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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kate from "censational girl" emailed me the link to this super fabulous diy project for your very own drying rack! i am over the moon about this project and only wish i had a more room in my apartment so i could make one. i swear i heard my bras/panties begging to be hung to dry on this lovely rack.

i am all over this photo today, so peaceful.

i am swooning, and i mean swooning over this pattern from classic elite yarns and have decided this is going to be my go to cardi for the fall. i just need to find the right wool and save my pennies to buy the pattern. why oh why can't this be one of the freebies? (via a friend to knit with)

pretty up your office by making your very own framed bulletin board. learn how here. (via craft gossip)

i so want to be soaking in this bath tub right now.....i was busy ogling the pages of this month's "house beautiful" while we were camping this weekend. lots of lovelies in this month's issue.

darling dexter - i so badly want your skirt or to find out what pattern you used to make it.

1) teach your wee ones the alphabet and spelling with this pretty little tute from "lil blue boo".
2) my ipod arm band looks shabby in comparison to this one from "make it and love it". i will definitely be making one and loving it...sorry, couldn't resist =)
3) i have been on the lookout for a great wallet tutorial when this pretty one popped up in my radar. (via craft gossip)

the purl bee has a quick, warm knit baby blanket pattern up that's just perfect for all those baby showers coming up. i love the color combos!

dana - move to victoria so we can hang out, i beg maybe a visit? ok, i guess i will have to get me some cowboy boots and come out your way lady and no, i'm not stalking you, i just wonder what it would be like to have a face to face conversation while our kids play together. that's not stalkerish is it? in the meantime i will be making mackenzie one of your super fabulous market skirts. so fun!

things i'm luving this week:

- this fresh blueberry syrup for coffees, teas and any other yummy thing you want to add it to.
- make sure to sign up for scoutie girls new newsletter "throw me a bone".
- learn how to refashion a men's dress shirt into a stylish strapless cami.
- i have been needing a pin cushion and this one from one of my fave bloggers julie from jaybird quilts is definitely on the top of my list. make sure to check out her other fabulous tutes over on moda bake shop. (i seriously am hiding in your suitcase so i can come to houston with you and


  1. I am totally in love with those market skirts! It's on my list! Thank you for your comment on my bubbledress-blogpost!

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for the link luv for my beanbags ;) I'm loving that drying rack and the market skirt today!

  3. Great skirt!! I love the pleating on the bottom. I need to make a new skirt and that is some gorgeous inspiration.

    I need a new pincushion, too. I need to check out that link! I saw it earlier this week and bypassed it but I'll have another go. And that Made skirt for my girlies!! Must do before they go back to school. So sweet!

  4. Meisjesmamma - You did a great job on the dress! It looked great!

    Ashely - You're welcome. I think they are a great idea :)

    Shannon - Let me know if you make the skirt, I would love to see how yours turns out! Dana did a fabulous job.

  5. I love that skirt, too and I so wish I had space for that oin board (maybe one day). Hca you tried for free knitting patterns? They have thousands and there might even be a similar pattern for a cardigan.

  6. tini-uk: i scour drops designs regularly but haven't seen one like it. Maybe I need to go scroll through again. Thanks for your tip :)

  7. haha, I WOULD love to hang out face-to-face with you too! I have a STRONG feeling we'd get along and have fun together. :)
    In the mean time, please continue stalking my site. I love seeing my stuff pop up in other places! Thanks for the link :)

    And I'm in love with that second photo too. So beautiful.

  8. SOOO in love with that drying rack. Totally something I can do!

  9. dana - don't you worry, if you stalk mine i'll stalk yours. bring on project runway, we are going to have our regular email chats when that starts up in a few weeks! have you been watching "the fashion show"?

    erica - it looks so lovely doesn't it? love your photography by the way :)

  10. Wow! What a great roundup of some really fun stuff. Thanks!

  11. Thanks Regina, it's so fun to find all of it every week!

  12. Hi Luv, thanks so much for the feature... your other links are so fabulous!


  13. Thanks Regina!

    You're welcome Kate :)

  14. lol... Isn't the point of that drying rack that it doesn't take up any space? How can you not have room for it?

  15. ircabbit - well, I don't have wall space for it. I need more of a fold up and hide away kind. I'm in apartment so wall space is limited :)

  16. That skirt would be very easy to make! Just make yourself a waist band the size of your waist, then add an extra yard or two of fabric to that length for your skirt. Baste that, pull it to bunch it and sew to waste band...finish it off as you please. So cute!

  17. Christina - Thanks hun! You are fabulous! Can you come teach me all your sewing secrets sometime? I am going to try this one out :)


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