knee highs & leg warmers patterns - top 10 roundup

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

as soon as i get harper's hat finished my next knitting project on the list is some leg warmers or knee highs to wear under my boots. it's chilly here right now with all the rain and i wear my boots almost everyday right now. since i was on a hunt for the perfect knit pattern to make i thought it would be a fun roundup to put together especially since one of my fave fashion blogs "kendie everyday" wears hers so fabulously! she is honestly one of my fave fashionistas & i find her outfits each day very inspiring.

along with kendie's fab outifts here are some other images of knit leg warmers & knee highs from my pinterest board that i used for inspiration for gathering my roundup.

images via pinterest

are you feeling ready to grab your needles and get knitting? let's get those legs all cozied up! here's my top 10 picks for knit leg warmer and knee high patterns.

1. legwarmers from amy butler's book "midwest modern knits".

1. super easy leg warmers from the book "last minute knitted gifts" by joelle hoverson

1. whitby stockings from the book "vintage modern knits"

or sew some up using these links:

- sewn leg warmers or knee high socks from leggings from megan nielsen
- leg warmers with buttons
- how to sew diy knee high sock hold ups

readers faves:

- fresco leg warmers
- cottage slipper socks
- twisted ankles

do you have a favorite knee high or leg warmer pattern or tutorial? let's link up! leave a comment with your fave and a link and i'll add them in to the roundup :)

p.s. you can find most of these patterns on and you can friend me on there under "imstitched".


  1. I think I need to get me some needles and learn how to knit now! My feet are endlessly cold!

  2. Okay..I'm inspired! These are so cute :)

  3. I definitely prefer the knee high socks over leg warmers. I loved leg warmers in the 80's but when it came back in style I guess I felt like I was to old to do it again.


  4. I make these all the time for my daughter. Never once considered making some for myself. GENIUS. It's an ah-ha light bulb moment. Thanks tons!

  5. I will admit I've never made them but they are on the wish list to knit. Fresco Leg Warmers by Pam Allen (ravelry link: )

    I actually don't think the project picture does the pattern justice as it is in the book.

    Now I just want to start a new project (as if I need any more)

  6. I love the roundup! Thanks for sharing your finds with us! I made the cottage socks from Lion Brand last year - crocheted version. Very cute! Would love to make some of these knit ones though!

  7. Cyn - I'll bet you'll love it!! You should give it a try, it's lots of fun :)

    Amanda - Glad you're inspired.

    Mary Janes - I agree...I haven't worn a pair of leg warmers yet, but seeing them all over now is making me want to wear some.

    Liz - The knee highs are great for under boots especially when you're wearing a skirt. Nice and toasty warm.

    Buffy - Thanks for sharing a pattern my dear. I added it in and yes, I hear ya about another list is so big it's giving me nightmares..haha.

    Megan - Yours turned out fab! so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ok--first, I have to admit I've totally been a lurker for forever. I love your site and totally dig the round-ups. I simply have to know about the socks in the bottom right corner of your Pintrest collage. Do you know if there's a pattern for those anywhere? Those are absolutely delicious and look like they would keep my always cold feet nice and toasty!

  9. @Esther L. Esther, those are super adorable! Thanks for your comment! The pattern for the socks is the same one Megan (who commented before you) made. They are the Cottage Slipper Socks and can be found here:
    and you can read more about the person who made the ones in the picture and drool over all of her lovely handknits here on her flickr page:

    Glad you enjoy the blog! That's so sweet of you.

  10. So lovely! Dang, though, so many tiny stitches! knitting makes my ADD scream like that famous painting. I think I will just lust from afar. I like knitting for when I'm trapped in one place. I thought I'd be doing some knitting when Olivia was born but she is just not a cuddler like Nicole was, she's much happier in her swing than cuddling, if she's in my lap she wants me to hold her up so she can wriggle and try stand and such. Crazed infant! Crazed!

  11. My very, very favorite that I WILL knit someday! Twisted Ankles:

  12. I have several pairs of legwarmers in my queue on Ravelry. If I just had the time to get to them....

  13. I am in love! I really need to learn how to knit more than just scarves and blankets. Thanks for posting all those awesome patterns. I'm sure we don't get nearly as cold here in PA as you do up there on Vancouver Island, but my tootsies are in need of something cozy and knitted!

    And also wanted to share, that during those late night feedings, I have been reading through you older posts. I love them! Thanks for keeping me company =)

  14. What a great post! I've had some leg warmers on a "to knit" list, and this makes me want to get to them even faster!

  15. Love these! I wish I looked fabulous in them. sigh...

  16. this is one of the accessories that I more like to see in a women, you see to me the women legs are like my kryptonite, and with this...oh boy I love this jajajaja.

  17. I would like instead of the leg warmers one of these girls to keep me warm at night, we both can keep warm at night.

  18. I really like the leg warmers shown in the very first picture. I don't think its part of the top 10, its actually the leg warmers that are the background of your title "knee-highs and leg warmers: the top ten". Do you have the link or pattern to this image, or an idea how I can recreate something similar to this. I love that it is slouchy, yet seems to be light-weight. Thanks!


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