst across the length of the pillow.

    Thanks Anna! And thanks Shannon!

  4. Is the tutorial up? I keep getting bounced back and forth between "click here for my tutorial" and "check out this tutorial from Noodlehead", but I have yet to find the tutorial. :( I REALLY REALLY want to try this. Please oh please oh please help. :)

  5. @RaeYou have to go to the link is at the end of the post above. Not sure where you're getting bounced around. Sorry about that :)


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