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Thursday, December 17, 2009

(image via: charlotte speaks)

yep, you heard right, well sort of right, the ultrasound may have showed a girl. for some reason i don't feel 100% with the gender, i have way too many friends be told their babies were girls and oops - out came a boy! so in the meantime it's a "maybe girl" in our house.

i have been meaning to put up an ultrasound pic of the baby, man this one is a real mover/shaker, but the pics i scanned in just won't seem to cooperate with photoshop - do not ask me why. so sorry folks, no baby pics yet. hopefully we will get a few more, it sounds like we will be having another ultrasound.

in the meantime, i decided to do a roundup of all my fave baby girl tutes out there! there are a lot, but these just happen to be in my personal favorites on my computer. i recently cleaned this out (have any of you had the guts to do this lately?) and man oh man, quite the shocker! this thing was friggin' ginormous! huge! it took me a few hours just to do my sewing folder, not to mention crafts etc. but it's done, i conquered the beast.

i've been slacking on posting big time as we are getting ready for xmas here and i have been sewing again - yippee! i can't post any pics yet as they are all gifts and it would just ruin the surprise. i have also been doing some blog housekeeping and making plans for the new year. i am hoping (fingers crossed) that the site will be up and back to normal in the new year, until then i am taking it easy and enjoying all the yummy scrumptious family time we have coming up. so without further ado here's luvinthemommyhood's baby girl roundup.

kimono by habitual as well as their sundress pattern.

recycled tshirt sienna dress by lil blue boo.

the shirt dress tutorial from made.

sweater dress repurpose tutorial from smashed peas and carrots.

shirred spaghetti strap dress from ikat bag.

baby dress/tunic from made by petchy.

bubble dress from my mama made it.

t-shirt to toddler dress from happy together.

itty bitty baby dress from made by rae.

oliver +s lazy days skirt pattern, joy's hope bandana dress, bloomers from just tutorials, ruffle butt onesie from crap i've made, baby leg warmers from everything your mama made & more, turn those jeans into skinny jeans with freshly picked.

reversible fabric shoe tutorial from maked - crafts exposed.

stardust cloth shoe - by stardust shoes

burb cloths by a chelsea morning

diaper strap tutorial from calico.

basic chenille baby bibs by happy things.

- another great bib tutorial by nested , denim bib from thimbly things and of course my "placemat to bib tutorial"...tee hee.

diaper changing pad and fleece burp cloth from sew take a hike.

easiest baby hat ever by radical cross stitch, a cute one with ear flaps from blueprints or a reversible bonnet from made by petchy.

baby crinkle square tutorial from joy's hope.

soft baby cubes from london mummy.

fitted crib sheet tutorial from michael miller fabrics, breastfeeding cover tutorial from freshly picked, bird mobile from spool sewing, or a ribbon ring teether toy tutorial by patchy apple.

swaddling blankets from the purl bee.

scruffily quilt tutorial from p.s. i quilt

appliqued ribbon blanket from craftblog, three blankets from sew4home, easy baby jersey blanket from the purl bee, or the baby girl quilt from moda bake shop.

saartjes bootees from saartje knits (ravelry link here).

ribbed baby jacket from debbie bliss (ravelry link here).

norwegian sweet baby cap from gro (ravelry link here).

baby surprise jacket by elizabeth zimmerman, helena 2 by alison gree will (ravelry link here), manda-ruth by jane richmond (ravelry link here) or a baby/kids earflap hat from hey julie.

wowsa! that's quite the roundup, but it was also quite the favorites folder!

please feel free to suggest any other tutorials you may know of in the comments section and i just may do a "part two"! and not to leave boys out, i just may do one in the new year for fun! i love little boy stuff and don't think there are enough tutorials out there for cute boy things.

just in case i don't post again until after xmas i am wishing all of you a wonderful and happy holiday season filled with family and loved ones!


  1. Yay for you!!! I'll tell you those ultrasounds can be tricky. My first 2 were definate, CLEARLY a boy, then a girl. With the third, my first 2 ultrasounds said girl, then once I went to a specialist who was looking for heart deffects and used a much better machine, it was plain as day it was a boy. I hope your second one gives you more. And what a great roundup, all of the ideas are cute!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! I guess I'll have to wait until the baby comes out to make something ;) LOL. Have a wonderful time with your family during the holidays!

  3. thanks my dear! i just don't feel secure in the fact that they think it "might" be a girl. i agree with you totally, you never know. happy holidays to you and your gorgeous three kids! best wishes for the new year!

  4. Merry Christmas to you as well Jessica! I hope you have a wonderful time during the holidays as well and that your hubby is home safe and sound to be with you two gorgeous girls!

  5. yayyy!!!

    {and thanks for the shout out!!!}

  6. You're welcome Rachel - I love, love, love that quilt!

  7. Hello there!
    Thank you for linking to that dress - what an honor! Ahhhhh, now if only we could get back some of that summer warmth midst the bleak midwinter now. Merry Christmas, and may your new year be lovely and restful!

  8. You're welcome as well Lier, it's such a cute, easy pattern, I couldn't resist! Merry christmas to you as well :)

  9. woohoo more girls (maybe) I heard of so many "girls" that come out boys too. Thanks for the round up, these are great

  10. Gotta luv the girly stuff!!! i hope you guys have a great xmas marissa!

  11. HOORAY for Girls (maybe)! We've got three of them over here remember! Beautiful stuff! Thanks for all of the ideas and links. Just so you know I have some fun tutes over at While They Sleep to get you excited too.

  12. Congrats on your maybe girl :) Merry Christmas!

  13. Thanks Hannah! I knew I forgot something on the list! Silly me, I had the pod swaddler on my handwritten one and missed it - oops, hope you forgive me! I luv all your tutes!

    Melissa - Merry Christmas to you as well! Thanks for the congrats!

  14. Hey I sent you an email about some patterns that you might be interested in. If you don't get it please email me at boblyns at yahoo dot com

  15. ooo. i hope you have another girl!
    And thanks for the shirt dress link :)
    Merry Christmas Shannon!

  16. Your girl is so cute !!! it looks like my daughter! seriously! she rules!


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