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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

isn't this fabulous! i never would have thought of doing this and i have a knife rack exactly like this that i stare at daily! what a great way to add some color to the kitchen! make one for yourself with the how to over on the farm chicks.

i'm swooning over all the lovely goodies on ninainvorm's shop!

lovely, lovely, lovely photo. i've been feeling like this lately - have you?

i just picked up some of this fabric from ikea and swooned when i saw this project made from it over on revoluzza! there are goodies galore on this blog! {via whipup}

i adored these flip dolls when i was a kid! i was so happy to see we wilsons do an easy tute to make one for my daughter to play with!

i wish i could spend a few hours in this shop! so gorgeous!

ohhh, another knitting book to add to my wish list! i love the title of this book "pints and purls - portable projects for the social knitter" and the projects are hilarious! a must read for any social knitter!

get your kids ready for school/preschool with this tute for sewing your own school bags over on make it do.

ummm, if i could ever get the courage up to actually learn how to surf instead of just dreaming of one day doing it, i would want one of these!

oh joy! has released the loveliest home office collection through chronicle books! oh how i wished my budget allowed for me to go nuts over on the chronicle books website. i find it hard to control the drool factor when perusing their latest goodies.

learn how to make your own pottery barn looking decorative balls with the fabulously talented vanessa over on v&co!

this is for you dana! hope the move goes well ya cowgirl you!!! yee-haw!! make sure to make up your own batch of cowgirl cookies from bakerella in honor of dana from the blog made!

i was so excited to stumble upon the new online gallery "lovely clusters". rachel already has a blog under the same name and this is an extension of it that is a wonderful and gorgeous collection of beautiful handmade goods by designers and artists linking to their shops. the icing on the cake is that you can shop by color cluster! yes, dreamy shoppers rejoice! pick your fave colour and then get clicking. she's teamed up with vicki from "simply hue" and together they have made what is sure to be one of my fave places to shop!

i'm going to be knitting these as soon as the warm weather is gone.

you all know i am a fan of the blog heart of light and i was ecstatic when catching up on my reader that she has launched an etsy store under the same name! go pick up a cute headband!

diy canvas frame inspiration board over on creature comforts

eye candy for you quilters out there! check out this beauty from jaybirdquilts over on moda bake shop! great job hun!

one of my fave knitting blogs pickles has launched a new store! plus i'm all over this shawl for the early fall!

thank you oliver and s, for another great free pattern!

kate's at it again! check out her latest diy - headboard turned coat rack!

i don't have anything to say about this link except it's friggin wonderful!!!!! go check it out! who's your girl crush?

things i'm luving this week:

- the new vintage clothing store 13 bees on etsy
- all the clothes in the new fall line from mishalulu {via cakies} and olive juice kids.
- super excited by the rumour that american apparel is opening up here in victoria!!!
- the office administrator in me secretly drooled when i spotted this post over on bakery today. fear not those looking for spreadsheets, this is a must favorite for any home or business.
- have you redecorated your bedroom and think it kicks ass? make sure to enter this contest over on coco + kelly to win some super prizes!
- i'm hearting the creativity over on the blog "color me katie"! {via a little sussy}
- make sure to download your copy of parasol's newest zine "parasol craft"!
- creative kismet has a great how to on making your own recycled bag art journals!
- keep those baby legs warm with this super easy baby legs tutorial from calico! i love this!
- are you a font lover like me? check out this roundup of free fonts galore!
- check out indie fixx's annual back to school guide for 2009.
- take a peek at this shirt refashion done two ways on "homemade by jill"! i'm all over the pillowcase! great idea!

what are you link luving this week? any new faves?


  1. That picture of Fred Savage and Danica Patrick reminds me... My daughter and I were at the book store the other day and she has books out for teens about math. One of them is called "How to Survive Middle School Math" the reason I remembered that one is my daughter is starting middle school this year. I flipped through and it is all geared toward the teen/Pre-teen with squiggles and doodles ont he pages... I thought it was kinda wonderful :)

  2. Oops that is Danica McKeller... Danica Patrick is the race car driver... I knew as soon as I posted I had done that LOL

  3. SO many good links and pretty things to look at!
    I love the headboard clever!

  4. Thank you so much for the link love! You're too sweet.

  5. thank you for the linky loo! do you have a "been featured button"?would love to grab it and link it!

  6. Julie - I'll have to check those out.

    Erin - I love that headboard too! Such a fab idea!

    Rachel - You're welcome, thanks for a great blog!

    Vanessa - I emailed you the code and you're welcome for the linky loo!

  7. Thanks for giving me hours of surfing spots for the afternoon ... I didn't have anything better to do --snort!--

  8. American Apparel is going to be on Johnson Street, right by the entrance to Market Square - across from Smoking Lilly and down from LLL. I can't wait, either! there is a place on Government that stocks lots of their stuff, but this one's gonna be good.

  9. Theresa - You're welcome! I'm more than happy to help you waste away many a delicious hour!

    Erica - Yippee! I can't wait, I also heard rumours that H&M is coming to the new Town & Country mall. Now that is going to be dangerous!!! My wallet is not going to forgive me!

  10. Awwww, I love Winnie! Great list here. Thanks for giving me some link love~ :)

  11. Oh thanks so much ! Glad you liked the transformation.... lots more up my sleeve. Tee hee hee.


  12. Regina & Kate - You're both welcome! Thanks for giving me such great things to link to!

  13. i love the wonder years photo. i was JUST thinking about this show a few days ago.
    what would you do if i sang out of tune.....
    thanks for the links!

  14. oh my goodness...the inspiration in this post is magnificent.
    that knife holder...i have one too, and i never thought of doing such a thing! so clever!
    just found your blog through random blog it.

  15. Thank you so much for the mention!

  16. You're welcome! Love the blog Andrea!

    Nicola - I miss wonder years. They definitely need to re-air. It would be fun to watch reruns.

    Emily - thanks hun!

  17. Thanks so much for the mention on Lovely Clusters! Your blog is great!


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