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Thursday, December 9, 2010

so we've had a stocking roundup and a wreath roundup so why not a garland one too? i heart a lovely garland/bunting. so pretty & so festive. these garlands are easily customizable for anytime of year. it doesn't just need to be the holidays to sport a pretty string of lovelies. take a cue from the tutorials below and use found objects in your home, incorporate some whimsy, some modern elements, some organic materials, or even just paper. get the kiddos involved or make a special project made with love by you alone. whatever you choose to do i'm sure it will bring a smile to your face when you walk in the room.

garlands are not just for trees anymore. string them up on a wall, in a corner, above a bed, a mantle or a door/window, anywhere that you want. they look fabulous in a child's bedroom or nursery and even your own bedroom. make them masculine or feminine, it's your choice. so let's get into the festive spirit shall we? let's garland it up ladies!

readers faves:

-christmas tree bunting

which one is your favorite? did you make a garland or a bunting during the year? which one are you making this year? comment the link below and i'll add it into the post. let's get inspired together :)


  1. So, So, So inspiring! All of these are gorgeous!

  2. aww, gorgeous! I love them all! especially the ruffle ones and the neat little buntings and the knit link one... basically all the ones that would take the most time to do.
    Maybe I can do a combo of the straw/pompom one and the button one and do straws and buttons with Nicole... maybe I can muster that up. The kids are even dressed and fed healthy this morning. Granted, I'm still wearing PJ pants, haven't brushed my hair, and have been considering coffee+Materna as a meal for myself lately... guess I could get more done if I didn't check my fav blogs and stuff... but I find that much more relaxing on the brain than hairbrushing and pantswearing.

  3. I love this round up! Such beauties here :) Thanks!

  4. What a great roundup, so many great ideas!! I made a christmas tree bunting using this tutorial:
    And I love how it turned out! Blogged here:

  5. Lovely! I knit a very long 4 st. i-cord garland for my tree (which is still not up!). Currently, it is decorating the windows in my living room. See it on my Rav page. I'm lilarchergirl.
    I just started sewing, and am really looking forward to making some buntings!

  6. Two Shades of Pink - Thanks!

    Lorchick - I've been out today already and I'm already back in jammies and my hairs a mess. That's why I wear hats - less maintenance :)

    Karissa - Thanks! You going to make a garland this year?

    Kate - Yours turned out fab! I linked you.

    Erin - Such a fabulous idea! I love what you did with it!

  7. my favorite is the pine cone garland! going to make that one with the kids!

  8. thanks for the great round ups you do. Do you know why they are the best?? because you have a picture for every link!

  9. Ack! It's way too early in the morning for me to be this excited, but thank you so much for adding my garland to your roundup! I'm honored to be part of such a beautiful and talented group!

  10. love this roundup - love garlands! I've always loved the Purl Bee one that you have here; been on the to do list for a while! :-) This year I made a really cute knitted old school bulb light garland that I ended wrapped around a mini tree! Pics here:

  11. Thanks so much for posting my crochet chain, or garland!! I always look and admire your blog, your so amazing! Thanks again!

  12. Thanks for your inspiration! Here is my Valentine's garland:


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