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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i've been wanting to make a wreath for the holidays for a few years now, but haven't ever found the time to get it at the top of my crafting list during xmas. this year, it's right up there. so i set out on a wild escapade across the blogoshpere in search of the perfect wreath to make for our humble abode. i quickly realized it was going to be way harder to choose than i thought and that i couldn't possible keep all of these to myself. so here's a fun roundup of some of my fave wreath tutorials for the holidays!

how about bright & colorful...

or calm & serene...

maybe neutral & natural...

1. pinecone wreath 2. driftwood wreath

or fun & funky?

reader faves:

- fall pom-pom wreath
- banner wreath
- striped felt wreath
- evergreen wreath
- ribbon wreath
- scrappy wreath
- gumdrop wreath

are you making a wreath this year? which one do you like best? feel free to leave a link in the comments to your fave wreath tutorial, we all love to see & i'll add the readers faves to the post for you all! happy making!


  1. The hubbs and I made wreaths this weekend. He has been doing it for 20+years and it was only my 4th year. Every year we compete to see who has the best wreath and every year he wins...by a long shot! It is so much fun though and annoying that he is so good at it!

    here is my favorite wreath tutorial: http://naturesheirloom.blogspot.com/2010/11/fall-pom-pom-wreaththe-tutorial.html

    Seriously, Im obsessed with it! Im going to finish working on them after Christmas. They will look AMAZING on my new orange doors.

  2. LOVE to those....I totally think I need to make the popcorn one!! My boys would LOVE it!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I didn't think I was a wreath person but after seeing these I'm headed out to the craft store to make a few! That put me right into the holiday spirit! You're the best!

  4. I am a little obsessed with yarn wreaths right now here are two links with pics of ones I have made this season already....



    Man oh man those you posted are divine. Need to stay away or hubs might that away my check card!!


  5. http://lottsofme.blogspot.com/2010/11/jingle-bell-wreath.html

    I'm loving all the wreathes. The above link is to the one I just made from our old wreath.

  6. I've wanted to try the ruffly felt wreath for a while. I did make a banner wreath for fall, now I need to make a new mini banner for Christmas. You can see the fall one here:
    Fall Banner Wreath

  7. great wreath round-up!! i'm really into felt right now, so here's one i LOVE:

  8. I think this year I will make a christmas ball wreath, and also grab a wreath form and wrap it with hot pink feather boas from the dollar store. Hot pink totally Works with my Benjamin Moore Elk walls, something I noticed totally by happy accident (Nicole picked some hot pink flowers one week when I let her pick flowers to bring home, I was kinda meh about it until I saw how gorg they looked with my walls) ... since even the dog is a girl, and I'm planning on decorating our bedroom in a neutral/masculine fashion, my hubby has OK'd using hot pink (in moderation) as an accent color (along with the generous portion of black and white that I serve up already.)

  9. I haven't had many Christmas decorations of my own since I've gotten married, but I'm starting to make a few here and there. I made a wreath just recently I'm really proud of...


  10. I love all the creative things people are doing with wreaths. Those are all beautiful!

    I'm a sucker for a classic, fresh evergreen wreath and I posted a tutorial for it:


    Thanks for showing those wreaths, I think I will make the popcorn wreath with hot glue since I have issues with stringing popcorn.

  11. I just got mine up today!


  12. http://meandmy2guys.blogspot.com/2010/11/sewing-circle-scrappy-wreath-tutorial.html

    scrappy wreath using all your scraps from projects throughout the year - great for kids to do too!

  13. @Lesley Mackenzie saw the popcorn one and flipped out - she's super excited to try it out.

  14. Being a knitter and a crocheter, I'm lovin' the yarn ball wreath! Thanks for posting!

  15. Wow, these are gorgeous! I love the variety, from simple and elegant to whimsical and funky. Very inspiring!

  16. Taylor - Good to hear! I'm not a wreath person either. Not into frou frou at xmas, so when I saw all of these I jumped with glee!

    Amy - Thanks for the links! I'm always scared the hubs will take the card away due to my crafting addiction!

    Lotts to do - Can't seem to see a pic in your post? Is it just me?

    Joolee - Love that one too! So fun! A serious contender on my list now.

  17. @Anonymous This was the first one I had spotted and just swooned. I love the ability to bring more yarn into the holiday decor.

  18. i love this roundup! some of those wreaths are already on my to-do list. i love the felt ball one. i have a little mini how-to wreath on my blog.

  19. oops here is the link!

  20. How to choose just one??!! My home is definitely in need of a wreath. I usually prefer ones made with live greenery, but I think a some sort of fabric one would go very nicely in the craft room.

  21. I've always wanted to make a gumdrop wreath...




  22. When I saw your post I rush through finishing the tutorial for the tulle wreath I made. Love the round up .. so many wonderful ideas!!!


  23. Just 'found' you! Fantastic wreaths, I love them all! now to choose and create!

  24. Not gonna lie i have been looking for a post like this and just cant get over all the wonderful ideas that everyone has! i hope i can condense my options and make something that is super cute and just what i want but this post gave me jumping off point! FAB thanks!!

  25. Thanks for including mine! What a great roundup of cool wreaths. I LOVE that pink feather one.

  26. Hey there!
    Loved this wreath round up from apartment therapy!


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