weekend wishes

Friday, February 25, 2011

to get caught up on my knitting...

to feel the WARM sun on my face after all this cold snow...

to share with you soon why i've been digging owls...

to one day have a yarn stash that looks like this...

to find some more doilies and make one of these...i'm so in love with it...

image source (via pinterest)

to have a nap here...

to hang some of these lovelies up in my sewing area...

to figure out how the heck to make one of these and eat it...

and to make you smile cause it feels like it's been a long week.

did ya smile? yeah? good :) cheesy, i know, but cute regardless. it's been a long week for me. feels like one of those weeks that just drags on and on. oh well...the weekend can only get better right? we've got some of our best friends coming from out of town to visit this weekend and we are super excited to see them so most of my time will be spent hanging and catching up with them. i've got a few projects that i have to finish up for a baby shower a friend and i are throwing. i can't wait to show you all the pics but it's going to have to wait because the new mom is a friend of mine who reads the blog and i wouldn't want to give away any of the surprises....right amy?

i've been finding myself fixated on finding doilies at the moment. for some strange reason though i can never seem to find any good ones at my local thrift shops and when i do it's at value village and they are charging way too much for what they are. i have so many projects i want to make right now with doilies.....so i'm sending it out there doilies, wherever you are hiding in some dusty salvation army - peek your head out and say hello ok? i'll give you a nice new home! my fave one that i've been holding onto on my inspiration board is now being stitched onto one of my throw pillows (pics to come soon). now i need to find another one for the other pillow. do you guys heart doilies too?

i think this weekend will be the first time i really am going to miss cable. the oscars are on right? it's going to be weird not sitting in front of the tv ooohing and ahhing over the oscars. i love oscar night. you'll watch for me right?

what are you up to this weekend? any items you're hoping to find thrifting that have been evading you? have any exciting oscar plans? have a wonderful, relaxing, sunshine filled & yummy cookie eating weekend!


  1. I'm pretty sure you already know that I'm feeling the doily love right now ;) I am pretty sure I can find them for cheap, now if I can only get my tush thrift store shopping! If I hit the jackpot I might just have to send you some.
    That donut seeds made me grin all right. My great-grandpa used to give plain original cheerios to his dog as a snack, he called them Doggie Donuts. The little boston terrier would dance for them, it was adorable.

  2. Okay Shannon I did a tiny bit of research and I hope it works out for you like it did for me...it should since it is entirely on the internet. For that cookie lid on the tea mug I went to the link and much to my dismay discovered that my Italian is a bit rusty and couldn't translate it properly ;)

    I knew that there was a way to translate the entire post so I hopped on bing, found Google Translate and BAM! with a couple clicks of the mouse I copied the blog link into Google Translate, hit translate and the whole site came up in english...not perfect but you can definitely get the gist of the post.

    Good luck...perhaps I'll try it too since it makes a lot of sense to me now and my family is coming in to visit so for a couple days the adults won't be out numbered :) Buffy

  3. Hi you:) this post was worth the wait:) I love your weekend wishes:)
    I've been reallly into owls too right now! I wonder why you have?! Did you make some?! :) can't wait to know;)
    Miss you!
    Have a happy weekend with friends:)

  4. I'm just wishing for a little sleep! My newborn seems to have her days and nights mixed up at the moment :( Im trying to wake her up during the day, not and easy thing to do with a newborn!! On the bright side though, I'm pretty sure she's surpassed her birthweight, which is awesome because she's not even 2 weeks yet!!

  5. I found a super cool doily at my local sally ann in nanaimo. It looks like pinwheels. I Love it!

    PS - I am very jealous of your baby shower friend! Wish you were my baby shower throwing friend ;)

  6. oooh i'd love some donut seeds pleeese. my little 5yr old man would love to help plant these seeds!
    we have my aunt, uncle and parents for dinner tomorrow and sunday we are meeting at a friends to make this http://www.viamichelin.co.uk/img/mag6/flvplayer.swf?file=http://download.viamichelin.com/videomag/gbr/Poularde-Noel_VOSTEN_FLV.flv&autostart=true&fs=true
    ....they have a huge wood burning outside oven. also nice jamon serrano, roasted artichokes, and my yummmmmy tiramisu. just praying the weather holds. hope you all have a great weekend whatever you're up to.

  7. I'm getting so excited for this baby shower!! Jasper and I are so lucky to have you and Bex for friends. I can't think of two more fabulously creative people in my life, and I know I'm going to be blown away by your thoughtfulness.

    I'm hoping to catch the Oscars, but we'll see if the kiddos and their noisiness let that happen. Cookies this weekend: brilliant idea.

  8. I'm a huge doily lover and get lucky every so often. I have the most luck at estate and garage sales. Most of mine I soaked in fabric stiffener and hang them in the windows with fishing line during Christmas and the rest of winter.
    I'm super excited about tomorrow because my BFF is coming over for a crafty sleepover! Once we get our toddlers in bed we're going to spend the whole night sewing/crocheting/girl talking/etc. Is it weird to have a sleepover at the age of 28? Not that I care, of course :)

  9. okay, so I thought I was the only one having fits over owls lately. My newly adopted daughter is learning sign language. When she signs owl its supposed to be circles made with your fingers held over your eyes. She wears thick pink glasses when not wearing her contacts and ends up holding the "finger circles" up on her forehead.... oooh ooh she says. SOOOOOO adorable. sounds like your weekend plans are perfect. so far so good over here.

  10. I love your weekend wishes, they always make me smile!

  11. We love watching the oscars. Dave always prints of a voting sheet and we have a "contest" to see who guesses the most correct. We've never come up with a good prize though....

  12. Hi I'm becky, I found ur blog from the "run and play" blog, and I love it! I read it all the time cause its "happy" thanks :) I was so inspired by your "pyrex" post that I did a little thrifting this weekend myslef, yay! You're right, it does make me happy every time I look at it :)


  13. Hi, I'm Martina, the owner of Trattoria da Martina I'm happy you like the cookie lids I made....If you have any question on how to make them you can contact me and I will help you.... You can find my mail address in the right column of my blog....bye, Martina

  14. Do you have any idea on how to do that dolies? I tryed to have a look at the site you linked but there is nothing concerning that doily baloon

  15. I want to know how to make the doilie balloony thing too! It looks so fabulous and would make fantastic decorations in a future sewing room! :)

  16. i LOVE the framed vintage patterns. i have all my moms childrens patterns that she used to make clothes for us, and they are just tucked in a drawer while my walls are boring and blank! thank you thank you for adding that beautiful photo this weekend! :)

  17. Thanks for all of your comments everyone! Love hearing from all of you.

    I've been hunting for the actual diy of that doily lamp and haven't had any success yet which is weird that the link doesn't take us to anything. I'm going off another source so I'm still hunting. Here's some links to other goodies though to tide you over that are very similar:

  18. Big thank you to sue @ polliwogs in bloom (http://www.polliwogsinbloom.blogspot.com/) for finding the doily light tutorial! Here's the link folks (I also updated it in the post).



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