how to be alone...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i fell in love with this and couldn't resist sharing it even though i'm technically not blogging....hee hee. i wish i had seen this years ago. it's beautiful, simple and shares a message that i feel is important - finding comfort in yourself and your own company. so lock yourself in the bathroom with the laptop (if you have one) away from the kiddos and the hubs and enjoy some solitude ("cause if you're happy in your head, then solitude is blessed....") if only for 4 minutes.

holiday edition - weekend wishes

Friday, December 24, 2010

that you all have a happy holidays...

image source

eat lots of yummy cookies....

lose yourself in the wonder....

lost my source - oops

see the magic of it all...

have lots of fun...

have some yummy xmas drinks...

get lost in the snow (if you have snow)...

relish in all the pretty packages under the tree...

be thankful...

and enjoy a handmade holiday with your families and loved ones.

it's my last weekend wishes before 2011! 2011! can you believe it? this year went by so fast and wow, has it been a busy and fun one! i want to thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting, blogging, emailing and for being a part of my life. i adore all of you and truly treasure all the wonderful and special friends i have made through this blog. you all mean so much to me. i wish you all so much happiness and joy for the holidays and the new year. may all your wishes come true!

i'm going to be spending the rest of this month with my family and will be back online on january 5th. i may pop in here or there but things won't be back to normal till then. i'm hoping to get some serious relaxing and family time in while the hubs is on a much needed vacation. until then....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! see you in 2011!!!!

p.s. don't forget to get your entry in for your very own "infinity & beyond scarf"! click here to enter :)

moments in the mommyhood - snippets of our day

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the garland on our mantle is hung...

barbie house in full swing...

nighties on all day...

owies fixed...

knitting on the go...

star put on our tree...

chatting with you folks on the computer...

the ironing board monster continues to wreak havoc in my sewing space...

toys are played with...

music sung...

and candy cane eating is about to begin.

i thought you might want to see a peek of what's been going on in our house today. chaos. barbies. toys. books. knitting. sewing. candy cane eating....yes we are behind a few days, and lots of fun (sometimes). it's been a crazy, crazy week here. i'm almost done xmas pressies, almost. i still have to wrap though, but i'm pretty fast at that so i'm not going to worry about it yet. i never really got too many pics of our xmas decor this year, but there's a few in this post. our garland is simply granny squares strung on yarn. they are from a blanket i'm working on. our tree topper is simply a toilet paper roll and some cardboard covered in fancy wrapping paper i love that has a velvet feel to it. simple and very eco-friendly. i also make a lot of our ornaments the same way. i simply save up a ton of our granola bar boxes and cut out shapes for ornaments and then cover them using glue with fun wrapping paper. hole punch and then string and hang on tree. easy peasy.

harper's had a weird fever off and on these last few days that i can't seem to figure out so we're hoping she get's better soon. mack's been barbie house playing up a storm lately. does anyone know of a great site for patterns for barbie and doll clothes? i recently got my copy of "wee wonderfuls" from the library - so excited but i'm also sad that it didn't come before xmas as i wanted to make her a whole bunch for Christmas. thankfully her bday is in april so that leaves me time to surprise her then. i recommend this book - it's gorgeous and filled with tons of great dolls and softies! definitely a must see :)

what have you all been up to? how's your week been? want some coffee? sit...let's chat girls!

Pattern Pieces for the Eco-Friendly Placemat to Bib Tutorial!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

does she look familiar? awww, how time flies. the "eco-friendly placemat to bib tutorial" was one of my earlier ones and mackenzie was so makes me cry just looking at it. seems so weird that she's gonna be 4 in a few months :( it's also sad that it's taken me this long to scan in the bib pieces so you guys can just print it out and cut. this is a really easy and fun bib to make and very, very cheap to buy supplies for. we use ours all the time, in fact i need to make some more.

click here for the original tutorial and here's the pattern pieces:

Top of bib

Bottom of Bib

Sides of Bib

feel free to ask any questions if you have them :)

have you made any of these bibs? don't forget to add your pic to our flickr group - i'd love to see them!

Infinity & Beyond Scarf Giveaway!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

***This giveaway is now closed.***

yep, that's right...i'm doing a giveaway! yippee! i really wanted to thank all of you guys for being so great and for being such a big part of this blog. it means so much that you guys keep reading and it's been so fun getting to know you and sharing our lives with each other. it's part of what makes this blog so special to me. so since i handmade my xmas gifts this year, here's my xmas gift to you - a fun giveaway for an infinity and beyond scarf made by little ol' me! want one?

well here in the mommyhood we like to think of it as a fun neighbourhood. neighbourhoods need to be maintained, cleaned and undergo general upkeep and modernization. so keeping in tune with the new year ahead i'm calling a little town meeting. that's right, you all get a say on how your neighbourhood is run :) i've created a poll that i would love for you to fill out and tell me your thoughts. if there is something you would like to see or want me to know about the mommyhood that isn't in the poll please feel free to send an email my way to i love hearing from you guys!

one winner will receive an "infinity & beyond scarf" from me. i can't show you the fabric yet, as it's a surprise, but trust me, it's nice! i've got some yummy, super soft flannel for you :)

1. Fill out the poll below (please choose all that apply, you are allowed more than one answer) and then comment to tell me you did.
2. Subscribe to the mommyhood or follow us on google connect (on the sidebar) and leave me another comment telling me you do.
3. Bonus entry: follow us on twitter or facebook and then comment you did.

- you must leave a valid email address with your entry or you will be disqualified.
- the giveaway is open until wednesday, january 4th, 2011 at midnight (pacific standard time).

the poll:

here's the direct link to the poll in case the embedded one goes wonky on us.

i can't wait to hear your thoughts! thank you in advance for you entries and for your time to fill out the poll, i really appreciate it.

have you made the infinity and beyond scarf yet? have you added your pics to our flickr group? i'd love to see them!

moments in the mommyhood - me & my girls

Monday, December 20, 2010

we had a great weekend. not a ton of sleep (surprise, surprise) but a good weekend nonetheless. we got into the xmas spirit and did some fun holiday stuff around town, had dinner with friends and i even got some sewing and knitting done! it's a christmas miracle...haha! not enough to be done, but enough that i got a tad bit more accomplished. i see many late nights ahead this week so some of the posts this week may be up later in the morning.

i also got to go out for lunch without the kiddos - now that was fabulous.the hubs had his exam on friday (thanks for all of your well wishes) and boy was it nice and relaxing to have him home and to have the much needed help again. we sure missed having him around all the time. we are looking forward to christmas break with him.

when putting my xmas cards together the other week i realized i had hardly any pics of me with the girls since the early fall so here's some for you all. we went for a late walk along the ocean last was gorgeous with the full moon and blue sky at dusk. thought it would give you all a little taste of where we live. oceans and mountains. i doesn't get much better in my book :)

hope you all had a good weekend. what did you get up to? are you going to be up late crafting this week like me? happy monday!

sponsor love - made for 3

Saturday, December 18, 2010

every girl loves accessories. no matter what the age, you show us some pretty headbands and brooches and we're sold. i know that when i look for headbands for me and my girls i look for unique pieces that are handmade. the handmade accessory shop made for 3 does just that. it's a fun way to express your individual style without going over the top. they are also a great statement piece to any outfit. a little pop of color will always brighten up your day.

i used to be hairdresser (a story for another time) and can never get enough accessories. i'm used to always wearing black. i gravitate towards black, it's the stylist in me. so to bring color and fun into my outfits when i was working i would accessorize. a brooch, a hair clip or a headband would add just that little something to my wardrobe. now that i'm a stay at home mom i do have color in my wardrobe. i have to consciously add it but it doesn't stop me from accessorizing. i still have a soft spot for them and the fun part is now i can put them on my girls too!

lucky for me there are shops like "made for 3" that i can turn to. the lovely claire, is one of those stories that just warms my heart. a long time reader of this blog, a sweetheart and someone i'm proud to call a friend recently decided to make one of her dreams a reality and opened her online shop made for 3. i love seeing people, especially people i care about reach for their dreams. this busy momma of 3 litlle girls - 8,6 & 3, who's also currently preggers with #4, is passionate about her accessories and makes each and every single piece with love. she also has a thing for fabulous buttons...and you all know my obsession with buttons.

so if your wardrobe needs some spicing up for the new year, you know a little girl looking for some flowers for her hair or you just plain LOVE accessories like me then go visit "made for 3" (i rhymed..couldn't help myself..haha). so go say hi to claire and while you're there enjoy 10% off - just use the code DEC01. happy accessorizing!

you can find made for 3 here:

follow on twitter:
follow on facebook:
read claire's blog:

what's your fave way to add some punch to your wardrobe? do you have a thing for headbands like me?

weekend wishes

Friday, December 17, 2010

to eat a candycane without either my daughter or hubby stealing it...

for santa to bring this crafting goodness to my house...

to remember this when times get stressful...

to get my hands on one of these...

to find a copy of this xmas album to play for mackenzie...

image source

to share a meal with a great friend this weekend...

image source

to dive right into the christmas spirit...

to start sewing with more pretty...

image source

to finish making all of our xmas decoration

image source

and to get you smiling from the cuteness.

what a week! i crashed and burned last night. i thought i would get more sleep as the week went on but instead i got less and last night got the best of me. so weekend wishes is here, it's just a tad all don't mind do ya? i hope the rest of you who were downing the coffee with me due to lack of sleep got more than i did this week. here's to a sleep filled weekend.

the hubs is writing his exam today....thank god! i'm so excited for this time to be over and to have him home again and for us to enjoy the holidays. ok, and for me to have more time to craft it up..haha. it's been tricky getting the time in with no help at home. how's your xmas crafting going? you as behind schedule as me?

we're planning on checking out the fabulous xmas trees on display at the empress hotel here in victoria, going for dinner at a friends house, me sewing & knitting my brains out, catching up on dexter & a few movies, a girl's only lunch for me and of course, naps :) oh, naps. i miss naps. i need a nap. i sadly underestimated naps when i could still have them.

what are your weekend plans? your wishes? you doing some festively fun things with the family? pull up a chair, i've got some hot chocolate for you...let's chat :)

Sensory Store Canada Clothing Giveaway Winner!

Friday, December 17, 2010

the winner of the sensory store canada clothing giveaway is....

TL said...85

I am a mommyhood subscriber
Terri at foggitt dot org

congrats terri! lori will be in touch with you soon about your prize! thank you for all your entries folks! have a great weekend!
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