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Saturday, December 2, 2006

You've heard of the 3 Rs of environmentalism, reduce, reuse and recycle. Well, luvinthemommyhood's bringing you the new 3 Rs: Remake, Repurpose, Refashion.

Some crafts make use of craft supplies most households have lying around, but we are going to present you with crafts that use things you have lying around but have not thought of for creating new items from. Get ready to raid the donation pile before taking it to the thrift store (or even your husband's closet while he is at work - but don't tell him we put you up to it) and start showing some creativity.

make sure to add pics of your projects inspired by the tutes below to our flickr group! i love seeing all of your creations!

click here for the pdf download

click here for the pdf download

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