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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

this photo reminds of when i used to have the time to daydream.....
1) love these little shoes and the blog as well.
2) turn a cropped cardigan into a baby cardi over on a beautiful mess.
3) struggling with a small kid's room? why not turn a closet into a sleeping area? check out this family's home tour over on design sponge. what a great idea!
4) i've been doing a lot of organizing lately and this tutorial on the mother huddle is on my to make list.

- i'm crossing my fingers that anna maria horner posts the free tute for this baby zigzag quilt sooner than later, i'm in love with it!!!
- dana from made has an adorable easter craft up over on v&co. this week.
1) sew4home has a quick little tute up for making a soft, cushy playmate for the little ones in your life.
2) i've been on the lookout for a new duvet and have recently gotten interested in making one of my own. i came across this tutorial and couldn't resist linking.
3) can we say yummy? check out this chocolate bird's nest tutorial!
4) simply modern mom has the how to for this sweet traveling placemat tutorial.

- ohhh, bunny finger puppets how cute are you?
- vanessa shows us how to use up old dryer sheets and turn them into this adorable applique.

turn a tshirt into a quick fix grocery bag over on between the lines.

this is seriously the cutest kid's bday cake i have ever seen!!! (via craftzine)
ok, i could fill a whole post with my ranting over this pic, but decided to try and contain myself. i seriously got depressed seeing gisele in this pic and interview for vogue with her new baby who is like what - 6 weeks old or something? seriously, how are normal mom's supposed to live up to this? and we wonder why we get depressed?

1) if you have any hemp kicking around the house why not whip up these fun coasters?
2) pretty little hearts....isn't this quilt sweet?
3) learn how to make a staple free matchbook over at daisy janie. (via craftzine)
4) salvage an old bulletin board into this lovely patchwork one.

- get the how to for this rose belt diy and even learn how to make a matching one for your little girl.
- i doubt i'll be making any maternity clothes from now until may, but for all you gorgeous preggos out there here's a great skirt refashion!

1) this mama makes stuff turned a western shirt into this yoked girl's skirt - so friggin cute!!!
2) keep your outfits organized with this day of the week hanger tags tutorial from the creative maven.
3) great pattern for this tea towel apron over on 3 sweet p's.
4) i'm not sure i could carry off these stripes but i still love this sweater pattern from pickles.

1) the object project has a post up for a free download of one of the quilts from the e-book "sew expecting".
2) what little girl wouldn't love one of these plush ballet bunnies? get the how to here.
3) head over to bliss in a teacup to drool over these gorgeous wooden buntings! such a great take on the bunting!
4) adventures in dressmaking has a wealth of refashions on her site. check out this tshirt refab.

1) the newest free issue of viva la moda is up for our drooling purposes.
2) learn how to turn 2 pillowcases into this handy bag from the sewing dork.
3) check out this trestle bench makeover on censational girl.
4) i've been enjoying this book "alchemy arts - recycling is chic" by kate mackay and ki jennings.

things i'm luving this week:

- learn how to make a pair of custom yoga pants over on threadbanger.
- i can't wait to try some of these recipes for making your own kitchen soap. (via craft gossip)
- great diy for making fabric printer sheets out of ingredients in your own home.
- i've been on the lookout for a new booster seat and spotted this roundup on ohdeedoh.
- join in on the sock fun design contest over on "exercise before knitting".
- sew an easy t-shirt shrug with the cottage home.
- ok, i'm counting down the days till the new sex and the city movie is out, here's the link to the trailer...fabulous!!!
- i flipped over this dress refashion that melissa made along with the skirt for her daughter to match! i cannot believe these came from such an ugly dress.

what are you luving this week? do you have a tutorial you would like to see up here next week? send me an email!

p.s. if any of you featured in the roundup would like a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog just send a quick email my way to and i'll send you one right over - thanks for your support :)


  1. I always LOVE your link luv - you find the best ideas and I'm just loving all the girly, spring projects - makes me feel so happy!! Thanks for sharing (and for linking :-).


  2. This is my absolute FAVORITE day of the week on your blog. You share the most amazing ideas and it just makes my day to look at them all! I can't even begin to describe how much I hate that picture of Gisele. I gained 60 pounds with both my child and have lost 50 of it in 6 months. I don't even undersatnd how you get to look like that and agree with you on how are we supposed to live up to those type of people! Thank you for posting!

  3. Thanks again for the feature!!! I love that zigzag quilt too! All the links here are fabulous!

    Oh ya,Happy Anniversary! A year full of wonderful reads!

  4. Argh!@ I know how depressed those pictures make me too. My body looked nothing like that 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter. The unrealistic standards set for pregnant women and mothers is insane and makes me very upset. Why cant we just celebrate pregnancy in all the forms it comes as well as motherhood! Ugh!

  5. Oh my! I am having an overload, I love ALL of it! I don't know where to begin.... seriously, is that canvas shoe REALLY a cake? Who thinks of these things?! Thanks for a great post!

  6. Seriously, I know I have asked this before...but where do you find this stuff?!! Fabulous job, it must take forever. And that pic, with the baby, with the flat tummy....humph. And those shoes, the first ones, yummy.
    I really don't know whether or not to thank you, I already have a ton on my to-do list!
    Thanks for the mention ;)

  7. Love all the lovely links!! Love the fabric baskets and the zig zag quilt. I would like to burn that picture of Giselle. Are you kidding me?!! I finished a cute little play kitchen for my daughter, check out my blog to see the pictures.

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies :) I love link luv wednesday's too! so much fun! I figure I might as well fill up your projects list if mine is overflowing too...haha, we can suffer together :)

    As for Gisele - bah!!! I feel depressed just thinking about post baby body nevermind seeing this kind of crap shoved in our faces to make us feel inferior as women. You should read some of the interview - I am not too much a fan of hers anymore.

    As for where do I find all this stuff? Well, from wonderfully talented people like you guys. My reader is HUGE and this post usually takes me about 4-5 hours to put together -eek! But it's fun and I love doing it. I scour the internet for fun goodies for us to share.

    What makes it easier for me is when you guys send me links...I love that, firstly because I love getting emails from you guys and secondly I love finding new blogs and new talented ladies to stalk...haha. So email me if you have tutes to share! don't be shy! I'm nice, I promise :)

  9. Thanks for including me on your list today. :)

  10. Thanks for including me on your link list today. :)

  11. I so agree with you about that picture of Gisele. The sickening thing is the lighting behind her totally erases her sides! So it's not enough that she's thin 6 weeks after having her baby (gag) but then they doctor it up, too!

    Love the linkluv, by the way.


  12. thank you for including me! this is a great collection of links! very cool!

  13. So great to see my tank in this awesome list of projects, thanks!!

  14. Thanks for the link love!!!=)
    And sharing so many other nice projects... ^^

  15. that converse cake is amazing!! love the rose belt.

    i luv following my friend's blog; you might like it, too!

  16. ohhh such great links! and photos!


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