sunshine in a dress

Monday, March 30, 2009

i had seen the original tutorial by a few weeks ago to transform a men's shirt into a dress and thought - wow, that's a great idea, but i couldn't resist posting this breezy, little seaside dress that the blog made posted. i absolutely adore the yellow casing she added to the waist and the finishing of the neckline. she even has a the little detail of her label on the side of the skirt - so cute. you can read about her process here.

i am itching to attack jer's old cast-offs that are just lazing in a bag in our closet whispering "sew me, sew me", man, i gotta get that quilt done so i can get the next gazillion projects i have waiting done. doesn't this dress make you want to go run in the sunshine barefoot? is summer here yet?

have any of you made anything like this? i would love to hear about it!


  1. I am literally drooling over this incredible little dress! I'm on a sewing kick right now, and with two little girls, the projects are so much fun. I'm moving this one to the top of the list!

  2. brava, brava, brava.

  3. Thanks for sharing - I am about to make one myself! It's so adorable.


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